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Do you think that Legacy was 2009's Evolution?
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Default Do you think that Legacy was 2009's Evolution?

That's how I saw it anyway, but they lacked the 'veteran' member.

What do you think?
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Yes in a way, but it is true that they lacked the veteren member..and none of the superstars that were in Legacy have done anything..Triple H's group Evolution brought up both Batista and Randy Orton..While the Legacy didn't really do anything special for Cody Rhode's, or Ted Dibiase's career..
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Yeah I can see how they could be compared to Evolution what with all the snick attacks on people and everything. I just think the Legacy was all champions at once like Evolution was at one point Armageddon 2003 it was when Randy Orton won the I.C. Title from Rob Van Dam, Batista and Ric Flair won the Tag Team Titles in that tag team tourmoil match and Triple H won the World title from Goldberg and Kane in tht Triple Threat Match. I wish Legacy would have had Randy Orton as the WWE Champion and Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as the World Tag Team Champions. But Yes I do feel they was like Evolution in some ways.
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The WWE wanted Legacy to be the next version of Evolution.. only instead of Randy Orton being the young guy learning the business.. he was now the leader of his own group. The initial plan was for Randy Orton to help out Cody and Ted's careers like Triple H and Flair helped jump start Batista and Orton's careers. The plan didn't work out though.. Legacy wasn't even close to being on the level of Evolution .. and there were many problems with the Legacy though..

One of the biggest problems with the Legacy was that it didn't benefit Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase Jr. in anyway.. Evolution obviously helped Randy Orton and Batista.. and in the long run helped Ric Flair too.. and did in a way benefit Triple H too.. because he was the huge heel and had four guys backing him up. Legacy didn't help Rhodes or DiBiase.. it only helped Orton.. which wasn't Orton's fault it was the booking teams fault because they didn't have the key figures in the group.. and the WWE was too focused on Orton's feud with Triple H to do anything with Cody and Ted.

If you think about it.. Evolution never would have worked if it were just Triple H mentoring Batista and Randy without Flair.. like you said the veteran character was needed in the situation.. and besides the fact.. that Orton hasn't been in the business as long as Triple H has either.. Triple H had way more experience by the time Evolution came around than Randy Orton did last year.. Ric Flair was the glue of Evolution.. a lot of the time.. Triple H was concerned with other things while in Evolution.. and Ric pretty much made sure Batista and Orton didn't say the hell with you Trips .. which eventually happened but still..

The group needed someone else to keep it together.. Legacy did nothing for Cody or Ted.. all it did for them was to get the beating that was intended for Randy.. Evolution was so successful because of Flair and Triple H.. Trips and Flair are two of the most established guys in the professional wrestling industry.. Orton and Batista were just in for the ride.. and it made them stars.. Randy Orton is still becoming that star though.. there is no way Orton is as experienced enough to take the role of both Triple H and Ric Flair and teach Rhodes and DiBiase..

Plus the booking team had no glue in the situation so.. there was no time for Rhodes and DiBiase to do their own thing.. and have the group become stronger.. because they were too focused on Randy Orton's road to Wrestlemania.. against The McMahon Family ; Triple H.. all Rhodes and DiBiase really did for a year was be Orton's b!tches.. they got hit the hardest.. got his punishment.. etc. they didn't benefit from the group nobody really did except for Orton.. who had some back up against the McMahon's and Trips..

Legacy was supposed to be the next Evolution.. but they just had the world revolving around Randy Orton way too much.. to really get it going.. Legacy needed someone like Flair and Triple H involved in order to keep it in tack.. Orton is too young and had too much going for him.. to make a huge impact with the group.. Legacy could have worked.. had a veteran been involved.. and had the WWE not just had Cody and Ted do nothing but fight Orton's battles..
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I think Legacy was lame compared to Evolution. No disrespect intended, but they did not seem to have the passion Evolution did.
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