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Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 78 (Rate and Review) + WWE needs the cruiserweight divison...
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Default Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 78 (Rate and Review) + WWE needs the cruiserweight divison...

...back, agree? * A Video airs of last week's King of the Ring Tournament in which, Booker T beat. Matt Hardy, Finlay beat. Chris Benoit, Lashley beat. Mark Henry and Kurt Angle beat. Randy Orton, tonight is the semi-finals and the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship is The United States Champion JBL.

* SmackDown! kicks off with the United States Champion John Bradhsaw Layfield, JBL says In 3 weeks time at Judgement Day, what will be left off Rey Mysterio's World title reign will just be a empty hole in the ground, because at Judgement Day, Rey Mysterio will not only be destoryed, he will bow to the defeated at the hands of greatness, my hands, JBL hands, Me Teddy Long then comes out and says Well you can talk all you want JBL, but tonight I have made a match for you, tonight it will be JBL vs. Chris Benoit.

* Coming Up Next!: WWE Tag Team Champions MNM in action next.

~ Commercial Break ~

* WWE Tag Team Champions MNM (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury) w/Melina defeated. Local Wrestlers: 6:00

After the match Paul London and Brian Kendrick along with Jillian Hall came out and steered away MNM from dishing out more punihsment on the Local Wrestlers.

* Daivari says to a bunc og repo men Take it to ringside now, take it now, The Great Khali will enjoy this

~ Commercial Break ~

* We come back and we see Repomen dish out a casket from the backstage area. Then comes out The Great Khali along with Daivari. Daivari says 'The Great Khali says that this is the last you have seen of The Undertaker, because his spirit has officialy descended, he is a myth now, he is nothing, because of what The Great Khali has done. Then Khali kicks the Casket and out rolls the urn which gives the Undertaker all of his powers, Daivari then emty's the urn and all the ashes from the urn dissapear into think air. The Great Khali then breaks the Urn and scruntches it up into like a smashed soda can. Daivari says The final touches are done

* WrestleMania 22 on DVD. Commercial


Bobby Lashley defeated. Finlay: 13;55

Lashley pinned Finlay after Lashley reversed the celtic cross and powered his way out and delivered a spear to Finlay. Lashley heading to Judgement Day in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament.

* We see Nunzio backstage talking with Orlando Jordan, Orlando says I saw your pal, Vito and iI saw him go into a ladies gymnasium, he was wearing a dress Orlando tries to convicne Vito of a cross dresser but Nunzio says Nah, cant; be, he is my pal, my best bud.

~ Commercial Break ~


Booker T w/Sharmell defeated. Kurt Angle: 26:44

In a PPV quality match up, Booker T advances to the Finals of the King of the Ring tournament after a roll up of Kurt Angle for the victory. After Lashley comes out and spears Booker into two pieces.

* We see a commercial for Judgement Day, featuring a dessert area, Various SmackDown! stars and a cloked man, a raven and a gallow.

* Melina and Jillian Hall have bitch slaps at each toher until Jillina throws Melina into a hole table full of food.

* Mark Henry defeated, Paul Burchill: 4:00

Henry with the easy of easy wins as he beats The Pirate on Friday Nights.

After Chris Benoit comes out for his match with JBL next. Mark Henry goes to ringside to join Tazz and Michael Cole.

~ Commercial Break ~

* United States Champion John Bradshaw Layfield defeated. Chris Benoit: 10:33

After Henry got involved then Rey Mysterio the World champion got involved and then JBL won via Clotheslien from Hell. After Teddy says Next week's main event will be JBL and Mark Henry vs. Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio


Best/Worst Match:

Best/Worst Night:

TV Rating: (using decimals)

+ Answer WQ to get BA.

Judgement Day: Matchard

* World Heavyweight Championship

Rey Mysterio(c) vs. JBL

* Mark Henry vs. Chris Benoit

* Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

* WWE Tag Team Championship

MNM(c) vs. London/Kendrick

* Melina vs. Jillian Hall

* Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

* King of the Ring Finals

Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley

* One more match to be added.


* Gregory Helms defeated. Funaki

* The Pitbulls defeated. Scotty 2 Hotty and Tatanka

* The Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy) defeated. The Gymini (Jesse and Jake) w/Simon Dean.

Year Base: Early 2006
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The Rock will lay the smackdown on aaaallll their candy @sses! IF YA SMEEEELLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK, ISSSS, COOKIN!
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Best Matches:

1) John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Chris Benoit

2) Booker T w/Sharmell vs.Kurt Angle

3) Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Worst Match: None

Best Night: Bobby Lashley

Worst Night: Booker T

TV Rating: 3.002

Overall Card Rating... 9/10. The matches were just pay-per-view quality. Great show.

WQ- I miss the Cruiserweight Division in WWE so yes it should come back since WWE have people like Evan Bourne, Chavo Guerrero, Justin Gabriel, JTG, some more can get a good push and hopefully win a championship. So I agree.
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