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Paying The Dues +BQ's?
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Default Paying The Dues +BQ's?

Many Wrestlers became main eventers without giving back ,not just before they became Maineventers but after too.

They refuse to put other Wrestlers over,even though those other wrestlers did that to them and gave them the chance of their career to make a name for themselves.

My Question is,

Do you believe Main eventing in Pro wrestling is ever about paying your dues?

I mean in the Pro wrestling world,Do you have to work hard first to earn your spot in the mainevent or if the bookers or The Boss sees something in you(Not Necessarily Talent, Ex.Cena) You'll be a Maineventer?

BQ:Which Current Maineventer didn't pay his dues till this day?

BQ2:Which Current Wrestler Paid His Dues and got nothing back?
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If I was a wrestler, I would make a attempt to help younger talent, and I dont mean, let Evan Bourne team with me, or Wade Barrett face me, but I mean, let them dominate me.Make me take a beating, make me look like I barely pulled out a win.

Yeah, it is.

BQ-Randy Orton

BQ2-Shawn Michaels
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Randy Orton has done nothing......hell it wasn't until like a year after legacy that they (the bookers) even considered using Ted or Cody as anything other than henchmen.

Orton was given matches against Undertaker even though he wasn't good enough to lace up his boots.....he was given the World Title when nobody cared that he was a face. People balked at him being a leader of a stable.

Poor Matt Hardy and Christian did everything they could to put people over and yet have not collected any receipts other than ECW Championship.
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It's a mixture of a lot of things. I see some people in the main events who are just bursting with wrestling ability. And bookers would be crazy to ignore that. Then I see main events like in WWE where the majority of main eventers are there because either McMahon liked them. Because they have mic skills and charisma and can connect well with fans. Or because they were hard working, dedicated and put in extra time on the sidelines to work with charities and whatnot.

To a certain extent wrestling is about paying your dues. Because at some point EVERY main eventer has to step down and pass that position onto someone else. It's up to them whether they put over the newcomer and help them. Or whether they don't want to hurt their legacy by putting someone over.

The main causes of being a main eventer are hard work and who you know imo. Like Orton for example had links and possibly without those links to wrestling, he wouldn't be where he is today. Then with John Cena he is an obvious hard worker. He shows he has heart and determination to succeed no matter what and thats what got him where he is today. John Cena is the type of guy who would put younger talent over. He is the face of WWE so could put anyone over. I mean, he personally tried boosting Evan Bourne on Raw, with tweets and whatnot. Cena is one guy who stands out because he's paying his dues. I mean Kurt Angle jobbed to Cena and helped him in his early days. One thing about Cena is he cares so much for the business. He knows that one day he's gonna have to retire and then who is gonna be the face of WWE? That's why he boosted Evan Bourne, got his name out there a little bit more. Cause Cena has the power to make people listen I guess. Cena is one man who paid all his dues. He got put over in his early days and he was helped to making him a star. Now Cena is the leading figure and he is helping create new stars for when people like him are gone.

Same with Triple H really. Both those guys know that there careers will be over at some point and they have to pass on their positions.

You become a main eventer for many different reasons. Ironic thing is, hardly any main eventers especially in WWE actually have the best wrestling talent. It's always some other reason. But to be honest, if you pay your dues and help create the new talent then I'm glad you're a main eventer. Because you care about the business' future.

BQ: Randy Orton. Because he's never really put someone over. He is very big in WWE and has the power to help put people over and make people bigger. But he doesn't seem to. I don't know if thats the bookers, bosses or just him. Probably him. He's a pretty boy and in all honesty I think he's scared of hurting his legacy and past. As someone else said in an answer, Undertaker put Orton over during their epic rivalry even though Orton was practically a nobody. He did have talent and potential, but there was nothing in Orton that said he'd be the face of the company in years to come. But now besides Cena he basically is a leading figure in WWE. Undertaker put his legacy on the line and helped put Orton over! Orton hasn't paid his dues and returned the favour to anyone else. In Legacy, I thought he would, and I thought that was the whole idea. But really, Ted and Cody were just Orton's posse. They did his dirty work and never looked like good wrestlers. Orton just stood as the pretty boy leader and took all the glory and credit. Now Cody and Ted are back to square 1 and are still as bad as they were beforehand.

BQ2: I will probably say Matt Hardy. Because he became a huge name back along and he had the power to put people over. Matt Hardy, the brother of Jeff and one half of potentially one of the greatest and most extreme tag teams ever the Hardys. Beating Matt Hardy must be a great thing because Matt created a legacy with his brother. Hardy gets a lot of hate, but he's better than a lot of people make out. He's definitely past his prime, but he has jobbed to people and helped put them over. Matt even helped put Punk over more in his fued with Jeff. Matt and Morrison both did job in some angles to make Punk look stronger. Matt never got anything in return from losing to people that he's better than. He isn't better than CM Punk but he still helped make the guy look meaner. Matt got a US title reign and not much else after going solo. Yet, he's been helping get people over for some time. He's not a world champion, but still.
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