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Smackdown vs raw 2011 Question's?
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Default Smackdown vs raw 2011 Question's?

What match type/s do you want to see in the game

Any particular superstar/s - diva/s you would like to see in the game

For me id love to have a 5 on 5 traditional elimination tag team match

and the Nexus as playable characters
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5-5 traditional matches would be good, especially in PPV's like Survivor Series. I hope they keep the Extreme Rules match, I think with the new weapons system added for the game it would make that match type that much more exciting.

People I would like to see: Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and as much as I agree with you with the Nexus: I think they probably missed the CUT(perhaps Bonus additions or special X box live purchases?
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lumber jack match or slobber knocker



drew McIntyre
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I would really like to see these matches:

5 on 5 survivor series match

ambulance match

casket match

bull rope match

stretcher match


Chris Masters



Dashing Cody Rhodes

Drew McIntyre

The Usos


Slam Master J


Alicia Fox


Trish Stratus

Rosa Mendes



Stone Cold

The Rock

Bret Hart

Rowdy Rider Piper

Hulk Hogan



Kane/Masked Kane

CM Punk/Masked CM Punk/Bald CM Punk

Luke Gallows/Festus

Slam Master J/ Jesse

Kung Fu Naki/ Funaki
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Before I just pass it by, I will explain why your hope for 5 on 5 can't happen.

Back when Smackdown! Just Bring It! came out, they had a lovely 8 Men In The Ring deal, that people seem to think was insanely awesome. As awesome as it was, no one noticed the significant downplay in the computer wrestler's AI when there was more than six in the ring... no one except for THQ, and people who played at Legend difficulty consistently.

This was only one of the problems.

When Just Bring It released, there was only about 500 polygons per wrestler, and the graphics (in comparison to the latest ones on PS2) were HORRENDOUS. When WWE tried upgrading the graphics (bumping the polygon per wrestler from 500 to around 2000), they realized that the graphics card in the PS2 just couldn't keep up with more than six wrestlers in the ring at all. The reasoning was that the rendering had to be consistent with every move the wrestlers made, and that would cause significant slowdown when there was more than six. Top that with the fact that the AI just couldn't keep up with the AI control of seven other wrestlers (it barely keeps up with five to keep a match exciting), and THQ/Yukes realized that there was no way they could incorporate eight wrestlers in the ring, even on the 360 and PS3's advanced systems... ESPECIALLY if they wanted the graphics to be better than the PS2's. Seeing as there is no ability for the game's engine to have eight wrestlers without significant strain on the console, there is definitely no possible way for them to have a five-on-five match.

Now, before you claim that the Survivor Series match on SNES was a way they could do it, you have to understand that rendering sprites as a character when everyone had the same exact moveset (minus a finisher) was incredibly easy, and the only reason why they didn't just have everyone on the screen was that they would have had to come up with a new tag-out system built in a short amount of time. When you're rendering polygons (especially with how many each wrestler has in the game, now upwards of 5000+) it is a lot different as each polygon comes with its own mathematical forumlations that the system has to run, all the while running programs for the intelligence of each character (hence why when they added the Havok engine to have the ropes move freely, there were so many awkward moments where your arm might be trapped in your stomach, or your character's body would just fall to the floor dead, then suddenly be moving around again moments later).


The NXT arena is supposedly in the game, this would mean that there has to be something that deals with NXT, at least. Maybe your created wrestler appears there? Or a Daniel Bryan storyline? Who knows. If that's the case, though, I doubt they left the Season One NXT guys out of the game. I can't promise Season Two, and in fact, I highly doubt it... but with NXT starting up BEFORE the usual Wrestlemania cutoff line, (I know that THQ denies that there is a cutoff, but there definitely had to be with Kennedy being fired right after Wrestlemania last year, and still somehow being in the game six months later) I have a feeling that NXT's wrestlers would at least be playable characters.


My hopes for the game?

1. The return of Story Designer. I wrote up five months of storyline, and I would like to continue the storyline in this game as well. They all had good ratings and I believe that this was the only reason why I kept playing for as long as I did.

2. Keeping the Blood. WWE has stated that they have stopped allowing wrestlers to bleed during matches to make the show more family-friendly. Unfortunately, this may mean the end of the First Blood match, and blood in the game in general. I hope that isn't the case, so my fingers are crossed.

3. No Legends. As much as I respect the legends, I really don't like seeing them in my game when there are so many current talents they are missing. I know people probably won't play as Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta, but I think that they should be in the game as they are a current member of the roster, and who knows, maybe some fan will turn them into tag team champions? I would rather have the most up to date roster, and then have legends as downloads, rather than have ten legends in the game, and have no real need for them in any of the storylines... especially since they are played like their prime, and not realistic, like having them be how they would be now.

4. The Return of the Casket Match. Back in Know Your Role, they proved that you could have a casket match, and when they brought about the Buried Alive match, we knew it was just another Casket Match. Take away the graveyard scene, and just make it a casket match. I know they brought the Stretcher Match from the DS version of 2010, and that is all fine and dandy, but we need more. And they know it.
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I would like to see the dude-busters,curt Hawkins and Vance archer,the nexus,drew McIntyre,and,Melina in it.
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