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Havnt seen TNA for a while?
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Default Havnt seen TNA for a while?

I havnt watched it since against all odds and i caught a bit of the ppv where angle and hardy kept going over the time limit.

whats going on with.


rob terry

douglas williams


brian kendrick


orlando jordan

scott steiner

jay lethal

stevie richards


mick foley

matt morgan

shannon moore

eric young and the band


mick foley


taylor wilde

and finally homocide

i understand that some superstars may have left or havnt been seen for a while. could u just say what they are doing or how they left etc

thanks in advance
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I don't know about all of them, but I'll do my best.

magnus - He and Desmond Wolfe were supposed to fight the Machine Guns two PPVs ago, but then all of a sudden GenMe showed instead. Haven't seen them since.

rob terry - Haven't seen him for about a month.

douglas williams - He's with Fortune (Ric Flair's stable) and he just lost the X-Div belt to Jay Lethal.

raven - Was last seen at the last PPV, not seen on TV this past week.

brian kendrick - currently doing a crazy angle where he keeps helping the EV2 guys and acts all nutty in doing so. I still don't like him.

hernandez - MIA for about 3 months now.

orlando jordan - Currently partnered with Eric Young, in an angle where Eric is obsessed with playing by the rules and loses matches for them in the process. I feel bad for Eric having to work with this guy, who just disgusts me.

scott steiner - Haven't seen him since the Main Event Mafia broke up in January. I think his contract ran out and wasn't renewed.

jay lethal - The current X-Division champion. He's stopped imitating Randy Savage as well.

stevie richards - Same as Raven.

rhinio - Same as Raven

mick foley - Same as Raven

matt morgan - Currently with Fortune.

shannon moore - Half of Ink Inc. with Jesse Neal (Team 3D's former protege).

eric young and the band - The Band broke up months ago. Nash started hanging out with Sting, and EY is stuck in the horrendous storyline I summarized above.

daniels - MIA for about 4-5 months now.

mick foley - You asked about him already.

odb - Haven't seen her in about 6 months; I think she's gone

taylor wilde - Haven't seen her in about a month, she may also be gone.

and finally homocide - Last seen getting his head kicked in by Matt Morgan about 3 months ago, and unseen since.

For more and better info, I'd check out the Pro Wrestling Torch website.
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Then you Miss Alot my wrestling friend

Douglas williams- Lost his title match at Bound For Glory.. still apart of Fortune

Eric Young- has a new Gimmick is teaming up with Orlando Jordan

Scott steiner- Left the company last year

Daniels- TNA release him

ODB- TNA release her

Taylor wilde Hamada are TNA Tag team Knockout Champions.. They haven't been used in Months... since TNA has no-body to face them.. has nothing for them to do...

Matt morgan- Added to Ric Flair's Fortune

Jay lethal- X-Division Champion

Hernandez- Left TNA

Mick foley- Leader of EV.2.0. they defeated Fortune to end the rivalry

Raven- Member of EV.2.0

Stevie Richards- Member EV.2.0

Rhinio- Member EV.2.0

The Band is No More

Shannon moore- created a Cool new Tag team, his partner is Jesse Neal.. They call themselves INK INC.. Always are trying to do the Right things... they could be Future Tag Team Champions.. that is if MCMG's have something to say about it.. They simply are the Best Tag team's in Professional wrestling.. and I'm proud to call them Champions...

Rob terry- Can't remember he's Dull and boring.. glad AJ Styles beat him for TNA TV Title

Kevin Nash Retire from Professional wrestling

Brian Kendrick- Help EV.2.0 defeat Fortune at Bound For Glory in Lethal Lockdown match

Magnus Tag team partner is Desmond Wolfe. With Chelsea They call themselves London Brawling.. But the Tag team has been taken off the Road,, Due to some medical Issues Desmond Wolfe has... So TNA is looking out for him and are concern.. He will be back Shortly, and from there you will be seeing the Tag team again shortly...
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Not much has been happening at all in Total Nonstop Action.That's why most people are watching WWE instead.
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Magnus is on Explosion.

Terry disappeared from TV after failing a drug test even though TNA didn't officially do anything.

Williams is in Fortune which is the top heel group in TNA who last week aligned themselves with Hogan, Bischoff, JJ, Abyss and Jeff Hardy.

Raven is shown every now and then with the few ECW guys that are still around

Kendrick for some reason is with the ECW guys

TNA sent Hernandez to AAA Mexico getting better at wrestling.

Olranda Jordan is in a tag team with Eric Young

Steiner left a long time ago

Lethal is the X Division Champion

Stevie is also with the ECW guys

Same with Rhino

So is Foley

Morgan is in Fortune

Moore is in a tag team with Jesse Neal

EY like I said above is with OJ. Hall and X-Pac are thankfully long gone, and Nash didn't re-sign with TNA and is retired now I guess.

Daniels is back in ROH

ODB was realeased a few months ago

Wilde is the womens tag champ with Homada. and she is right now on Vacation in the UK.

Homocide also went back to ROH
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