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I'm a girl, should I join my high school wrestling team?
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Default I'm a girl, should I join my high school wrestling team?

I'm really strong and I've always thought about joining the wrestling team. I'm just wondering if I should. I don't really know anything about how to actually do it or what the rules are, so I want to know how I could learn. What is involved in being a girl on a wrestling team. Am I going to have creepy guys groping me and stuff, haha. What uniform will I wear. Will they teach me how to wrestle. How much of my time will being on the team take up. How should I train. What is it like. Will people think its weird. You can answer any of these questions, or just tell me about wrestling.
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Well if you want them you should don't let the fact that you're a girl stop you, if you like wrestling or if you want to join then do it. And i'm sure they will teach you i mean they get first time wrestlers too, so you'll learn just like them. and i think you wear a different uniform that covers you up more than the guys uniform.
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Sure. Of course. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I enjoy diversity in wrestling. Go for it. You can do it. Show those guys up.

As for your other questions, Don't worry, they will teach you the rules and moves. I'm not gonna lie, it will take up a lot of time in practice. As for the guys..... Eh, I can't say that I know. There are people like that out there, but in my opinion, when it comes to competing and sports, it gets pretty professional. so hopefully, the idea of getting grope isn't going to come up. But warning. As much as I hate to say it, wrestling and groping can be mistaken for one another. Just saying. Uniforms should be tights. Your coach and teammates will teach you. You should train by learning proper stance, running to keep cardio up, and weight lifting. And be sure to watch your weight. You will only wrestle in a certain weight class, bascially, people in the same range as you, so you gotta learn to control your weight. And people will think its weird, but don't mind them. This is about you. Right now, we are in that era where girls doing what boys do isn't that shocking, so I don't think its a real shocker. However a girl beating a guy is still a big deal. So go for it.

If you do do it, I wish you luck. It will be tough, but it doesn't hurt to try it out.
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Before I answer your question, just let me inform you that I'm on the Varsity wrestling team at my school, so everything I tell you is direct information.

If you join the team, they will teach you everything you need to know. At the majority of American high-schools, season starts in late-November, so I'd recommended joining now so you can get all the hands-on time you need. As for your question about, weird guys groping you, no. Guys don't join the wrestling team in hopes of groping chicks, they join it to wrestle. That being said, lemme emphasize that THEY JOIN TO WRESTLE. They will not care that you're a girl. In a real tournament, they're going to go out there and wrestle you exactly like how they'd wrestle a dude. The bout-makers won't put you with other girls because to them, you're just another wrestler. If you go to a high school that is serious about their wrestling, practice is probably daily, even when it's not season. Pre-season practice is semi-hard and normally includes light weight lifting and easy to moderately-hard drilling. Come season, though...Oooh, you'll be going, What the f**k did I just get myself into? Weight lifting becomes extreme and during drilling, you all will sweat so much that you'll splash when you hit that mat...and I'm not joking at all. Training is very rigorous but you will be in the best shape of your life. As for uniforms, wrestlers wear singlets. A singlet is a full body piece of spandex that covers the least amount of body as possible so your opponents have the minimal amount of clothing to grab. On male singlets, the straps go all the way down to the belly button before rounding back up, but on females, they cover your breasts. And why would people think you're weird? Wrestling is a sport, just like soccer, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and anything else.

A closing note: If you really set your mind to this sport, you WILL get good and you WILL love it. Wrestling is a great sport that gets you into peak condition and is fun. Hope this helps!

Image of female wrestling singlet:
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