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ECW World Heavyweight Championship Round Finals?
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Default ECW World Heavyweight Championship Round Finals?

Sabu vs. RVD vs. CM Punk
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[Verse 1: Jay-Z]

Yea I'm out that Brooklyn, now I'm down in TriBeCa

right next to Deniro, but I'll be hood forever

I'm the new Sinatra, and... since I made it here

I can make it anywhere, yea, they love me everywhere

I used to cop in Harlem, all of my Dominicano's

right there up on Broadway, pull me back to that McDonald's

Took it to my stashbox, 560 State St.

catch me in the kitchen like a Simmons with them Pastry's

Cruisin' down 8th St., off white Lexus

drivin' so slow, but BK is from Texas

Me, I'm out that Bed-Stuy, home of that boy Biggie

now I live on Billboard and I brought my boys with me

Say what's up to Ty-Ty, still sippin' mai tai's

sittin' courtside, Knicks Nets give me high five

Nigga I be Spike'd out, I could trip a referee

Tell by my attitude that I'm most definitely from....

[Chorus: Alicia Keys]

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of

There's nothin' you can't do

Now you're in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you

Let's hear it for New York, New York,

New York

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]

Catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game

Shit, I made the Yankee hat more famous then a Yankee can

You should know I bleed blue, but I ain't a Crip though

but I got a gang of niggas walkin' with my clique though

Welcome to the melting pot, corners where we sellin' rock

Afrika Bambataa shit, home of the hip-hop

Yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab, holla back

for foreigners it ain't for, they act like they forgot how to act

8 million stories, out there in it naked

City, it's a pity, half of y'all won't make it

Me, I got a plug, Special Ed I Got It Made

If Jeezy's payin' LeBron, I'm payin' Dwyane Wade

Three dice cee-lo, three Card Monty

Labor Day Parade, rest in peace Bob Marley

Statue of Liberty, long live the World Trade

Long live the King yo, I'm from the Empire State that's


[Verse 3: Jay-Z]

Lights is blinding, girls need blinders

so they can step out of bounds quick, the sidelines is

lined with casualties, who sip to life casually

then gradually become worse, don't bite the apple eve

Caught up in the in-crowd, now you're in style

Anna Wintour gets cold, in Vogue with your skin out

City of sin, it's a pity on the wind

Good girls gone bad, the city's filled with them

Mami took a bus trip, now she got her bust out

Everybody ride her, just like a bus route

Hail Mary to the city, you're a virgin

And Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church end

Came here for school, graduated to the high life

Ball players, rap stars, addicted to the limelight

MDMA got you feelin' like a champion

The city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien


[Bridge: Alicia Keys]

One hand in the air for the big city

Street lights, big dreams, all lookin' pretty

No place in the world that could compare

Put your lighters in the air

Everybody say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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the sandman (yWa-20) is on a distinguished road

cm punk
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What, tssh, y'all, what

Jigga, uhh uhh uhh, uh-huh

Pa-pa, uhh, pa-pa, uhh

The G, Roc-A-Fella y'all

Who be, in a Japanese restaurant, eating sushi

Drinking saki, it's me, and my mami with the doobie

Cutie, smellin like Tiaka, half-Phillipine thing

For now, let's call her Suki, got me this booty bangin

Properly, in Versace pants, cocky bow-legged stance

A thing of beauty, watch me, body crazy

Tits Firm like Nature, Foxy, Nas and AZ

Truly reason to bug the toolie and keep laced in jewelry watch me

Girlie tried to lure me and lock me you gotta get up early

Cause who's gettin played is not meSurely you jest, she said, if you thought I was purely

out for the bucks you woulda bucked stuck and dropped me

I said maturely, You right

but better safe than sorry, but for the lovebirds

can move to the suburbs, I need to double check your story

To make sure that you one of a kind

And you deserve to be my Sunshine

[Chorus: Babyface (variations not listed except for first time)]

Touch me with, a heart of gold (uh-huh)

I can't go a day without my sunshine (uh-huh) ahh-haaa (say what? uhh)

Touch me with, a smile of gold (yeah)

I can't go a day without my sunshine, sunshine (uhh, uhh, uhh)

[Jay-Z, (Foxy Brown)]

A year gone, and she seein things most chicks only

hear in songs (uh-huh) keep in gear phenom

Lots of ice in the air, round the neck the charm (that's right)

Risked a four to life bid to keep that shit on her arm

Keep her impressed at all times, cats would love to creep (uh-huh)

just to say they crept with mine, slept with mine, she said

[Foxy Brown, (Jay-Z)]

I ain't deaf nor blind, niggaz stressin

Hatin cause they less than mine, they wanna sex me

We chose each other, you actin like you chose me

They oppose you then, they oppose me

We could creep at a low speed, the gat in the hosiery

Double cross you they got to triple cross me

(I'm thinking that's the way it's supposed to be) Uh-huh

(One more thing:

If I ever go broke, would you hit the block for me?) Fo' sho'

(She replied, eyes open wide) Uhhhh

(Put that on everything?) I put that on my life



[Jay-Z, (Foxy Brown)]

If I needed would you, give me your kidneys? (Uhh, uhh, fo' sho')

Catch a case you catch it with me? (Mmm, fo' sho')

Pawn your jewlery to come get me? (You better know)

Catch me with a chick, forgive me? (Uhh, now that, I don't know)

They spread rumors, will you defend me, tooth and nail? (Uh-huh)

They try to frame me, will you be there, till the truth prevail? (uhh)

(But would you be the same dude, when you blow the roof off sales

that you was, throwin rocks, at the Roof at 12, nigga?)

This is the truth I shell, till the loot gets frail

I put this on my nephews, from the smallest to La'Velle

Me and you ballin, from the heavens, or the hell

Won't let you hit the ground if I'm fallin myself

Now picture me leavin you in this cold world, rollin for delf

It's me and you in this old girl, we takin the belt

From the lows, to the highs, to the foes we shine

Just continue to be my Sunshine (uhhh)

[Chorus 2X]
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The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy is on a distinguished road

RVD win.
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S?co?d City S?i?t? Y!A M??i?? is on a distinguished road

CM Punk wins it all.
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