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Create your own Wrestling Match + WQ Inside?
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Default Create your own Wrestling Match + WQ Inside?

Create your own new type of Wrestling Match.

Mine would be:

Name of Match: Four Rounds of The Cage Match

Objective/Description of the match: The match can be fought in a singles, tag team, 6 man tag team or a 6 Man free for all style of match, the cage lowers, there is not only one normal cage, the cage is similar to a Cricket net it has about 4 cages against each other, the cages arn't roughly big, they are about the size of a cricket pitch. There are 4 cages one after the other, with no roof, there is some sought of roof, which covers the top half of the cages only. The ring will be in the first cage, which ever end the may start from. By the way there is no Doors, the only way to win is to escape all Five cages.

Objective on how to win: Both or/all the superstars start the match in one particuler cage period, once the bell goes, there is no referee, the referee's are outisde of the cages, the way to win the match is not by pinfall, not by submissions, but by escaping all 4 cages faster than your oppinents, there are 4 cages, one after the other, so as i said the way to win is to escape all 4 cages before your opponents.

How the cage looks like: It would look similar to a Cricket net, if you have not played cricket then here is what the cage would look like:

Minus, the grass etc. imagine if it were used in a WWE or TNA type of match.

Is mine any good?

Share yours?

WQ: Would you like to see my match come to life, if only you can use your imagination it would be a great match condiering the rules etc.?
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Straight Edge Suicide . is on a distinguished road

Highway to Hell Cage Match .

The only details are that it's a ladder in a Hell in a Cell and the title will be hanging from the top of the cell . With all Ladder Match rules .
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An Elimination Chamber match between, The World's Most Dabgerous Man Ken Shamroock, Bill Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Kurt Angle, Bad a.s.s. Billy Gunn.
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yanksforlife says Cena is Nexus is on a distinguished road

Match Name: No Way Out Ladder Cage Match

Description: Similar to the Punjabi Cage, the NWO Cage would consist of a standard steel cage, and then a Hell in a Cell Cage surounding it. ( It would be similar to the cage used at Unforgiven 1999, Al Snow vs The Big Boss; Here is a Link: - It would look similar except both the steel cage and the hell in a cell cage would be the modern versions used today.) On top of the cage would be ladders, lots of them, used to get to the object (either brief case/belt) ontop of the cage.

The Matches would be:

1. Singles

2. Tag Team

3. 6 Man Free For all

The Match Types would be:

1. MITB Brief Case Battle

2. Contract Match

3. Money Match

4. Number one Contenders Match

5. Any Championship Match (except Divas)

Objective to Win: The Superstar/s would have to first escape the steel cage, either by escaping the cage by climbing out of it or by escaping through the door. Then the Superstar/s would have to escape the the Hell in a Cell, by escaping through the door. Then the Superstar/s would have to scale the cage and climb to the top. Then the superstar/s would have to set up a ladder ontop of the cage, and climb that ladder to the object hanging (either a Breifcase/Belt) and remove it from the hook for the win. (Note - This is a No DQ Match: And also no Pinful/Submissionns, which means this is the only way to win.)

This is a very Hardcore Match, and possibly Career Threatining Match:

Dream Match I would have take place in this Match =

Edge vs Mick Foley; Hardcore Title Match - The two most Hardcore wrestlers in history, this would be an amazing match and would be unbelievable action.

WQ: Your Match is not really a Wrestling Match, and I dont see How that cage would fit over a Wrestling ring. You have to make it with some objective wrestling, like a steel cage match in which you could also pin/submit a person. I would love to see any match come to life.
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randy orton vs kane no dq hell in a cell
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