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Is the Cena-Nexus angle clever or stupid?
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Default Is the Cena-Nexus angle clever or stupid?

Although I prefer TNA over WWE immensely, I did watch a few segments from Raw last night.

I was a bit torn in regards to the Cena-Nexus storyline.

At first, I found the concept idiotic. Especially when considering how stupid the fans were reacting to it all. The Don't give up chant was especially sickening. Of course, it was in Wichita -- it seems like places in the south midwest cheer Cena while the northeast west coast are more apt to boo.

During the main event I thought about the idea a bit more and started to think it might be a little clever. WWE is reluctant to have Cena turn heel, apparently, because he's the face of the company. Yet they have a large contingent of fans who continue to boo Cena (as I stated above, mostly in the northeast west coast) and they have had trouble glossing over that fact for all the marks.

Now they can have Cena remain a hero, yet have a justification for why people are booing him (They don't understand he's with Nexus. He has no choice!). Smarts will continue to hate Cena, yet WWE can now justify the antipathy to the marks with this storyline.

Pretty clever, no?

BQ: Won't WWE need to eventually do a legitimate Cena heel turn (the scale of Hogan in 1996) in order to cause some real interest in the product?

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Kevin Nguy?n is on a distinguished road

No, not so clever.

BQ: Yes, perhaps.
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Why is the first thing out of your mouth Although I prefer TNA over WWE immensely? You trying to keep face? Trying to impress someone? Then you go on to call people marks... Guess what you sounded like for TNA... Fact of the matter is, TNA won't be around for much longer so learn to love WWE.

Anyway, on to your question. This is one of the best moves that the WWE has made with Cena in a really long time. It's time for him to get a new gimmick and not continue to be that unbeatable character that all the kids love. Watching the look on those children's faces last night on RAW was funny to say the least... they didn't know whether to cheer for their hero or cry. I can't wait to see what the WWE does with this story line... Though, like TNA in every story line, the WWE has been screwing story lines up a bit lately.
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CDMAX is on a distinguished road

it's clever right now, but im sure wwe will find a way to ruin it, by having Cena overcome all odds once again

BQ:Yes, they really need to make him heel, the ratings would sky rocket because of him
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Don't lump all midwest states together. Chicago HATES Cena. I've been at the Allstate Arena a few times in the past 2 years and every time, Cena gets booed out the building.

BQ: No. Not everyone wants Cena to be a heel. Cena's merchandise sells like crazy. I remember at one point, HBK had 3 pages of merchandise, HHH had 5 pages, and Cena had 14 pages. Fourteen. Bedsheets, curtains, towels,, action figures, teddy bears, headbands, armbands, hats, t-shirts...the guy is a cash cow. You don't fix what ain't broken.

Sorry, to your originial question, yes, very clever.
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its clever because now Cena can slowly turn heel for example Randy orton v wade barret cena will make barret win
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One thing Dooblya Dooblya E fans hate is the truth. They boo situations beyond their control. Some Dooblya Dooblya E fans (kids especially) want what they want to happen, they want everything to go their way. They don't even understand that Cena had no choice tonight. Why did the live drones boo him? Well I'll tell ya why, because they are mentally constipated. They just want everything to be done their way. BQ: Yep Yep Yep what it do.
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no not clever or subtle either, i sitting thinking they would do a 'Cena has something to do with Nexus other then just combating them.' and as soon as this was annouced i knew they were going to pull Cena in but it would be their downfall. yes i know the GM is calling for him to obey nexus but if my awesome future seeing space brain continues to be right, and it usually is, Cena will become nexus and break it down be causing Dissension. im a WWE Smart and yes i will always hate

Cena. he is a flat 2D character and i hate hearing his music
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