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what is your opinion on Jeff Hardy?
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richard is on a distinguished road
Default what is your opinion on Jeff Hardy?

My opinion on Jeff Hardy has changed a lot since becoming a member of the iwc and growing up from preteen 12-15 to teenager at 16. Jeff has never been a real highflier, he's been a risk taker,

highflying is lucha libre that starts from stiff striking to pure technical wrestling(catch-hand mat wrestling) to ariel manuevers and lucha libre moves such as hurricaranas,headscissors takedowns,

frankenstieners etc. Jeff's overall moveset is 12 but look at Evan Bourne's top 65 moves on youtube,

65 moves starting from age 16 to age 27. Jeff has gone from being a backyard wrestler taking bumps

from his big brother Matt to being a jobber with a basic moveset and whisper in the wind for a signature, when he and he's brother continued to team up Jeff has said he's tried to put lucha libre in his style, when in fact botched 450 splashes and legdrops off ladders are not lucha libre. Jack Evans(knows mat wrestling,out wrestled brian danielson twice) Evan Bourne,Rey Mysterio(younger years) those are highfliers, Jeff is in the same league as sabu. The thing that bugs me is fans call him thetotal package when he's not. A total package pro wrestler is rare.

This is the total package-

mic skills-(emo/enigmatic like promos and shouting I'm EXTREME is not charismatic)

wrestling skill(He can't tell a wrist lock from a wrist watch and has BOTCHED so much.

good as both heel babyface.-this is his 3rd heel turn, the first one actually made people feel empathy for hardy, he just acted like a moody teenager not how a heel 25 year old would, the 2nd was he was to over with fans and his mic skills suck. )

Chris Jericho,Sheamus,Alberto Del Rio are all examples of the total package, it's

NOT high spots, physical attraction to teenage girls and being a big draw to fans. The only big draws who are/were pushed were ultimo dragon,chris jericho, rey mysterio and like it or not John Cena(i'm not a cena fan or a hater).

You're probably wondering why was I a fan of him. from 2002-2007 he entertained me, he put his body on the line and didn't have a gimmick, he was just himself which led to his downfall and wwe

carreer ending(you kiddies who don't understand, I am talking about his drug problems.)

I don't care that jeff did pot, i don't personally know him but you can't ignore the fact that he was proof that the drug tests were real and was immature. Jeff literally grew up in the pro wrestling biz

but compared to others he was a kid in a man's world and you can cry and whine about how he put his body on the line but so did everyone else in the biz and they did it and some still do it BETTER than him. Jeff is overrated immature but he's contributed to the business. I respect Jeff as a sports entertainer but not a professional wrestler mature adult, admit he was carried in his feud with Kurt Angle recently and i'm not gonna be impressed until he out wrestles shelton benjamin.
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Finley Banks is on a distinguished road

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Arkayde Northwood is on a distinguished road

AT first I was sceptical after your first few lines but I actually have to agree with you.

In essence he isnt a true highflyer at all.

I think he only works well as a face as he doesnt have good enough mic skills to cut good/great promos. I thought the mini promos he cut on TNA last week were piss poor considering he made a major turn and got the belt. He can be bland and boring when he talks and is better suited to letting his work rate in matches do the talking.

And you are right he does botch quite a few moves.

I also dont think he has much loyalty to any wrestling company. Look at how many times he has been and gone . . . .compare that to Matt Hardy who has had to job a hell of a lot and basically had no real reward for it but has stuck with WWE

Im still a Hardy fan though, just a little dissapointed that he hasnt grown
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He is a drug addict risk taker he has injured Edge and others and nearly broke his neck.
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p.k. subban is on a distinguished road

jeff is a great guy and a future hall of famer, when he left wwe i was sad, jeff has had his up's and downs, no one should judge him no is perfect, the all time ladder match best wrestler.
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