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SummerSlam (pay per view): Rate and Review + BQ?
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Default SummerSlam (pay per view): Rate and Review + BQ?

We are welcomed live to SummerSlam with a tremendous fireworks display. Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker and Joey Styles make up the four man announce team tonight. They go over the card for this huge event tonight and we are going right to our first match now.

Match 1: 8 Man Tag Team Match. SES vs The New Bloods.

Great match to get us warmed up for tonight. CM Punk and Austin Watson start things off and various tags are made throughout, with the SES managing to stay on top of things throughout the match. The action falls outside the ring various times and there is some brawling going on between the two teams. Mason Ryan gets Chokeslammed through the Spanish announce table by Big Show and Luke Gallows injures his shoulder when he gets sent flying into the steel steps. The end of the match comes when Big Show Chokeslams Austin Watson and pins him for the victory. SES celebrate at the end of the match.

Match 2: The Highflyers (c) vs The Fortunate Sons.

Tag Team Championships are on the line here. Brett DiBiase and Evan Bourne kick us off and they go back and forth for a while, with DiBiase in control of the proceedings. Bourne begins to build some momentum and gets himself back into it, hitting some offense on DiBiase, including some punches and kicks. Tags are made and Ted DiBiase comes in to go toe to toe with Justin Gabriel. Solid tag team action so far. The end eventually comes in this great match when Ted DiBiase goes to hit Dream Street, but Evan Bourne escapes and hits a Dropkick. Bourne goes up top and hits Airbourne. Evan pins DiBiase and The Highflyers have retained their Tag Team Championships again!

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Chris Jericho.

Intercontinental Championship is on the line in this high stakes match. They go back and forth in the opening stages, with Del Rio actually taking control and working the match at his pace. He continues to work over Jericho for a few minutes, but Jericho counters one of his offensive moves and the tide changes in the match. Jericho is now in control and hitting Alberto with everything he has. The action falls to the outside and Jericho sends Del Rio head first into the ringpost. They go back inside the ring and continue to exchange some offense between them. The end comes when it appears that a fan has tried to get into the ring. The ref is distracted momentarily and MVP comes running through the crowd from the other side with a steel chair. He nails Jericho in the head with the chair, knocking him out. Del Rio takes advantage, covering Jericho and picking up the victory. Del Rio retains the Intercontinental Championship, thanks to outside interference which the ref never seen.

The Miz is backstage with Josh Mathews. He is asked what his final thoughts are before his crucial, final encounter with Randy Orton later on tonight. He says that he has never felt so alive in his life and that Orton will not know what has hit him. It's because he is The Miz and he's AWESOME! He walks off, leaving Josh standing looking after him.

Match 4: Daniel Bryan vs Tyler Black.

Arguably the best match of the night so far. These two have locked horns only once before and they are raring to again tonight. They lock up and then start to exchange some offense right away. As we expected, a lot of submission holds are being used and this is technical wrestling at it's finest. Bryan works over Black throughout the match, which then leads to Black getting himself back into the contest. Black appears to be focusing on certain parts of Bryan's body, most notably his arms. They continue to work on each other, as the match progresses. The end comes when Black goes to hit God's Last Gift on Bryan, but he moves out of the way. Bryan then locks in Cattle Mutilation and Black has no choice but to submit to the hold. Bryan looks very happy with himself as the ref raises his hand in victory.

BQ: Do you prefer Edge as heel or face?

Three more matches to follow...

Match 5: Triple H vs John Morrison.

The tension rises throughout the arena. This is a rivalry that has been simmering ever since Triple H returned to help Randy Orton and reunite Evolution in the process. These two don't even bother locking up, as they raring to go for each other. Morrison gains an upper hand over The Game and continues to hit him with a shed load of offensive moves. As Triple H gets himself back into it, the action falls to the outside. Taking advantage of the No DQ rule, various weapons are brought out to play. The Game hits Morrison over the head with a steel chair and then smacks his head off of the remaining announce table, causing him to bleed. Morrison responds by assaulting Hunter with a kendo stick, leaving him with welts all over his body. The end comes when Riley comes out with a steel chair. He goes to hit Triple H, but misses and lays out Morrison. The Game gives Riley a Pedigree. He then pins Morrison and wins.

Match 6: The Miz (c) vs Randy Orton.

The final confrontation between these two. Orton starts off in control, hitting various offensive moves on his opponent. The Miz begins to get himself back into it and things get more heated between the two, as you would expect. The action falls to the outside and both men are looking to do as much damage to each other as they can. They go back inside the ring and continue to go back and forth, with the WWE Championship on the line. A crowd chorus of boo-yeah chants start, cheering Orton and booing The Miz as they exchange punches. The end comes when Orton is about to hit an RKO on The Miz, but the Awesome One counters. He then hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Orton. The Miz covers Orton and picks up the victory. Miz has retained the WWE Championship! He hurries to the back, looking euphoric with the title over his shoulder.

Match 7: Christian (c) vs Edge vs John Cena.

It is now time for the main event of the evening and it's a match fit to headline any show, with the World Title on the line. The match starts with Edge and Christian working together in order to eliminate Cena from the match. They then begin to focus on each other and the match gets more heated as time passes. Edge and Christian are exchanging offense, but Cena comes back in and starts to take control, taking down both men. Edge and Cena take the fight to the outside and then Edge flips him over the barricade into the crowd! They continue to fight amongst the fans, with Cena getting back into it. As they come back out to ringside, Christian meets them and all three men are going at it now. Edge gets the upper hand over both men, but he is eventually taken out. Cena delivers an FU to Edge on the steel entrance ramp and it looks like it's down to Cena and Christian. Cena locks in the STFU on Christian and he's about to tap out...

Just as Christian is about to submit, Edge recovers and comes running into the ring. Cena turns around just in time to be met with a vicious Spear from the Ultimate Opportunist. Edge covers Cena and gets the victory. Edge is the new Champion of the World! Confetti reigns down from above, as Edge stands victorious over the bodies of Cena and Christian. Edge is celebrating with the World Championship held high and the ring and it's surrounding area is covered with confetti, as SummerSlam goes off the air.
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bro i love ur card
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Match 1:8/10

Match 2: 10/10

Match 3:9/10

Match 4)9.5/10

Match 5)9/10
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10/10 abssoultley amazing great main event i am so happy the miz won.
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