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Pick the next two opponents for Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 27 and 28? BQ+WQ inside?
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Default Pick the next two opponents for Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 27 and 28? BQ+WQ inside?

In order, who should Taker face in the next two years. Be descriptive.

Wrestlemania 27: Taker vs? Winner?

Wrestlemania 28: Taker vs? Winner? Streak broken or won?

BQ: Punk with, or without hair?

WQ: Thoughts on Alberto Del Rio?

Star if you like.
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Wrestlemanaia 27

The Undertaker vs John Cena

Winner: The Undertaker

Wrestlemanai 28

The Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre

BQ: He is good.
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all now depends on how the taker is at wrestlemania as lately hes been doing things hard with the cold n bad chest hes got it seams as its knocked him about a fair bit hes still not over it yet thats why taker aint compeating much just now, of cose a lot can happen in wrestling before then. albrerto del rio is another new big bad star to come into the wwe looking acting as hes unbeatable like meany have but like most have he will get found out as well in time , then we will see what happens to him when a wrestler wont tap out to hes big bad arm bar hold then when alberto gets hit from a few of the other top wwe stars like one on one with say ortan, taker kane cena big show henry then hes big test will happen.
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:Edit for Soul m: Taker is coughing and looking a bit worse for wear because he is selling the vegetated state he had been left in by his brother Kane.


Okay. WrestleMania 27... actually before I answer this, I'm actually torn towards Taker's next opponent.

I think John Cena will face Undertaker at WrestleMania 27 if The Rock declines to face Cena at the same event. If Rock agrees then I think they will jump at the chance at Rock vs Cena whilst they can and have Taker vs Cena at WrestleMania 28.

Okay, assuming Rock doesn't face Cena at 27..

WrestleMania 27: Taker vs John Cena

I think it's too big of a match for Vince to ignore. I ain't a Cena fan but I believe John Cena will be the only one who could keep up the fans' belief that Taker's streak just might end. Not for the right reasons, we all know Taker won't just be facing a guy called John Cena, Undertaker will be facing Superman who does not need a freaking cape.

I ain't saying Cena is anywhere Shawn Michaels' league but then who is?

I'm just saying the status of John Cena is way up there and to follow on from Shawn Michaels Taker cannot face just anybody who the fans would instantly discard any possibility that he may end it.

WrestleMania 28: Taker vs Ted Dibiase jr

It is certainly fitting for Taker to face Ted Dibiase jr. His Dad brought him into the WWE 22 years earlier. It would be Taker's 20th WrestleMania.

2 years after Shawn Michaels fails, there would be no essential need to follow up any status opponents. I think this could be the one when Taker will face a up and comer, a mid carder, someone who the fans wouldn't expect to beat Taker but 2 years is a very long time.

In that time Ted Dibiase jr could become WWE champion or at least a former WWE champion.

If Taker's 20th WrestleMania is going to be his final WrestleMania, for the streak to mean anything I think a torch needs to be passed and anybody who ends Taker's streak will become a huge superstar wether he beats him clean or he screws the holy hell out of him.

Full circle = Ted Dibiase jr.

BQ: I honestly couldn't care less if Punk has hair or he doesn't have hair. CM Punk will still be a super micon, a magnificent athlete and the CM in CM Punk will still stand for Championship Material!

WQ: I think Alberto Delrio will be in the World title match at WrestleMania 27 after winning the 2011 Royal Rumble whilst still undefeated. It's a far cry but I really do.

I think WrestleMania will draw fans and buy rates because fans will be so desperate for someone to knock him off his perch that he will fit into the WrestleMania World title match just for the anticipation alone. Alberto has that much heat now, imagine how much heat he will have with his undefeated streak and World title match at the biggest stage of them all.

Even before the name Alberto Del Rio was thought up this guy was working Raw dark matches wearing a mask and cutting promos that got the crowd so wound up with so much heat, and the guy was completely unknown, or may as well have been if anyone did their research.

Alberto isn't getting pushed just because Vince is hoping it will create a new superstar, Alberto got his vignettes, drives into the arena in a limo JBL style defeated a 2 time former world champion by tap out clean in his debut match because Alberto Del rio is a superstar and he was a superstar even before the majority knew who he was.

Alberto has everything, crowd worker heat seaker, sound technical wrestler, super great on the mic, he has the charisma of a self centred heel and the guy has his very own personal ring announcer but more specifically, he has that smile and wink.

Do I like Alberto?

Hell yeah!

When I read in the magazine Powerslam that a masked wrestler named Dos Caras jr was wrestling Raw dark matches and getting major heat from the fans, I knew he would be promoted onto the main roster in a matter of weeks and as soon as I saw his first vignette, even without ever seeing him, I knew he was Dos Caras.

Alberto Del Rio is going to be a major superstar main eventer in WWE's future.

But you already knew that!
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wrestlemania 27:The Undertaker vs Bret The Hitman Hart.we were going to see that match and everybody was waiting for it on the 900th episode of raw but we never got it.this is the future Wrestlemania match for WM 27.

Wrestlemania 28:The Undertaker vs John Cena.John Cena says he will NEVER GIVE UP??how about for the Phenom??this could be the end of The Undertaker's streak.
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WM 27 Taker vs kane

WM 28 Taker vs sheamus
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