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What did Bret hart do to get kicked out of the wwe?
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Default What did Bret hart do to get kicked out of the wwe?

What did Bret hart do to get kicked out of the wwe?
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umm your not a wresling fan if you dont know that
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Bret Hart was set to go to WCW. The reason why Bret Hart was schedule to win was because Survivor Series 1997 was held in Canada. He told Vince that he doesn't want to lose in his home country, so he would drop it after they get out of Canada. Vince was so scared he would hold the name of WWF Champion and go to WCW, so right at Survivor Series when he had the chance, he called for the bell even though Bret didn't tap out because he was suppose to win the match
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Bret was never kicked out of the WWE, he left under his own fruition, just not on his own terms. That's why what went down at Survivor Series '97 went down, because he was a champion leaving his company and Vince was afraid that he wouldn't do the right thing and leave the belt behind and put over Michaels. Considering the competitive nature of the promotions at the time, mixed with Bret's growing disdain for the WWF, it wasn't an irrational fear to believe Hart could very well lay the WWF world title down at Bischoff's feet on his way into WCW.
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He didnt get kicked out, he left the company. Google and Read the Montreal Screwjob. It will tell you why.
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He was not kicked out.

Hart had signed a multi million dollar contract with WWF in the 90s. But due to financial difficulties, he was allowed to talk to WCW and eventually, was allowed to leave. But Vince was afraid Hart will bring along his World title belt to WCW.

The Montreal Screwjob.

Hart was scheduled to retain the World Title in his final match in his home town against Shawn Micheals. But Vince pre arranged with the referee to make Micheals the winner. Hart never tapped out, but the referee rang the bell and delcared Micheals the winner.

Hart walked out off WWF and swore never to return.
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WrestleMania 12 was the Iron Man March between 1996 Royal Rumble winner Shawn Michaels and WWF champion Bret Hart for the championship.

The 60 minutes expired 0-0 and Bret leaves the ring with his WWF title.

Gorrilla Monsoon who was WWF President at the time ordered the match to continue.

Bret turns around saying why? and then returns to the ring.

Bret signals for the match to continue and Shawn ends up winning the WWF title after 2 Super kicks

1996 King Of The Ring Stone Cold Steve Austin become King Of The Ring and his catchphrase Austin 3:16 was born.

It was a killer merch seller but as a character Austin still was up in the air and at SummerSlam he was shoved in the Free For All (dark match before the PPV began) in a squash match against Yozozuna. Austin won.

Vince knew that Austin had something, he just didn't know what so he asked Bret if he would return and work with him.

Bret was happy to.

The 96 Survivor Series saw Bret return to action against Austin in 1 of many great matches.

Bret won but it was only just beginning.

Shawn Michaels (who was being booed by the crowd) lost the WWF title to Psycho Sid (who was super over with the fans)

Vince suggests to Bret that he turn heel.

Bret has never said no to Vince and agrees but he remains face in Canada.

Bret ended up being a heel only in America.

At It's Time Bret lost a WWF title match against Sid after Shawn jumped up on the apron as Bret knocked him off and into the table where Sid Powerbombed Bret for the 3.

Bret moaned about it at Vince.

Shawn regains WWF title beating Sid in his hometown where this time Shawn was cheered Sid was booed.

In the Royal Rumble match Bret eliminated Austin but wasn't seen so Austin quickly sneaks back in, clears the ring lastly eliminates Bret.

Bret then lost it and started complaining moaning about what happened.

Next night on Raw Bret who was still being cheered at this point in America told the world that he quits drops the mic and begins to walk out through the crowd.

The fans were begging Bret not to go.

The only way Bret came back is if he gets placed in the Final 4 match at the Final 4 PPV IN February where the winner would face Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 13 for the WWF title.

It was Austin vs Vader vs Undertaker vs Bret Hart. (They were the final 4 in the Royal Rumble match)

Bret won the match lastly eliminating Undertaker with a Clothesline over the top.

Sid then came out and Powerbombed Bret. (some were cheering Sid, most were boo'ing)

Thursday Raw Thursday. Shawn Michaels vacates the WWF title because of an alleged knee injury and the fact that he lost his smile, and he had to go home to find it.

In reality Shawn vacated the belt to avoid facing Bret at WrestleMania and dropping the title to him.

This meant that Bret's Final 4 win made him WWF champion.

He lost the belt the next night on Raw to Sid after Bret had Sid in the Powerbomb Austin ran in whacking Bret over the head with a chair leading to the Powerbomb Sid's 2nd title reign.

The next night Bret was once again out p!$$!ng moaning to Vince. He yelled I've been screwed by The Boy Toy Shawn Michaels, I've been screwed by Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I've been screwed by YOU!

Following that was a cage match between Bret Sid for the title.

If Sid won he defends belt against Taker @ WM.

If Bret won then Bret defends belt against Austin.

Undertaker slammed door into Bret's face whilst leaving allowing Sid to beat him to the floor via climb out, despite Austin's effort to help Bret win so he gets the title shot.

The week later Bret ended up telling the world that everybody in that goddamn dressing room knows that he is the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be and he shoved Vince on his @ss and yelled this is bullsh!t to boos!

Meanwhile Austin was starting to get cheers off the crowd by mocking Bret's constant moaning.

The Americans were firmly behind the rebel Austin.

WrestleMania 13 was Bret Austin's epic submission match that officially turned Austin face into the biggest stuperstar ever.

SummerSlam 97 Bret became 5 time WWF champion beating Taker after special ref HBK accidently nails Taker with a chair when Bret spat on him.

In September Vince tells Bret hes financially unable to pay his contract $4 million per year over 5 years leading to contractual meetings between the 2.

Vince advices Bret go to WCW and when Vince had no ideas for him, Bret agreed providing he didnt drop the belt in Canada (the location for the 97 Survivor Series)

They agree on a shmoz but instead Vince double crosses Bret making Shawn the new WWF champion.
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