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Has the war between TNA marks and WWE marks tone down a bit?
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Default Has the war between TNA marks and WWE marks tone down a bit?

Has the war between TNA marks and WWE marks tone down a bit?
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I'm sorry to say but half the people who will read this question will not have

any idea what TNA is tna is nothing compared to wwe They have 1 game which got a HORRIBLE rating wwe has like near 15 or so games which is all higher than the tna games rating Tna just has more interesting match types like the X n the 6 sided ring
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Well, TNA brought the fight to WWE and the slapped around, and went back to Thursdays with their tails between their legs. So TNA marks have quieted down quite a bit. WWE product is stale are terrible right now though, so the WWE marks aren't really saying much either.

In any event, give me the attitude era WWF or the pre-Hogan/Bischoff era TNA (when it was still NWA/TNA) over either of the piles of crap that both companies are putting out right now.
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TNA got their asses kicked ratings wise. But, it was a piss poor showing to only go head to head for one to two weeks. What is also a problem is that they went to the traditional ring ropes rather than renewing their contract to have the eight sided ring.

WWE marks never ever bring up TNA for one main reason. TNA is regional and poses no threat whatsoever. TNA keeps bringing in people that are either outdated or too middle of the road in terms of fan commitment to have the WWE worried.

The biggest two thefts of athletes were Kurt Angle when he was dropped on his ass by Vince McMahon for no apparent reason at all. Later we found out that it really was to push Jack Swagger as a real wrestler. This has proven to be a piss poor choice that even the guys in WWE didn't like. Angle for what it is worth was a much better wrestler than many of the guys in WWE even with his addiction issues.

The next big addition was Jeff Hardy. What a huge signing that has really went no place. This guy returned to WWE to get his title shot, won it and blew it by getting popped with drugs. Way to go dumbshit.

Now the TNA powers that be are bringing in Mickie James. Which in my opinion is a great addition. However, I am starting to believe that the They Abyss has eluded to on numerous episodes is Paul Heyman and a few other WWE releases.

For TNA to make an IMPACT they need one thing. A major coup stealing away one to two big stars in the WWE that are still carrying fan love. I believe that the one guy that may leave the WWE could be John Cena. How in the world could a guy that prides himself on individualism now has to run with a pack and do the leader of Nexus' bidding. I see this wearing on Cena's professional patience.

Finally what if the WWE finally comes out and announces that the Raw GM is none other than Stone Cold, The Rock, or even and this is a big even Vince McMahon himself. I am leaning on one other option that being Chris Jericho as he had lost a match and should be forced to retire and being he has been so bright he might make the most sense. Namely because if you watched his reaction to the very well timed GM announcements he never seemed upset by many of them like that of Edge.

IN my estimation, TNA is worlds if not galaxies behind the WWE in terms of talent and the WWE will never ever even look at TNA as a serious threat to their livelihood.

Orton is the Next Stone Cold.
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