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Agree or Disagree: WWE SmackDown needs a push (More inside)?
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Default Agree or Disagree: WWE SmackDown needs a push (More inside)?

SmackDown has lost more populary over the years. WWE SmackDown had people like Brock Lesnar Feuding with Kurt Angle which made Smackdown great. Eddie Guerrero Feuding with Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle vs. Big Show, JBL Title Reign and more.


BQ2: Jack Swagger or Kofi Kingston?
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Go FLORIDA! is on a distinguished road

Orton, Miz and Edge could give Smackdown a push
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agree last year smackdown had batista edge chris jericho and melina and where r they now on raw or retired. edge and orton should come to smackdown and orton becomes worlds heavyweight champion and battles undertaker at wrestlemania but i dont think thats going to happen since they r going to unify the wwe and worlds heavyweight championship which is a bad idea. but yeah smackdown needs to bbe the number 1 brand again
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annyrutts is on a distinguished road

Yeah. I wish they'd just get rid of the two different show thing. Smackdown has a great heel with cm punk he should be in the mix at all times
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Faisal AbuHeBaH is on a distinguished road

i strongly Agree with you about

Orton, Miz and Edge
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i think Evan Bourne,Ted Dibiase,Edge,Jericho,Kaval,John Morrison,Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder,Michael McGillicutty should get moved to Smackdown

WWE needs to hurry up and sign Richie Steamboat And Brett Dibiase to Smackdown so they can create The Fortunate Sons with Ted and Brett Dibiase and Michael Mcgillicutty.....IMO Richie Steamboat should be part of that faction also

@annyrutt...i think the reason they put two shows is to give their wrestlers some tv time and also be able to push more stars....if Cena,Orton,Sheamus,Triple H,Undertaker,Jericho,Edge and Rey Mysterio were on both shows...they would take up all the tv time....not only with their matches but with their backstage and in ring promos also...and u know wwe puts more promos on tv than actual matches....its because of the brand split is y wrestlers like Kofi Kingston,Miz,Evan Bourne,John Morrison,R-Truth,CM Punk able to get more tv time..whether its a promo or an actual match

i also feel the divas should get more time and be able to do more things in the ring...gail kim..natalya..tamina beth pheonix,melina and lillian could put on great matches....yes lillian..shes a great wrestler and her independent matches were amazing....instead they give air time to alicia fox and other divas who cant wrestle
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The canadian submission machine is on a distinguished road

Yes smackdown should be equally as good as RAW but many people blame it on the roster which I belive is slightly true but the main two guys on smackdown should be CM Punk and Christian instead of Kane and Mysterio and Undertaker should be a main guy when ever hes wreslting so honestley I think its more of booking on smackdown should be better for it to get better
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It definitely is getting boring. The Divas Division on Smackdown definitely needs atleast 3 Divas and a return from Beth Phoenix to consider it a complete roster. I think if Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, Gail Kim and The Bella Twins were to be drafted to Smackdown, and Beth Phoenix were to return from her injury, the roster would be more full, and perhaps the Divas Division would come back to life.
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100 % Agree. SmackDown needs Edge, John Morrison, Chris Jericho, and more.
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Smackdown DOES need a big push. I don't know why Raw keeps on getting all the good superstars.

All that Smackdown has is The Big Show, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio. The Undertaker is getting old and rarely goes on, so I don't count him.

Raw has true greats like Edge, Chris Jerico, The Miz...

Smackdown has to step its game up.
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Yes I agree. After Smackdown got screwed in the WWE draft this year, Smackdown's main event card would drop and it did. They gave up Chris Jericho, Edge and John Morrison in exchange for The Big Show, Christian and Kingston. That isn't that bad to have 3 well known names, but did any of them main event Wrestlemania 26? I know there were a few more, but they probably aren't worth mentioning. Raw does not need anymore main event stars on the roster. They are having a 6 pack challenge coming up and then you add Triple H while it seems Smackdown is using Kane who spent most of his late career a mid carder and The Undertaker, who is already in most main events anyways. Not only is Smackdown bullied and was stolen the main eventers of the show, but Raw got some descent mid card wrestlers from Smackdown as well while in return, Smackdown got Cody Rhodes, where he is declining due to Randy Orton's face turn and Ted getting the Million Dollar Man gimmick back, then they picked up Chavo who was pushed around by a midget.

Sure, I am in favor of Kane winning the World Heavyweight Championship and finally getting a small push, but the focus point of it was The Undertaker. It would have been a lot nicer to see him win it when he wasn't the back up guy the WWE had to go to after all their other stars were busy or inactive. I wouldn't be surprised if the championship goes around The Undertaker in a month or two. I have and will always support Smackdown over Raw because I was a Smackdown guy from the start. Smackdown has been my favorite show and back then, I would be very excited for Smackdown to come on air back when it was still on Thursday nights. I do remember the days of Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, The Big Show and The Undertaker in the main event and even had Mr. McMahon show up almost every week to the show. Then you have Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio, APA, A-Train, John Cena the cruiserweights and the rest of the roster. The entire night of Smackdown was awesome. That was for sure Smackdown's golden era. The main event would mostly consist of 2 of of the main eventers I listed in a match and I didn't mind it because the storylines were very entertaining. Back then, Smackdown would draw in great ratings compared to now.

With Smackdown moving to SyFy in a month, I expect ratings to jump a good amount since a lot of people had problems with MyNetwork TV. Not only that, I expect Smackdown to be able to get a few good wrestlers from Raw and create good storylines for that time at least. Smackdown back then was definitely the A show compared to Raw and now, I do agree that they are the B show, but I expect changes very soon.

BQ2: Without a doubt, I would pick Kofi Kingston. Jack Swagger is a very good wrestler and it seems like his gimmick is the 2nd generation of Kurt Angle since he uses the Ankle Lock, the gimmick and the wrestling is very similar. That is one thing I hate, when a wrestler copies another wrestler. It gets on my nerves and I would never support that idea if I were a writer. Kofi Kingston is a great high flying wrestler and I love his wrestling style. It amazes me what he can do. I don't think he will go and ever main event a Wrestlemania but I can't see it in Jack Swagger either.
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