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wrestling poll: who/what do you prefer(random)?
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Alexis B(Holybell) is on a distinguished road
Default wrestling poll: who/what do you prefer(random)?

1. christian or cm punk?

2. edge or chris jericho?

3. shannon moore or gregory helmes or matt hardy?

4. the royal rumble or the mitb ladder match at wrestlemania or the elimination chamber match?

5. the undertaker at hell in a cell, or edge and christian at tlc?

6. if you were a wrestler and had a choice, would you face randy orton at royal rumble or qualify IN the royal rumble?

7. do you prefer interesting and intelligent wrestling questions that require knowlegde and thinking or fun and creative poll's?

8. so you prefer monster heels, or egotistical heels(chris jericho), or comic heels?

9. shawn micheals, or aj styles, or eddie guerrero?

10. the super hurricanrana(done by rey and lita), or the starship pain(done by john morrison)?

11. the crossface(done by chris benoit), or the liontamer(done by chris jericho)?

12. do you prefer old school wrestling match's with psychology, or do you prefer exciting fast pace match's?

13. family guy, or king of the hill?

14. do you prefer, summer or winter?

15. would you rather get free tickets to go see wrestlemania 27(with good seats), or a 150 dollar gift card to whatever you like to shop?
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Robert is on a distinguished road

1. CM Punk

2. Jericho but close!

3. I don't like any of those guys!

4. Royal Rumble

5. Undertaker at HIAC but close!

6. qualify IN the Royal Rumble

7. I like a mixture of both

8. Egotistical Heels all the way

9. Shawn Michaels

10. Super Hurricanrana

11. Benoit's crossface

12. Fast paced matches

13. Neither one of those shows!

14. Summer

15. Free tickets to WM27
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Straight Edge Suicide . is on a distinguished road

1. CM Punk, but I love Christian as well .

2. Chris Jericho, but I love Edge as well .

3. Shannon Moore .

4. The Royal Rumble .

5. Edge and Christian in a TLC Match .

6. Qualify in the Royal Rumble .

7. Interesting questions where I can showcase my complex view on wrestling .

8. Egotistical heels .

9. Shawn Michaels by far .

10. Starship Pain .

11. The Crossface .

12. Exciting fast paced matches .

13. Family Guy .

14. Winter, its my birthday in winter and Christmas, which is my favorite holiday .

15. WM-27 !
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Kadhy is on a distinguished road

1. christian

2. edge (i like chris jericho 2)

3. all three

4. royal rumble

5. edge and christian at tlc

6. IN the royal rumbe

7. both

8. comic heels

9. HBK!

10. both

11. lion tamer

12. exciting fast paced matches

13. none

14. spring

15. FREE TICKETS TO WRESTLEMANIA 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Heather is on a distinguished road

1. CM Punk

2. Edge

3. Matt Hardy

4. Royal Rumble

5. The Undertaker at hell in a cell

6. Yes.

7. Fun and creative

8. Comic heels

9. Shawn Micheals

10. Starship pain

11. The Crossface

12. Exciting fast pace match's.

13. Family Guy

14. Winter?
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Wwe Insider is on a distinguished road

1. Cm Punk

2. Y2J

3. Matt Hardy

4. Money in the bank

5. EC

6. Face Orton

7. Intelligent Questions

8. Egoistical Heels

9. Eddie Guerrero

10. Starship Pain

11. Liontamer

12. Old School

13. Family Guy

14. Winter

15. WM 27 Tickets
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Phillip is on a distinguished road

1.Old CM Punk.


3.Matt Hardy


5.Edge and Christian in TLC there is limited stuff to do in a Hell in a Cell but a lot of stuff to do in a TLC.

6.Face Randy Orton

7.Fun and creative

8.Comic heels.EX:CeNexus

9.Shawn Micheals

10.Starshipp pain


12.Exciting fast pace

13.Family Guy


15.The $800 WM tickets with gold package
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PEEP#1LITA is on a distinguished road

1- Christain. I have always been a fan of Christian,ever since his days with Edge. He was an amazing tag team partner,since him and Edge had TLC matches and they were funny too. Also Christian is a good wrestler in my opinion. He does technical and highflying moves,and his matches are entertaining. He is good both heel and face,good mic skills and has charisma. I love CM Punk too. He is one of the best superstars today and the best wrestling heel currently. I just know Christian more so I choose him.

2- Chris Jericho. I am a HUGE Jerichoholic and a HUGE Edgehead,but I still choose Jericho . He is one of my all time favorites and I think that he is better then Edge. Jericho is the better wrestler and he entertains me more,(Edge is talented and entertaining aswell)

3-Matt Hardy-I am not a fan of the other two,and Matt Hardy was a part of the Team Xtreme,which is one of my favorite tag teams ever.

4- MITB,I LOVE MITB matches,they are unpredictable and exciting. I like The Royal Rumble aswell.

5- Edge and Christian at TLC. TLC matches are one of my favorite stipulation matches. They are very entertaining to watch and just fascinating,but ofcourse The Undertaker is a legend at HIAC matches and (WM)

6-Qualify in the RR,I enjoy the RR and I don't really like anything that has to do with Randy Boreton.

7-Both,but if I had to choose, I would pick the interesting and thinking questions.

8-Egotistical and Comic heels.

9- Shawn Michaels,one of my favorites of all time aswell. He was a great performer and had some of the classic matches. He can make his opponents look great too in the ring. Second is Eddie Guerrero(VIVA LA RAZA!)

10-The Superhurricanrana,I love those type of moves,they look more effective too,John Morrison's Starship pain doesn't look as entertaining or as impactful.

11- The Liontamer

12- Exciting fast pace matches,I am not a fan of matches that are slow..they bore me sometimes,then again it does depend on who is in the match.

13- Family Guy

14- Umm..Summer,but I LOVE the snow.

15- Free tickets to see WM 27. That would be awesome! Besides,150 dollars isn't enough money for me to go shopping lol.
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Toni Parker is on a distinguished road

1) cm punk cuz iv seen him live nd he was funny

2) edge

3) matt hardy- he was always the glue in hardy boys days

4)mitb ladder match


6)Qualify (though im female id be like china )

7) intelligent- cuz u cnt really just get dicks pretending they know about my passion

8) ego heels, bt not c. jericho-- though funny moment raw survivor series tour 2008 in butlins minehead uk, he threw a steel chair onto floor it bounced up and accidentally hit one of the crowd on the head cuz the barriers were too close to the ring -- he had to stay in character all show still so Batista had to come out and see if the kid was ok

9) :O how cn i choose :S ,, eddie was my idol and hero,, shawn is amazing and legendary and styles is the present and future, he'll be world no1 )

10)hmmm john morrison... but his old corkscrew when he did it from standing

11)crossface, Benoit

12) fast paced matches due to rivalry though ther're many old school legendary matches i will never forget

13) family guy- not heard of other 1 in the UK (unless its jst me)

14) summer

15)FREE TICKETS OMG is thata question at all haha -- being from England itd be truly once in a lifetime, live wwe shows leave me buzzing so bad i cnt sleep =D
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mizfit4ever is on a distinguished road

CM Punk

Chris Jericho

Matt Hardy

Royal Rumble

Edge and Christain TLC

Face Randy Orton

Fun and Creative

Egotistical Heels

Shawn Micheals

Starship Pain

Lion Tamer

Old School



Wrestlemania 27
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