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Agree or Disagree: TNA has not creativity + WQ Inside?
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Default Agree or Disagree: TNA has not creativity + WQ Inside?

I agree. Why look at these:

* The Pope D'Angelo Dinero = Reverand Devon (Devon Dudley) (WWE)

* Douglas Williams = William Regal(WWE)

* Abyss = Kane

and a lot more, even copyrighting storylines and gimmicks which WWE had before TNA.

Do you agree or Disagree?

WQ: Should the Kane and Undertaker cell match go for atleast half an hour?

* Mr. Ken Anderson = Mr. Ken Kennedy (WWE)


If you say WWE copied off WCW, then you might be right, but type in WCW on google, it is a registed trademark of WWE. (Since they bought WCW out along with ECW)

yea Laycool = Beautiful People.

But i dont really give a damn abotu Laycool.

lolz King; soz about that mistake, but TNA could have had a complete different charcatser for Ken, not just name change, he still got the same gimmick with the mic and all.
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I might agree with the Douglas Williams part, but I think Pope is more charismatic than the Reverend D-Von gimmick and Abyss is a little more like a mix of Mankind (psychotic) and Cactus Jack, but I don't necessarily agree that TNA copies WWE gimmicks.

WQ: A little less, I don't expect anything to long.

*I agree that Mr. Anderson=Mr. Kennedy in terms of obviously being the same person, but Mr. Anderson is definitely more entertaining than Mr. Kennedy and is used a lot better than he was used in WWE.
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I dont like TNA but this is a very stupid reason to hate it

The Pope = not really i see similarity but it's not a complete ripoff

Abyss = more like mankind and kane fuse together so KANEKIND! i kinda like it tho i wish kane was more like this and it's not a complete rip off to me

Mr ken anderson = Mr. Ken kennedy = THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON YOU IDIOT!

It's not that TNA has no creativity but WWE already did about all the stuff there is to do. TNA did come up with sum original stuff like the Ultimate X match and Lethal Lockdown match

if you want to give a better examples than it should be this

Shark Boy = Stone Cold

Orlando Screwjob = Montreal Screwjob

uhh thats all i can think for now
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Agree, because when TNA tries to be creative, its not that great. But here is the thing, its tough to be creative with all the things that has already been done. If your job is an inventor or writer, Damn, sucks to be you. But if you ask me, most of the thing TNA does is actually meant to parody WWE. Jeff Jarrett is a co-founder of TNA with a grudge against WWE, so it makes sense. Like Shark Boy is an obvious parody of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Plus their Florida screwjob was meant to parody WWE's montreal screwjob. So usually when they copy, its meant to add insult, which I think its funny. Its like, trying to do something that WWE has done, but not screw it up. The latest one is the one with ECW, but here is when I say it, when TNA tries to be creative, they fail. I mean, really. They need new writers. I felt the ECW thing should had ended on that PPV, but they kept going. Tsk-tsk. Should had quitted while they were ahead. So to me, copying is not a big deal. Everybody does it, especially comedians. They are the worst. So when TNA does copy them, its no big deal, as WWE probably copied off someone else and so on, and its done to make fun of WWE. Thats not that bad. But yeah, still, even when TNA tries to be creative on their own, its doesn't come out as great. I mean, the Beautiful People is probably TNA's best original concept, but it wasn't far off from WWE's Vince's Devil. WWE's wasn't that successful, but TNA made it huge. So if TNA does copy WWE, I'm okay with it, as its not a big deal, but the big question is, can they make it better. Some thing, TNA doesn't do a lot, but it could improve.

P.S. Abyss is actually suppose to be more like Mankind. Just saying. And Ken Anderson and Ken Kennedy are really just the same guy. In fact, Ken Anderson is his real name. Its not really copying a gimmick if both brand chooses to just use the guy as he is, and believe it or not, He really is like that in real life.

WQ: It should. I hope so. If Undertaker and Kane are on their last stretch of their feud, I hope it would be memorable, and with that, longer and more epic matches are memorable.
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Well if you don't like tna for that reason, then you also have to hate the wwe. The wwe has taken more ideas from other companies than any wrestling company in history. When they used to take ideas from wcw, ecw or other companies they did NOT own them. The wwe also takes many things from movies or tv shows and make it look like they thought it up. Sure not everything about tna is perfect, but STOP being such a wwe mark. You sound like you are maybe 10 or 12 years old.

The wwe STILL takes ideas that are started in independent wrestling. So again if that is your reason for hating tna, then you need to start hating the wwe.
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