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Do you find it ironic that...? +BQ?
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Default Do you find it ironic that...? +BQ?

People stand up for Chris Benoit after killing his wife, and innocent little boy, but are the first ones to jump on Jeff Hardy's back just because he does drugs?

I was reading on a forum, people were saying he should go to jail, and get buttraped. That would leave his poor little baby to grow up fatherless. Do people ever think things out, or are they just mentally retarded?

BQ: Do you think Jeff Hardy deserves probation or to go to jail?
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Big Mike Simply Flawless (N-6) is on a distinguished road

The reason people stick up for Benoit is because he didn't consciously kill his family. He had the brain of an 85 year old Alzheimer's patient. Who knows what was going through his mind when it happened. I'm not saying I don't feel for the wife and kid just Benoit probably didn't know what he was doing. Drugs can lead to bad things. I read about some kids that did acid and were playign doom and killed each other not knowing what was happening. It was their decision to do the acid and they paid for it. Hardy could do some bad things while he was high. And you're saying his baby would grow up fatherless? He did drugs not murdered someone. It won't be a life sentence. I think 3 years tops.

BQ: Probation. Maybe a short jail term but he should have to go to rehab.
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Ziggler Y!A Mafia is on a distinguished road

Chris Benoit's use of illegal enhancement drugs was what got him to the sucess that he was at. Unlike Jeff Hardy, Benoit never got a second, third, or fourth chance in life. Jeff Hardy at many points in his career had it all and took it for granted.

Should Jeff go to Jail? That is really up to the court system. It depends on how much drugs was in Hardy's possession and what he was doing with them. Plus, having a child when you could possibly be going to jail is not the smartest decision either.
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Old 12 Sep 2010, 06:49 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Braden is on a distinguished road

Standing up for Chris Benoit is pathetic. And please don't give me the whole it wasn't really him. He was messed up. line. It's pathetic.

BQ: I would like to wait until the trial ends before I make a judgment.

Afterall, innocent until proven guilty right?
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?Hell?Raiser? is on a distinguished road

I don't think people stand up for what chris did,they just respect him as a wrestler and admire his career.

Even though i don't agree with what chris did,but i know that his brain damage is what caused all this miss,and that brain damage is not really from's from all the chair shots and headbutts.

But i won't stand here and defend his actions and i'm sure he'll pay for it..if he didn't already.

But Sniff hardy on the other hand is guilty as charged and in my book,he should go to jail like any other parent should.

I reckon if he was just a normal guy not associated with wrestling,you would say he should be jailed.

BQ:Guilty as charged...he should go to jail.

Heck,it's not even one crime that he committed,he was charged with at least 4 charges.
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Old 12 Sep 2010, 06:58 PM   #6 (permalink)
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sharpshooter is on a distinguished road

I wouldn't call that ironic more then hypocritical. I for one choose to ignore what Benoit did for his family and Hardy's drug problem (which is very wrong) and remember them for their time in wrestling. However, its their life and I don't know how tough it is. Fans don't know it either. But its THEIR life and business. All I know is Benoit was a mental case and that led to the unfortunate event, however, I strongly believe that Benoit should just be erased from history. Thats my point of view. What he did was wrong, but after all he has done for the fans, he shouldn't just be wiped out from the planet. It was a mental problem induced by drugs, which I'm sure he did so he could perform better. The sad thing about life is, sometimes, there are right intentions, but the wrong way to do it. Like Jeff Hardy. He puts his body on the line and he can probably only do that if he is on drugs. Painkillers count as drugs. The stuff he does is tough on the human body, and people could say its once a week, but not true. In WWE, he works all week so is like 5 matches a week almost. Its pretty tough. And with Jeff Hardy having a kid now, I think he is actually trying to get off the drug now. Which is good. But then people are going, why has Jeff Hardy being so sluggish lately in the ring?!!! Its the withdrawal effect. Its like quitting to smoke. You body isn't use to it so it doesn't work properly. So thats where the hypocrite comes in. Jeff Hardy shouldn't do drugs, but I hate how he is in the ring now. Well, if he had drugs, he'll probably be doing all those crazy things they want to see. See what I mean. So those people really need to take a lot into consideration.

Normally, I disapprove of any drug use. I mean, if CM Punk can do it, why can't they? But they aren't CM Punk. But none the less. Its their choice and those haters can't say crap about them. Unless you know what its like, I say they should keep their mouth shut. Some people do drugs for pure pleasure, but wrestler do it to perform better for the fans. Its wrong and shouldn't be the case, buts thats all people should be able to say.

BQ: Probation. Its just drug trafficking. There are a lot worse things out there that should be dealt with. However, I really do hope Jeff stops, for his girlfriend, kid, and his sake. Its best to keep on eye on him and let him be with is girlfriend and soon to be son. If I had to make a call, short term in jail like a month or two, and then probation.
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?dg?cator ? is on a distinguished road

If we acknowledge that Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time does it mean wer're standing up for him? No, because he WAS a great wrestler, that's a fact we can't change it. So you got to understand when people talk about Benoit the wrestler and when they talk about Benoit the person. Comparing Jeff's situation to this doesn't really make sense to me.
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Dubian JoMo Fan is on a distinguished road

Yes i do find it ironic.

I did find Chris Benoit on the best wrestlers ever. But i think he should have gotten a big punish and i personally some people on forums are are mentally retarded they just say the first thing that comes to there mind without thinking about it. Jeff hardy should get a warning because he needs to take care of his little poor baby.

BQ: Probation..... Jail maybe the next time they find him because i think he will have enough warnings by then.
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The Dragon (semi-retired) is on a distinguished road

I don't think anybody is defending, or even excusing, Benoit for his actions outside the ring that weekend. Some will put all of the blame on the wrestling business (the steroids and other drugs, the chair shots and diving headbutts, the ungodly travel schedule and insular lives pro wrestlers lead, etc). What fans are finding unacceptable about that whole thing is that the wrestling business is doing everything it can to erase Chris Benoit from wrestling history. Fans are basically saying, yeah, Benoit killed his family and himself, but he's still one of the all-time greats in pro wrestling and THAT should not be forgotten.

Jeff Hardy, on the other hand, has legions of fans willing to overlook, and some even deny, his drug problems. Some of those same fans bash and vilify other wrestlers for THEIR drug use and abuse. I doubt you'll find anybody on this planet who feels Benoit (if he were still alive) should not be punished for his crimes. Jeff Hardy, on the other hand, has legions of fans who feel Jeff is just misunderstood and shouldn't be held accountable for HIS crimes.

Nobody should get buttraped. But Jeff Hardy is just a man. He may appear on TV each week, and is considered a celebrity, but he broke the law and should be treated no differently from you and I if we had broken the same laws. He should not get excused for breaking laws other people go to prison for breaking, no matter the amount of fans he may have.

BQ: First-time offenders should be, in most cases, entitled to probation and the chance to clean themselves up. Jeff is not a first-time offender and he's been given many second chances yet he doesn't make any serious attempts to clean himself up. Sometimes, the only recourse is to remove the person from the thing that is causing his problems. Jeff seems unwilling to remove HIMSELF from the problem, despite the many breaks he's been given. People get sent to prison all the time for less than what he did and they never got the second chances Jeff has gotten. Seems to me Jeff considers himself above the law, or that he can use his celebrity status to keep himself out of jail. Well, as we've seen the past few years, celebrities DO go to jail just like the rest of us for committing crimes.

I'm a fan of Jeff Hardy, the wrestler, but he's just a man. In my opinion, he's used up all of his second chances and needs to pay his debt to society just like the rest of us have to do when WE break the law.
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