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What would be your most epic match ever?
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Default What would be your most epic match ever?

Mine is...

Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kane vs. Undertaker vs. Big Show vs Khali vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Bubba Ray vs. D-Von vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Nash vs. Hall vs. Rey Mysterio vs. RVD vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle vs. Wade Barret vs. Sheamus vs. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Scott Steiner vs. Sting.

30 man pin or submit elimination match.

The ring is 8 sided with a steel cage with a roof. (like hell in the cell, but no space between the ring and cage. Picture steel cage with a roof) Outside of it(because they will break out) is a limitless suply of tables ladders and chairs and other weapons. When it is down to the last 2, it becomes 2 out of 3 falls.

It starts as a massive free for all. Everyone attacking everyone. People start throwing finishers out, but get one delivered to them before they can cover someone. Finally Only Big Show and Khali are standing. They stare each other down and shake hands. Kane and Undertaker stand up and start going at them. Big Show goes down from a big boot. Khali gets double choke slammed by the brothers of destruction. He gets up, and sweet chin music immediately, turns around into a pedigree. Jericho does the lion sault. Rock drops the people's elbow. RVD does a frog splash at the same time as Jeff's Swanton. Dog pile pin on Khali for elimination. (1 down) RVD stands up and faces Jeff hardy. He does his crowd pleasing taunt and jeff attacks him. Matt tries to join in, but is spun around immediately... Stone cold stunner. Pinned. (2 down) Jeff is upset. He starts a fight with stone cold. Mean while the dudley's 3d Christian and pin him. (3 down) Edge is laughing at Christian, turns around and SPEAR!

Edge is downed, but Lesnar grabs Goldberg before he can cover Edge. Lesnar lays into Goldberg. Goldberg breaks free and randomly spears D-Von. Bubba Ray pins D-Von(4 down) Bubba gets up only to be put down by a Rock Bottom. (5 down) *Keep in mind random things are happening during these eliminations* Everyone notices Big Show is still there, so he gets almost the same treatment as Khali. Lesnar F-5's him, and not to be out done, Angle gives him the Angle Slam. Cena decides he'll try the F-U, but Orton RKO's and eliminates him before he can (6 down and everyone laughs). Back to the Big Show, Goldberg says Watch this! He lifts him up for the Jackhammer holds him for 5 seconds then slams him down hard. (7 down) Sting Nash Hall and Steiner are Holding up the wolfpac sign. DX approaches them. Stair down. Sting and Steiner step towards them and Nash and Hall attack Sting and Stiener from behind. Jack Knife to Stiener andf Razor's Edge to Sting Both get pinned (9 down)

The Kliq is reformed, but only for a moment. Al four are pulled away. Hall vs Austin, Michaels vs. Rock, Nask vs. Taker, and Triple H vs. Sheamus. Hall is trying to beat Autin down, but Austin is to quick for him. Hall kicks at him gets spun around and RKO'd. Orton steals the pin.(10 down) Orton slowly gets up and stares at Austin. Everyone is waiting for them to start something, but Wade Barrett ruins it. He shoves Orton away and stars hitting Austin. Orton comes back and tries an RKO but is thrown away. Austin Spins him around and Stunner. Barrett is eliminated (11Down)

The Rock and Shawn Michaels are finally going at it. Neither is getting the upper hand. Meanwhile, Kane has choke slams The Miz through the cage. (Now people can move outside) Shawn Knocks the Rock down and is about to do an elbow drop, but he see's HHH in trouble with Sheamus who is about to Pump Kick him. He tries to deliver sweet chin music, but Orton is there to RKO him. HHH gets pump kicked. Both get pinned and eliminated (13 down and huge upset for the crowd) On the out side climbing to the top is Mysterio and RVD and Jeff. Daniel Bryan joins them. The four of them start brawling. Jeff tries a twist of fate on Bryan, but he counters into the cattle mutilation. Jeff taps(14 down) Mysterio and Van Dam are at the edge of the cage about to throw the other off. Bryan Runs into both of them and they all go down and through tables. The Miz steals three pins (17 down)

The crowd is booing the Miz for taking advantage like that, but start cheering when they realize Goldberg is waiting behind him. Goldberg Irish whips him into the barricade. He runs tio spear him through it, but Edge catches him with his own spear. They both get on him for a pin, but Goldberg kicks out. He gets up and Lesnar wraps a chair around goldbergs head. With the chair still on, Lesnar F-5's him and pins him(18 down) Before Lesnar gets up Miz and Edge start attacking him. Edge signals a con-chairto. They connect. But he still stands. Sheamus runs over to deliver a pump kick. Lesnar gets up. Edge holds a chair in front of his head. Miz holds a chair behind his head. Sheamus does another pump kick, causing a second con-chairto as well. Edge goes for the pin. (19 down) The three celebrate shortly as when they turn around Taker Kane and Nash are waiting. They give out simutanious powerbombs. They all Three pin. Only Sheamus kicks out. (21 down)

Nash is furious, but it only gets worse because Kane and Taker choke slam him. Sheamus pins Nash. (22 down) In the ring Angle and Orton are squaring off. Angle gets caught off balance and gets RKO'd. However Jericho runs to Orton and gives him a code breaker. Jericho pins Orton. (23 down) Jericho tries to roll Angle over, but angle pulls him down for a school boy pin.(24 down) Jericho is going insane. He curses at the crowd the whole way backstage. Sheamus is measuring Angle for the pump kick. He kicks, but angle catchea his foot and reverses it into an Ankle lock. Sheamus taps (25 down) Undertaker and Kane enter the ring. Austin Rock and Angle realize they must team up to even the odds. Austin and Rock attack Kane. Angle goes after Undertaker. Kane tries to double choke slam, but gets double kicked in the groin. The rock bottom, but kane kicks out. Stone cold spins Rock around and delivers a stunner, pins rock. (26 down) Taker, meanwhile has angle for the tombstone. (27 down)

Kane is up and Choke slams taker! Pins him. (28 down) Down to Austin and Kane. Kane immediately Chokeslams Austin and gets his first fall against him. Tries for an immediate second, but austin kicks out. Kane pulls Austin up and is about to give another choke slam, but a stunner out of no where. Austin gets his first fall. One fall left. Both men are down. Kane sits up. He grabs austin and hand cuffs his hands behind his back. Picks him up and delivers a tombstone. Goes for a pin and breaks it himself. He stands Autin up in the corner and bashes a chair on Austin until he bleeds. Austin falls down. Kane picks him up and chokeslams him. Kane walks out of the ring and gets the title belt. (Did I mention this is for the title?) He gives another choke slam to Austin, puts one foot on his chest and holds the title up as the ref counts to 3. Kane wins. (What did you expect from me?)
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Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena
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You're putting the word unrealistic to a whole new level.
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Randy Orton Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Hell In A Cell
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Dude ... One Word ... ROYAL RUMBLE!!!

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WOW, As bad as i want this to happen, it never will, Good Idea tho
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