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Why dont people get it about Undertakers Wrestlemania streak?
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Default Why dont people get it about Undertakers Wrestlemania streak?

It is NEVER going to be broken. He will retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. Look at the facts-

1. The streak has more prestige than ANY title in US wrestling

2. Mark Calloway is fiercely loyal to Vince and WWE

3. Vince has rewarded Calloways loyalty and reliability with the streak

4. Undertaker is the most respected and popular performer in the locker room

Mark Calloway is proud of the streak, his popularity is the reason he hasn't had many title reigns-he doesn't need them. In reality he's the biggest star in WWE, not Cena. Cena will never have a legacy like Undertaker has. Vince might be a lot of things but he respects loyalty and all that Calloway has done over the years.

The only possible way he will lose the streak is if Vince goes all Montreal on him, but I doubt he's got the balls for that.
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You do realize Corky that the outcome is known even before the fight starts. Its wrasslin for Gods sake
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(10.10.10)The War is NOT over.. is on a distinguished road

I got it 5 years ago.
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Vince has the balls for it, the fact is he has no reason for it. As you said, there is no point in ending the streak.
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In some cases with Wrestlemania matches, you know that the Undertaker will win but there are some matches that made it interesting (such as the first match with Shawn Michaels).

Some people just see it as match where Undertaker always wins rather than letting someone else beat him.
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undertaker wants the streak to end

edge,hbk,and kane all were asked by him to do it behind the scenes they turned it down. Cm Punk almost got the chance but screwed it up when disrespecting taker who said he should dress nice as

world champ and punk said what about you and cena.
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The darks powers of the Undertaker have served him well in preserving the streak. He truly is the Phenom, and I don't know if we'll ever see another wrestler like him. It'll be interesting to see what happens in his current feud with his demonic sibling Kane...
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Uh, you've missed something.


So it might end next year or the year after.
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Undertaker will retire undefeated 20-0 in 2012.
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I guess smarks just have to be smarks.
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True, The Streak will never end because there's an importance in it. Undertaker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak is very important to his legacy. His undefeated streak helps out his credibility and reputation. I don't think it should end at all as this is what part of his career is looked on. But moreover, not only that it means something for Undertaker but it also means something for the fans.

All that time has passed and a lot has come and gone. One constant in wrestling: Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania. Companies have come and gone, wrestlers have come and gone, things have changed dramatically, and yet Taker has never lost. For people my age that remember all of his wins, yes it means a lot. It's a lot of nostalgia for old fans like me. Second, it's damn impressive. Think of this: Hulk Hogan had 11 matches at Wrestlemania. Bret had I think 12 or so. Austin had 8. Rock had about eight or so. None of those are anywhere close to the total amount of matches Taker has had there and none of them come close to his win/loses record. Taker at Mania has had an amazing career.

Ok, for now let's forget about the 5 nobodies (Gonzales, Bundy, Boss Man, A-Train, and Henry), we all knew they were there simply because they s*cked Vince's d*ck so they could be on The Streak list. 3 world title wins, beaten all four members of Evolution, beaten three WWE hall of famers, beaten both Rated RKO members, beaten both DX members, beaten three KLIQ members, beaten two NWO members, beaten one of EC members, beaten one of The Four Horsemen, beaten the other half of BOD, beaten the other half of UnHoly Alliance, beaten the leader of La Familia, beaten the leader of Legacy, beaten one of the Two Men Power Trip and so many other unnamed stables members, beaten a ton of future Hall of Famers, beaten the combined total of 85 times world champion and retiring Mr. Wrestlemania himself. How many people have had a career that amazing? Taker has done it at The Streak; that's why it means a lot.

Without wins/loss records this does not mean anything because even if it is scripted, it is based on that, if not championships does not mean crap either. And please don't get me the It is all scripted, it is not a real sport because if that is your train of though then I don't know why you watch at all when everything produced to create the feeling of it being real, other wise the feeling they try to recreate won't make sense at all. The streak is a big deal just because one of the more successful individuals and the only guys who has been around the company for almost 20 years keeps that at the Major event.

The streak is an accolade to his achievements and means a lot to his fans but also a lot to people who is not a fan of his.It mean something you probably hate for what its haters posted, so it is big. It means a lot, it is also a double edged sword, because like all the haters said it can become predictable but it also becomes bigger with every year that passes. And to be quite honest, there has been so many rumors than before Wrestlemania comes, everyone marks it will end and in the end because it doesn't everyone that said it will end says Oh he won't, it was so predictable that is really annoying. If you don't believe me, look at news archives that rumor had it Orton would end it, Henry would end it, Batista would end it, Edge would end it, Hell HBK was about to end it at some point and now the rumor is Sheamus or Drew McIntyre would end it!

The Streak means a lot to the wrestling world, good and bad, there are fans of it, and people that hates it (which seems to be the case of Undertaker haters) because it is huge, 18-0 is easy to say, but means that at least for 18 years you have to have a damn match at Mania, meaning that at least you need to be relevant for 18 years, and to win it means that there are something coming your way since no win at Mania goes just into oblivion (only in the case of Goldberg because he was leaving), that is how much success it means and the Undertaker has been very successful because his path does not end at Wrestlemania, even he takes time off it continues during the year. So the streak is a big deal, even if some people don't want to acknowledge it, otherwise it would not have so many haters that will love to see it end, and later will try to find something as big to complain about.
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