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WCW Monday Night Nitro presents Halloween Havoc (Rate the PPV) + WQ Inside?
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Default WCW Monday Night Nitro presents Halloween Havoc (Rate the PPV) + WQ Inside?

WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Ric Flair

United States Champion- Rhyno

Tag Team Champions- Edge Christian

Cruiserweight Champion- Eddie Guerrero

Womens Champion- Melina


Promo 1- The Pay-Per-View begins with recaps from previous Nitro episodes. Mike Tenay: Its going to be one heck of a night because the World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair will defend his title against Lex Luger The Giant in a Triple Threat Match. Bobby Heenan: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper will battle Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, a mystery partner for the Main Event tonight. Tony Sciavone: Enjoy the show.

Match 1- (C) Melina (Heel) vs. Trish Stratus (Face). This is a good back and forth match, but Melina picks up the win after Trish missed the Chick Kick which allowed Melina to hit the Scull Crushing Finale to win the match. ( 7:47)

Promo 2- Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Kevin Nash Scott Hall. Okerlund: Where is your mystery partner? Scott Hall: Our mystery partner is here in the building tonight. Kevin Nash: You just got to wait and see what happens because tonight its going to be unpredictable.

Match 2- (C) Rhyno (Heel) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Face). Steel Cage Match. Great Match and Tyler Black tried to interfere by climbing the cage, but got stopped by Randy Savage. Rhyno went for the Gore, but DDP moves out the way and hits the Diamond Cutter to win the United States Championship. (18:19)

Post Match- Macho Man Randy Savage, Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton attack DDP for no good reason. Randy Savage: Tonight The Poison will spread out.

Match 3- (C) Eddie Guerrerp (Heel) vs. Rey Mysterio (Face) vs. Jueventud Guerrera (Face) vs. Chvao Guerrero (Heel). Jueventud Guerrera was hit with the Gory Bomb from Chavo, Chavo got hot with a Facebuster by Mysterio and Eddie gave Rey the El Paso Submission Hold to make Rey tap out. (13:63). Another great Match.

Promo 3- Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior are shown in the locker room. Roddy Piper: What is The Poison that is being talked about tonight? Hogan: I don't know, but whatever the poison is, it will be stopped. Warrior: We have to focus on Hall, Nash, their mysteru partner who is said to be here tonight. Hogan: Your right, The Poison will not hurt the Main Event tonight.

Match 4- Raven (Heel) vs. Bill Goldberg (Face). No Rules, No DQ, No Count Outs, No Interference, Ravens Rules Match. Winner = Bill Goldberg after the Spear followed by the Jackhammer to extend his streak to 26-0. (8:00). A good Hardcore Match.

Match 5- (C) Edge Christian (Faces) vs. Legion of Doom (Faces). Winners = Edge Christian. (12:41). Fairly Decent Match.

Promo 4- Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Ric Flair. Okerlund: Do you think that your going to retain your title tonight? Ric Flair: Of course I am because I'm the best wrestler in Sports Entertainment. Ric Flair: I have The Four Horsemen Debra to back me up from people like The Giant Lex Luger. Okerlund: Good luck Ric.

Match 6- The Steiners (Heels) vs. Harlem Heat (Faces). A decent match. Winners = Harlem Heat. (10:08).

Post Match- Scott Steiner attacks Rick Steiner. Scott Steiner: The Poison will continue to spread tonight.

Match 7- (C) Ric Flair (Heel) vs. Lex Luger (Face) vs. The Giant (Heel). Winner = Lex Luger. The Giant Chokeslamed Flair. Luger put The Giant in the Tortune Rack and The Giant taps out. (27:14).

Amazing Match.

Post Match- Ric Flair shaves The Giant's head bald out of frustration.

Main Event- Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior (Faces) vs. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, mystery partner (Heels). A good match to fit the Main Event. The Ultimate Warrior got hit with the Jacknife by Kevin Nash. Piper got hit with the Razors Edge from Hall. Hogan walks in the ring and delivers the Atomic Leg Drop on Piper. Scott Hall pins Piper for the win for his team. (39:30).

Post Match- Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Scott Norton, Randy Savage, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Vincent, Konnan attack Piper Warrior. Hogan: The Poison has been spreaded out again, but The Poison is The New World Order. Hogan: I am the mystery partner for Hall Nash.

End of PPV

Choose Best Match

Choose Best Promo (Post Matches count)


WQ- Will Kane beat Undertaker at Bragging Rights?
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Great Show

Rating: 9/10

Best Match: Melina vs. Trish Stratus

Best Promo: Mean Gene's interviews with Hall and Nash

Opinions: Another great PPV.

WQ: Maybe, but I would rather see Undertaker win and this feud.
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