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Okay, this is kinda important, take a look WS+WQ?
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´¸?.¤.F???ch C????i?? Dí?? {X9} is on a distinguished road
Default Okay, this is kinda important, take a look WS+WQ?

Alright, so as we all know there is some troll going around pretending to be me, he/she started answering questions, without trolling and they actually make sense, we do not have the same name, the last account she made is called the all american diva, but still she is using my IN REAL LIFE PICTURE so PLZ block her whenever you see her, i will leave a proof that i am the real one

k, here

thanks to the user DASHING, if you look at his contact list, im right there, so everytime she answers a question click on her and check her contact list its private, mine isn't so and if she adds the same users they wont add her back cuz they all have me in their contact list so they know shes fake.

Another thing is, School starts this Monday in Mississauga, Canada and i will not be allowed to come near my laptop exept on weekends, so PLZ any thing interesting or cool, funny or anything in the WS always email me, so when i come on, i can have an idea of what was going on cuz i dont wanna miss anything at all! Any cool questions, yours or other users PLZ email it to me also, any trolls tranna be me, i already told u, email any one ton my contact list and ask them if it's the real one.

WQ: JoMo or Randy Orton?

WQ2: The Miz or Rey Mysterio?

@Triple H: well, im in a private school, and they give lots of HW, its gonna be very hard this year, and i wont be able to focus if i do.

ask tony you guys, he'll tell you who the real one is

@Jomo: 10

@everybody that thinks im trying to get attention: hon, i already get lots of attention in real like so f*ck off, i dont need yours, i dont wanna seem like a troll, so i want everyone to know that im not her, now will you f*ck off?

@rated silent, i explained the situation to them 100000000000000 times, and they respond and tell me that they need the DETAIL! i give up
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Triple H Will Be Back G5 is on a distinguished road

Ok I Will Look Out For Him/Her And How Come Your Not Aloud On The Internet On Weekdays.

WQ: Randy Orton

WQ2: The Miz
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Tony(My WWE owner)DX2-(FWSL-15) is on a distinguished road

Yeah, you the real 1.

I have you in my contact list.
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Nathan H is on a distinguished road


WQ: Randy Orton

WQ2: Rey Mysterio
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PEEP#1?LITA is on a distinguished road

If I'll see her,i will try to remember to block her.

WQ- John Morrison- He is a better wrestler than Randy Orton and he is more entertaining to watch.

WQ2- The Miz has better mic skills and his promos are more entertaining,but Rey Mysterio is a great wrestler who is very entertaining to watch perform,so I choose Rey Mysterio.
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Edge Spear is on a distinguished road

I don't care



Thumbs down for not caring about trolls?

Sorry people I will try to care next time!
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youGotRap3d is on a distinguished road

Seriously tho, what makes you think you are so fucking important to everyone. No one fucking cares about you. You're just an attention whore. You need constantly attention from everybody.
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Dubian JoMo Fan is on a distinguished road

What grade are you in? ( Just Curious) Don't have to tell me if it's private

Well i blocked her yesterday she is annoying please answer my question and then when i click on it says you can't see this question.....

You are also on my contact plus i can tell he different because of your points...

Edit: Me too.

Btw you guys who thought this was important got told by her so funny....
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KENTA is Wrestling is on a distinguished road

You tricked me. This wasn't kind of important at all.

WQ: Orton

2: Mysterio because I remember the old Misterio
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R?t?d Sile?t is on a distinguished road

Has the e-mail I gave you, sent you one back. It took almost a week for that to happen. So, just wait patiently, and asking questions, because they will just get deleted as did your last one.

I am also in school so, I just tell users to e-mail me questions, and those are practically the only questions I answer anymore. I also receive e-mail notifications whenever one of my contacts ask a question, and I have cut contacts such as Lord of Darkness and Bio-Hazard because I get too many e-mails from them. So, I'll add you back because female users do ask the best questions in this section, and the most interesting.

WQ:Two of the worst wrestlers to ever grace a ring. I will say neither. I perfer someone such as Doink the Clown over these two guys. They are just terrible, and I will have to go with neither. If you don't know who Doink is...

WQ2:The Miz. I love how they portray him to be the chosen one instead of Drew McIntyre. United States Championship, Mr. MiTB, his magazine cover, and he just was selected along with Eve to be the ONLY two wrestlers from the roster, to go to SmackDown! vs RAW conventions, so he is on top of the world. Rey Mysterio is overrated who is treated to be one of the best when he cannot even go ten minutes with someone now.
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??13 is on a distinguished road

If I ever see that user, I will try to block them. It is very rare I block anyone because over a span of 2 years, I have less than 10 users blocked right now, some I removed because they no longer annoyed me and some just got removed because I didn't have any problems with them anymore. Whenever I have someone who blocks me, I try to ask why if it was random, so one thing you can do is try to work something out with whoever is impersonating you. My personally suggestion is that you just block them and ignore them just like any other troll and I am pretty sure they will quit impersonating or copying you sooner or later. Even though they have no life people, I am positive they will try to do something else after seeing no mood changes from you. If you continue to ask questions like these, that means they know you are getting affected and that is their job, to hurt people's feelings. I simply scroll down to the next answer if I see a troll answer, I don't block them because there are way too many trolls these days and that will be a long list and great amount of time if I took the time to block every single one. I am not telling you not to block them, but I am telling you to stop worrying about them, even if you are, just pretend nothing is going on and simply ignore them. There is a way to report them over and over, but what is the point of it all if they keep coming back with another account, reporting them means you are encouraging them. There is nothing more a troll wants than attention. If you need any help, feel free to email me and I will try my best to help you out

WQ: John Morrison because I like the style of wrestling he has. He is very athletic and Randy Orton now to me, isn't as entertaining as John Morrison is. Sure, Orton is in the main event(yet again) but if they knew how to use John Morrison properly, I am sure he can be just as big as Orton is now. Even though Orton is in the prime of his career with all these main event championship matches and others jobbing to him, I still enjoy Morrison much more. They both are have talent, but Morrison is by far better.

WQ2: Rey Mysterio. I have liked him ever since he debuted on Smackdown. I never got to see him wrestle before because I was still pretty young back then and I seen him wrestle in WCW and other promotions on YouTube, but when he first went on Smackdown, I was really excited every time his music would play because back then, he would be everywhere and is truly one of the biggest little man around. The Miz, I have never liked just because of his style on the mic, he does have talent, but unless he is the best wrestler even on Raw, I will never like him probably
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John Morrison is on a distinguished road

yes ive already reported like 50 people with ur name and pic, lik canadian justin beiber and many more

BQ- both great wrestlers, but i will have to go with morrison cause i like his type of style

BQ-as much as i hate to say it, the miz is better because now rey is simply boaring, even thoe miz has no talent he is awesome at the mike witch makes the match better
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