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what legacy will the undertaker leave behind if he retire.?
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Default what legacy will the undertaker leave behind if he retire.?

he will be the greatest wrestler who ever retire in the wrestling world
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He's probably got the greatest gimmick in wrestling history,he's far from the greatest wrestler.

Not sure if he will leave much of a legacy as he doesn't roll of the tongue when naming wwe legends,(Sammartino, Backlund ,Hogan, Hart, Micheals, Austin, Rock) probably because of his gimmick,and the fact that most of his matches from 1990-1996 were some of the worst seen in a wwe ring,although he picked up his game in the late 90's,likely due to a better standard of opponent at the top of the card,he delivered some awful ones again in the early 2000's before reverting back to the Deadman gimmick.The standard has certainly raised since that time (Vs Edge,Batista,HBK) but a mixture of poor opponents (Henry,Khali,Viscera) and injuries have made him a shell of the wrestler he was.
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No. not the greatest wrestler. i liked the undertaker when he was all biker and stuff. Not the ghost/paul bearer thingy. Anyways... he will be remembered when he retires... because he has those DVDs
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He will not be known as the greatest technical wrestler like Hart or Angle or Benoit or Flair or Michaels, but as an overall professional wrestler and superstar, he will definitely have the greatest resume.

Somebody above mentioned he won't be counted with the likes of Austin, Rock, Hogan, Hart, Michaels.... excuse me, how? He is equal to them in star magnitude, arguably bigger than some of them and his legacy definitely is bigger than some of them.

The greatest gimmick of all time (evolving and varying it like no other), the man who ended Hulkamania, the man who allowed a lot of other careers to be derived out of him like Mankind/ Kane, the man who pushed Austin during 1998-2000 as the leader of the attitude era, the man who gave some of the most memorable wrestling moments like when he threw Mankind from the top of the cell to the announce desk and chokeslammed him from the top of the cell to the mat below (and later on thumbtacks), the man who did more HIAC and other gimmick matches (inferno, casket, buried alive, last ride, etc) than anyone, the man who gave 5-star matches with Shawn Michaels (Mania and HIAC) and many memorable matches with Angle/ Bret Hart/ Austin, and many memorable feuds with Mankind/ Kane/ Edge/ Batista/ Orton/ Lesnar, the man who can walk the top rope, the man who flew over the rop rope in the inferno match against Kane when the ring was surrounded by flames, the man who still flies over the top rope despite his size and age, the man who tombstone piledrove Mark Henry, the man who chokeslammed Khali, the man who put Yokozuna in a casket, the man who can give match-of-the-year-worthy performances even in his 40s which Hogan never could, the man who was voted as the greatest star in Raw history during the 15th year anniversary of Raw and the greatest legend of Wrestlemania before Mania 26, the man who lasted the longest in the WWE ring, the man who was the most loyal to the WWE and also its locker room leader/ judge of wrestlers' court, the man who elevated the level of performance of big men by doing agile things which only he could, the man who has amassed more respect from his peers than any other wrestler and whom the WWE wrestlers themselves consider to be the greatest of all time if you listen to their interviews on This is My Yard and Tombstone: The history of the Undertaker DVDs, the man who is considered the measuring stick for all WWE superstars and who is always the toughest competition for anyone in the ring, the man who whom the WWE have kept undefeated at Wrestlemania due to these aforementioned facts (which is the greatest WWE record and the only record from professional wrestling to be ranked in the Mirror's list of sports' greatest winning streaks - links below) including victories over Ric Flair, HHH and Shawn Michaels' retirement....

When the Undertaker retires, nobody will have a career like him, every young wrestler will aspire to have a career like him, and he will be the only one who would be able to say that I've done everything there is to do in this business.

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best big man ever is what they will say
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