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(Spoilers)-Why are WWE intentionally destroying the tag team division?
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Default (Spoilers)-Why are WWE intentionally destroying the tag team division?

Its stupid, I mean, why would they break up The Hart Dynasty and The Gatecrashers, 2 good tag teams.

1-Brothers of Destruction

2-The Hart Dynasty

3-Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Rosa Mendes(heels)

4-The Usos

5-Alex Riley and Miz

6-The Dudebusters

7-Drew McIntyre and Sheamus

8-Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Maryse

9-Yoshi Tatsu and Primo(faces)

10-Chris Jericho and Edge(heels)

11-Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel(faces)

12-Wade Barrett and William Regal

BQ-Why should we see another BOD feud, if a person wishes to see a BOD match, all we have to do is go to youtube.

I like the BOD feud, but, they should have simply been a tag team.

BQ2-Do you like my teams?
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I like your teams they are good maybe will see them in the future. I Dont know why they wreck the tag division like last year with jeri - show. Now the hart' s and the gatecrashers ! They were my two faveorite tag teams. Like I bet there gonna break up cody rhodes and drew Mcintyre. Its lasted forever, I mean in the 90 ' s the tag team division was great. Now the matches are like 5 minutes long, its a disgrace ! Also changing the belts all the time really takes the prestige right out of them !! I hope they fix the tag team division because there using the good tag teams as jobbers like the Usos and now no more harts so I think I might stop watching tag matches for good, Thank you ! And another reason is because now a days its all about the singles titles.
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Because they spend all there time building up the heavyweight championship bouts that they hardly have the time for tag team matches..they really showed that even they know that they have no tag team division by unifying the titles and getting rid of two of the most prestigious titles in history..WWE has really made it clear that they can care less about their tag team division..and its sad..if they really cared they could have done a six team NXT competition and had three teams win..and the teams that didn't win could still come back later on like all the NXT people do..

BQ: Well remember this all started because Undertaker broke his orbital bone in awhile back in a match with cover up for this injury, WWE said that Kane found Taker in a vegetated state..that lead to his investigation and then him being revealed as the attacker..that's why it all happened..if Undertaker never would have gotten injured, i think he would be WHC right would have been cool for them to be a tag team though..but the Undertaker's injury is to blame for another Kane/Undertaker feud..

BQ2: Yes they are very great and would improve the tag team division significantly..i swear, us fans have more creative minds than the WWE creative's sad..
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The Hart Dynasty was one of WWE best teams,but that's not saying much.In the world of tag teams,the Hart Dynasty were ranked very low.They only looked good when compared to other WWE teams.DH Smith will do a lot better in singles than hanging out with a guy who is not even a Hart.As for the GateCrashers,they weren't as good as some fans suggested.

BQ:The BOD were a makeshift team at best.Both brothers were much better as singles competitors.

BQ2:3/4/5/12 are good.The rest are better off in singles division.
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Yeah it's stupid I actually really liked The Hart Dynasty.

BQ: Yeah BOD was awesome as a Tag Team and they were hard to beat and everything. I don't know if they were Tag Team Champions but like I liked them together and everything.

BQ2: I like: 1, 2, 3, 10, 11.


Lol, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, f**k who would want to verse them. Sheamus is deadly but McIntyre he don't do nothing right he just destroys 99% of people.

And YES I like your teams.
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I don't think the WWE is intentionally ruining the division.. I just think they're pretty much giving up on the division.. and they're breaking up tag teams like The Harts for example.. to get them started on a singles career.. before it's too late.. and we get one stuck in tag teams for ever.. and the other goes on to be the Michaels.. but it's ironic that all tag teams seem to end up like The Rockers with a Jennettey and a Michaels.. and what is more ironic is that I'm comparing The Hart Dynasty to The Rockers.. but I'm getting off topic.. lol.. I don't think the WWE is purposely trying to ruin the division.. I just don't think they see the point in really keeping it going. I think if Edge wouldn't have torn his achilles tendon.. he and Jericho could have really revitalized the division..

BQ- Disagree. Why can't you just youtube the BOD teaming up then..? Kane and The Undertaker are better singles preformers.. I don't want to see them in the tag team division.. when the tag team division hasn't been good in years. The Undertaker and Kane's feud is one of the most well known brother vs. brother feuds in history.. and personally I don't care how many times the WWE throws it back at us.. I still find it entertaining.. Kane and The Undertaker may have the same feud basis.. but they've evolved their characters over time.. and it's interesting seeing Paul Bearer back in the mix.. after all The Undertaker never listened to his Uncle Paul's warnings and he sicked The Big Red Machine on him.. lol.. BOD teaming up is fun once in awhile.. but I like them better feuding against each other than working together.. since they did bring Kane in to be his brother's rivial..

BQ2- I like some of them but I don't understand others.. I don't get how some really work together.. they're just throw togethers with no history together or anything for some of them.. honestly I don't care for the team of Yoshi and Primo.. I don't think anyone would really pay to see them.. I don't like the Barrett and Regal team.. besides being British they've got nothing.. don't care for Bourne and Gabriel.. although I think they'd be interesting to watch.. I would much rather see them feud.. I don't think Legacy was benifical to either Rhodes or DiBiase.. and I don't think giving them Maryse would help.. and same goes for Ryder and Rosa etc. I don't like those particular pairs.. but I do like..Drew and Sheamus and Edge and Jericho, because Edge and Jericho have history together.. and so does Drew and Sheamus .. not in the WWE but over seas for them..
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