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Would this be a good Invasion Angle for next year?
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Default Would this be a good Invasion Angle for next year?

The WCW Hall of Fame is coming up early next year. I was thinking that past WCW stars like Diamond Dallas Page, Sting (If his contract with TNA expires), Booker T, Goldberg, Lex Luger (If he wants to), Arn Anderson, The Steiners Brothers, Ron Simmons, Road Warrior Animal, and a few more former WCW talent can form an alliance to get their revenge from 2001. The WCW Alliance won't be like the Invasion from 2001 between ECW/WCW WWF. The WCW Alliance can recruit current WWE stars like The Big Show (He was the Giant in WCW years ago), William Regal (He was Lord Steve Regal in WCW years ago), Chris Jericho (He was in WCW years ago), Rey Mysterio (Was Rey Mysterio Jr. years ago), Roddy Piper (I know he isn't a current star, but he was in WCW a few years ago), Finlay (Used to be Fit Finlay in WCW), Goldust (Was Dustin Rhodes in WCW.) They can battle against Team WWE (John Cena, Triple H, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Edge, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Undertaker, Kane, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Hart Dynasty. Team WCW can defeat Team WWE in a Elimination Match like at Survivor Series. Sting can start a feud with the Undertaker on SmackDown. Goldberg can Feud with Sheamus on Raw. There can be more feuds between Team WCW Team WWE. Edge Christian can reform their tag team to feud with the Steiner Brothers or a different team. Team WCW can continue their dominance. Team WWE can fight back against Team WCW. Team WCW can win some titles from WWE like the United States Championship, IC Championship, Tag Team Championship, WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship. Team WWE defeat Team WCW in another Elimination Match like the ones from Survivor Series. Team WCW win the next Elimination Match on Raw. Team WCW cut a promo with Team WWE. Team WWE defeat Team WCW at Wrestlemania and win all the titles back. Sting will face the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship. Goldberg can face Sheamus Triple H for the WWE Championship. The Steiners can face Edge Christian for the Tag Team Titles. Booker T can face Daniel Bryan for the United States title. Diamond Dallas Page can face Chris Jericho for the IC Title. The rest of the two teams can battle each other in the Elimination Match. Vince McMahon can face the leader Roddy Piper or somebody else. Team WWE wins all of the matches to end the WCW Invasion.

I know this Invasion would never ever happen but would it be good?

Please no rude comments
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uhh most of the guys here are pretty old now and i don`t want them to be in the ring they`re past their prime
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That would be a nice Take Over Angle, but I highly doubt that would actually happen in World Wrestling Entertainment. It looks like a good idea though.
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If these guys were in their prime, it would be a solid angle. But for most guys, their primes were a long, long time ago. So I wouldn't buy it, but it's a nice thought. An Undertaker/Sting feud would have been awesome 10 years ago.
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To be honest (not being rude at all) I don't like the idea of this .

It's just to much going on . Heels teaming with faces, faces from WCW turning heel, its just way too much .
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Well, I like your WWE wins all the matches ending. And it sounds good and I would love to see Goldberg again but all of those WCW people could really overcrowd the roster. This would be good for a short program like a month at most.
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