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(Possible SPOILER inside) Do u think the possible heel turn of John Cena might see The Streak
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Default (Possible SPOILER inside) Do u think the possible heel turn of John Cena might see The Streak

ending? Source:

So after reading this article it got me thinking....... How could wwe make Cena the biggest heel the company has ever seen? Will they do it by ending The Streak at Wrestlemania 27?

WQ2: Do u feel like Vince finally opened the idea of John Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 because it's the last resort to save the PPV buyrate?

I mean, the last two Wrestlemanias didn't have a sold out crowd and the PPV buyrate grew lower each time. And this is worsened by the following condition:

1. Shawn Michaels = Retired

2. Batista = Retired

3. Hulk Hogan = In TNA

4. Ric Flair = In TNA

5. Jeff Hardy = In TNA

6. Kurt Angle = In TNA

7. RVD = In TNA

8. The Rock = Not coming back

9. Stone Cold = Not coming back

10. Bret Hart = Too old

11. Sting = Not coming to WWE

12. Chris Jericho = Won't make it to WM 27 due to his tour

13. Christian = Won't make it to WM 27 due to injuries

14. Eddie Guerrero = Deceased

15. Chris Benoit = Deceased....and erased

Now with all his 'major' resorts gone, do u think Vince finally opened his mind to book Undertaker vs Cena because perhaps it's the only match that would make people actually care to watch Wrestlemania 27? I mean, of course there's a talk of Undertaker facing Triple H, Sheamus, or Goldberg but let's face it:

1. The match with Triple H has been done before at Wrestlemania X-7....and Cena vs Taker intrigues people more than HHH vs Taker.

2. Goldberg wouldn't want to lose to anyone on his last match. So, he can't possible face Taker.

3. Sheamus' drawing power looks pale in comparison to Cena's.

4. Whether we like it or not, Cena vs Taker at Mania is a guaranteed astronomical draw more than any possible match ATM.

So, answer the two questions above to win BA.
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Nothing will end the streak.
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Making Cena end the streak will make Cena a MONSTER heel and it will generate lots of heat from the IWC.
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It is so very possible that taker will face Cena at Wm27. i was thinking the same thing too since Undertaker would't have no possible PPv main eventers left to face. you mentioned about the guys that cant really face him, and the ones left are the same guys that he already have faced. That was the rumored reason why Vince is trying to make Cena a heel so it would be so controversial when and if ever he'll face the undertaker.But as far as ending the streak goes. I dont think that Vince would go that far because its too much for him to experiment when it comes to breaking a streak that took almost 2 decades to build.. but then i might be wrong.
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i don't think theres anyone just now who is worthy to take on taker at wrestlemania 27, the wwe mite as well look at a mystery wrestler just for this one big event, aim to snag a wrestler who will keep everyone guessing in the lead up to the big night. im sure the tv ratings would go trough the roof with all the hype, then on the night when its time make sure its a great wrestler who wants a one off chance at ending takers streak, all this is way better then the way things are just now, as we all see with meany wrestlers leaving the wwe, there options are very much Limited,
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Creatively a Cena heel turn would be fantastic but his merchandise revenue as a face might just ruin the chances of that happening, though in my opinion a good heel run could mean he'd and up even more over when he turns back face.

I think Cena vs Undertaker is easily the best WM main event that can be put together at the moment but it could also be face vs face.

In terms of the streak ending, no chance! Not at the moment, if ever.

I feel that if the streak ever does end (and it seems that it may not) it will not elevate a young superstar (as it should) but will just serve as an ego boost for a top star who taker respects, also i suspect the end of the streak would mark The Undertaker's retirement. Therefore my prediction would be that either the streak doesn't end or HHH ends it and retires The Undertaker (but not for a few years)
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The rock might come back hint hint!
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Wade Barret will end he streak
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I think you outlined exactly why John Cena should end the streak.

The WWE right now is, as many of us are aware, in an uncertain transition period right now. Right now, the WWE has two, TWO, guaranteed superstars that are going to last for the next decade. John Cena and Randy Orton. That's it. Yes, there is a relatively strong supporting cast in guys such as Jack Swagger, Sheamus, CM Punk, Wade Barrett and a few others, but the long term success and drawing power of those guys is far from a sure thing. Triple H will always be a part of the WWE in some form or another, but his days of being the leading man in the wrestling world are drawing to a close. As for the The Undertaker, I will be VERY surprised if he goes beyond Wrestlemania 27. The only two guys the WWE has at the moment that are sure bets for the future of their company are Cena and Orton and quite frankly, that's a dangerous place to be in. The only other name I might include with those two is The Miz, but the jury is still out on if he'll be the next Rock or not (even though I think in a year, he'll be as big as Cena and Orton).

Here's the thing when it comes to The Undertaker and his streak. There's no question that he's one of, if not the, most iconic superstars the WWE has ever had, but the WWE has such an awesome opportunity to do something truly special with The Streak right now. I know The Undertaker deserves to have homage paid to him, but if he retires after 'Mania this year with his streak intact, what benefit is that to the company? During a period where they have to do SOMETHING to get themselves over this current hump, why NOT end the streak? The Undertaker is so much more than the streak, he can afford to have it broken and keep the incredible legacy he's crafted for himself. Here's much more than the streak.

Cena needs to end it, and end it convincingly. He doesn't need to turn heel (after all, the most wildly successful periods in WWE history were always centered around a blockbuster face {Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin}). Forget what the internet community thinks about him, as hard as it sounds, that just simply doesn't matter. What the WWE HAS to do is re-engage the mainstream community. The average fan has been lost since the Attitude Era and Vince needs to build a true superstar on an Austin/Hogan like level, someone who can capture the imagination of the mainstream audience. Cena is the biggest superstar we've seen in years, but he's not at that level. Ending the streak, making The Undertaker tap out right in the middle of the ring in a World title/WWE Championship unification match after having won the Royal Rumble from the number one spot, THAT is the biggest moment possible. THAT is Hogan slamming Andre. THAT is Austin vs. The Rock. THAT is Wrestlemania.

Contrary to popular belief, that wouldn't turn Cena heel. The Undertaker is a God to the IWC (for the most part), but, believe it or not, he isn't as popular as Cena or Orton to the average fan. Right now, love it or hate it, both Cena and Orton have exceeded The Undertaker is mainstream popularity. He's firmly number three in the company in that regard. However, he IS generally regarded as the most powerful star the WWE has. Having The Undertaker kneel and hail Cena after losing (much like he did when Ric Flair retired from the WWE) would be the ultimate moment, and the fans would accept that in a heartbeat.
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It is VERY possible that this is what the WWE will do if Vince wantts Cena to be the biggest heel ever..with all the wrestler leaving, retiring, gettin too old, and the deaths that have occurred, it is something that Vince is probably tryin to do to get PPV buy rates up for this years Mania..this would get a huge buy rate around the world..people would have to choose sides on who to go for..i'd be going for Taker personally..but if they were to have Cena end the streak, it would just be so crazy that even the IWC that wanted him to turn heel would still hate him and hate him even more than before..HHH, Goldberg, and Sheamus would make great opponents to face Taker, but I agree with the points you made above..HHH vs Taker already happend..Goldberg wouldn't want to lose in his final match, and Sheamus vs Taker wouldn't even come close to the buy rate that Wrestlemania 27 would receive if Cena vs Taker was built up..i really don't know what WWE is planning but this could be big, REALLY big..depending on what they decide, with this one match, WWE could change forever..
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The streak will never end
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