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Agree or Disagree: The reason for WWE going down hill is because of Celebrity Exposure?
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Default Agree or Disagree: The reason for WWE going down hill is because of Celebrity Exposure?

By Celebrity Exposure, I mean Celebrities getting involved with WWE programming just to make extra money. I find that appauling.

This all started when Rosie O'Donnel and Donald Trump got involced in the WWE during the ealry parts of 2007. Also K-Fed Kevin Federline, I hate how celebrities, get invlovled in WWE action.

Thoguhts and do you agree or disagree?
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I disagree, when WWE or a wrestling promotion for that matter has a celebrity on the show or in the audience, the ratings stay the same as they normally would or go up, depending on the celebrity.

Especially if they are just in the audience.

I actually dislike most celebrities getting in the ring.Some celebrities just dont have any business getting in the ring.
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i disagree

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Partly agree but I couldn't hold a minor detail like that responsible for any down hill slide.

I think the reasoning is always the same, it's because people watching are not emotionally involved because they are unable to suspend anything like disbelief when we have green giants still trying to copy those of the attitude era... minus the attitude, and we also have a situation where limitation is king because Edge is pretty much a cardboard stand up of himself, he can't do anything because his gimmick is rated R in a PG dominated world.

It's as if WWe are starting again from the beginning, or at least as far as Vince McMahon jr goes and we're back in the 80s. Celebrities, Larger than life super heroes, PG, rookies main eventing.

Don't forget in the 80s, a big guy would immediately main event against Hogan, and that's what Nexus are doing with Cena.

Everything is the same philosophy.

The only problem with that is, there is so much exposure today with the internet and the fact it's been done before, it isn't working.

People are just watching it to see what will happen next whilst seemingly not really fussed about what happens next.

I'm with you, I don't like celebrities being involved either, but if the wrestlers were able to perform on a level that would enable fans to suspend their disbelief, the celebrity involvement I think would be overlooked at annoying.

Because fans are annoyed with WWE, they're wanting something to blame, they either mention that it's PG cr@p, which is true... partly true, and the celebrities which is also true... partly true.

But they're not the main reason as I explained above with my personal thoughts.
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The reason WWE is going downhill is simply because it isn't as fun or as entertaining anymore. Sure, celebrities come on and most of the time promote themselves or something totally irrelevant to WWE or wrestling. That can annoy some, but the main issue is WWE just isn't as entertaining, it is very predictable and people dont like that.

Celebrities are getting more and more involved in the WWE just to get more exposure and promote their DVD or film just that little bit more. The celebrity guest hosts was a terrible idea and it was used to try and help Raw gets it's ratings back up. And sometimes, the guest hosts made you decide on whether or not you'd watch. If you'd never heard of the host then possibly some people wouldn't watch. Or if you didn't like the celeb who was going to be the host. So yeah, in a way that could potentially damage ratings. But this ratings issue, you're not talking about 100 viewers, it's a much larger scale into the thousands and millions. I don't think having celebs on the shows made that many viewers stop watching. I think it is just purely down to WWE lacking in entertainment value and it's becoming more and more predictable and yeah, it's no fun watching something that you can easily predict or guess what will happen next.

I do hate how celebrities get on the show just to promote something. I mean, half of the guest hosts barely knew what WWE was and that was soo obvious. WWE isn't an advertisement show, it's suppose to be an entertainment/sports program.
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