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What changes would you make if you were in charge of Total Nonstop Action (TNA)?
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Default What changes would you make if you were in charge of Total Nonstop Action (TNA)?

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Get rid of Hogan, and some of the other old guys who are horrible in ring. Bring back Christopher Daniels, while also pushing the X Division again.

I would have actually allowed the MCMG to main event vs Beer Money instead of getting stuck in the mid-card for some reason.

Expand the knockout division to include more of them, not just the Beautiful People which is all they showcase right now.

Bring back the King of the Mountain match.

Fire Vince Russo.

And last but not least actually wrestle on the show rather than having these short matches that don't allow the wrestlers to really have great matches.

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Fire Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan

Improve the X Division.

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I don't think I would change a lot, just make sure that I picked a direction for TNA and stick with it, they seem to have trouble with that at times and that is when the show gets weird, follow through with story plots, which became a big problem when Hogan and Bischoff first joined, if I was in charge though, I would make sure to have a clear face of the company, I like Mr. Anderson personally and think if pushed correctly, that he could fill this role within the next Year or two and help TNA Skyrocket to new success! If I was in Charge, I would try to get more money spent on advertising and exposing the company to a wider audience, instead of hiring older superstars like Nash, Hogan, Flair, Etc.

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Bring back Stone Cold and The Rock as full time wrestler.
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I would make AJ a face again. I would fire Hogan, Bischoff, Jordan and most of the writers. There would be a lot more X-Division and tag team matches. The six-sided ring would return. iMPACT! would go on the road.
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get rid of the 10 minute time slots, keep hogan and flair but i wouldn't let them fight just have them as brand/stable managers. Have more heels winning matches, improve the quality of the tna wrestling, because some of the wrestlers make tna look really fake. Create heels similar to hhh in attitude era, have a breakable announce table next to ring(this makes stuff interesting). Have good ppv names, triple cage matches, MOVE OUT OF THE IMPACT ZONE, impact zone only holds 1000 seats, tna need 3000 seats, and have different arenas for ppvs.
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Post Re: What changes would you make if you were in charge of Total Nonstop Action (TNA)?

The direction TNA needs to go in is gaining publicity, obviously getting hogan and then advertising it on one channel (Spike) isn't enough, I get the feeling that allot of the older fans of the WWE are trying to hold onto what they had, and many of them probably never have even heard on TNA unfortunately, and in a sense if TNA got the kind of exposure they need they could cause a buzz and get these fans to check it out and find out that this show isn't going to be filled with kiddie promos and other stuff aimed to a younger demographic, and if that were to happen TNA would not only take off to another level it could quite possibly change the face of the wrestling business to one of credibility once again. This point is reinforced with the fact that when you go back and look at the demographic of the peak of wrestling it was the 18-24 demographic during the Monday night wars, and that was when wrestling was what people talked about daily.

legends are good for publicity and stuff but when it gets to the point where they're taking up over 80% of the show it becomes a joke which is what TNA is doing wrong, they give the spotlight to the wrong people, I have no problem with the fortune storyline they are developing their talent with the correct use of a legend, however, what I do have a problem with is sting and Nash vs. Jeff Jarret and Ev2.0, the reason why is because these storylines are just taking up time that could be used on developing good, credible wrestling like the X division, these people on my T.V screen I don't want to see anymore, I'm not interested in these story lines and don't see where they are going with them. At first when I saw the ev2.0 guys and heard they were signed to contracts I thought it would be good for publicity but the more and more I've thought about it all the results of thinking about the pros and cons of bringing these guys back have come back negative towards EV2.0

Anyways I thing I've rambled on for long enough so I will stop talking

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