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What are your opinions on the following former divas?
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Default What are your opinions on the following former divas?

-Torrie Wilson

-Molly Holly

-Ashley Massaro


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Yea okay Maria and Ash are hot, where is you answer? What is your opinion on Molly and Torrie?

HA...that's funny, me niether...much better than lita though (skool) switched, i don't wanna get in a fight
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Maria + Ashley at No 1

Torrie Wilson

Molly Holly

Man Maria and Ashley are smoking hot
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Torrie Wilson- I wish would Come Back.

Molly Holly-Meh

Ashley- Ok

Maria- She Was Released For A Reason I think and also i think she requested it.
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Torrie Wilson: Hot

Molly Holly: Underrated and Hot

Ashley Massaro: Meh, but Hot

Maria: Dumbass for opening her mouth

BQ: Don't know
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- Torrie Wilson- the hottest, but also got a lot better during her last few years

Molly Holly- underrated, she deserved more but wasnt hot enough and thats all the divas are about.

Ashley- a great icompetitor, shame she never got the womens title, deserved it the most

Maria- rubbish wrestler, should've stuck to interviewing

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-Giant ***


-Sexy, but too skinny

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Torrie Wilson-Ok wrestler. I was never a huge fan of her, but she was better than most of the divas today.

Molly Holly-Above average wrestler. I was a huge fan of her, and it was a shame to see her go.

Ashley-Decent wrestler, wasn't the best but wasn't the worst. She was under Trish's wing so if she would've stayed with WWE longer, I think she would be having a really good career.

Maria-Maria was entertaining but she was not the best wrestler.

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Torrie Wilson-I wasn't a fan of hers,she did improve in the last years of her career. She wasn't horrible but she wasn't good either. I admit,even though i am not a fan of hers,i miss her a little.

Molly Holly- One of the best female wrestlers the WWE has ever had. She was great in the ring and she was VERY underrated.

Ashley Massaro- Never cared about her,never liked her,terrible wrestler.

Maria-Can't wrestle at all,but she seems cool and nice.
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I had an unhealthy obsession with Torrie Wilson through most of my teens to be honest. She's not a great wrestler, but she never really got in the ring all too often, and when she did, she had a few spots and genuinely tried which is more than I can say about a lot of non-wrestling Divas. Outside of her body, she had no redeeming qualities. She wasn't charismatic and she really couldn't wrestle.

I love Nora Greenwald. She may have been one of the best pure women's wrestlers I've ever seen. I'd love to have seen her go to Japan, because she was stiff as heck in her later days. She definitely earned that Holly moniker. She was cute as a blonde, and quite dominatrix hot as a brunette. She played either side of the coin well, regardless to if she was heel or face.

I met Ashley Massaro once and I'd never care to meet her again. She didn't appreciate her position, didn't care about fans, and outside of a handful of monkey flips and an armdrag, she couldn't wrestle to save her life. I also never saw the physical appeal.

Maria is another diva whom I'd often abuse my body to. She was quite cute at first, and played the ditz role well. I didn't care much for later Maria though. She tried to wrestle in her later days in the company, and like with Torrie, I give her an A for genuine effort, but she never got that good.

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Torrie Wilson-Decent wrestler

-Molly Holly-great wrestler

-Ashley Massaro-can't wrestle

-Maria-bitter bimbo

BQ-Can't pick just 1
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*Torrie Wilson - One of my favourites.. I have a lot of respect for Torrie.. in my opinion she is one of the best never to win the title. Torrie was very athletic and a fan favourite.. she was really talented and over all a great wrestler.. she was always put in the gimmick matches though, so nobody ever really took notice to her.. she was just another eye candy diva.. but here is the thing about Torrie that made her different than almost all of the eye candy divas.. she actually wasn't just in wrestling for the money.. and she actually could wrestle.. she was just never used to full potential.. Torrie could have been one of the most well known divas of her time if given the proper chance.. she always had the fans behind her.. she was beautiful and could actually wrestle.. which isn't as common as you'd think.. Torrie could have been as big as Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, Mickie etc.

*Molly Holly- She is the woman wrestler that I think I have the most respect for.. Molly loves wrestling.. and she was very talented and entertaining.. she doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.. she had an interesting character.. and proved that she could keep up with the boys too.. in a male dominated profession Molly Holly showed that she had what it takes to keep up.. I loved Molly Holly.. she was also another one of my all time favourite divas.. I think very highly of her.. I wish she would have stayed in the company longer because she really did have talent.. and I think she could have really been one of the saving graces for the women's division.. however Molly had a harsh opinion on the diva search divas.. but honestly I don't think she was too far off.. most of the divas from the diva search don't know crap about wrestling.. they just want the money and fame..

*Ashley- Very simple.. I don't like her at all.. she wasn't a very good wrestler at all.. she really is overrated.. people think very highly of her but honestly I can care less.. like another user said she isn't very pleasant in reality.. I've also had the privilege of meeting her.. she wasn't very kind.. or grateful to fans.. she was actually rather rude.. and snappy.. maybe she was having an off day.. but it was just ironic .. because she was also feuding against Melina at that time and Ashley was the face.. but yet Melina was sweet and kind to her fans.. and would do more than sign her autograph and pose for the camera.. she would answer questions and talk to the younger fans etc. Ashley was just rude.. and honestly I never liked her.. and I didn't care for her.. I never thought she was really good.. all she had was a gimmick.. but really any diva could have been the punk rock diva..

*Maria- A lot of people hated Maria.. and thought she couldn't wrestle etc. but I actually liked Maria.. I loved her Dumb Girl Gimmick but I loved how she had her moments.. where she would use highly intellectual words.. etc. Like during Eric Bischoff's trial thing on Raw.. I thought it was hilarious how she was all really smart etc. Maria may not have been the worlds best wrestler.. but she did know about wrestling and she did honestly try.. Maria had a lot of heart.. she was very passionate about wrestling.. and was one of the most popular divas.. I liked Maria.. and I actually miss her around.. she was awesome in my opinion.. not so much in the ring but she was a lot better than Rosa, Kelly x2, The Bella Twins, Alicia Fox etc. I think Maria was a good storyline diva.. with the character she made herself to be.. she could really do a lot in a storyline with the guys etc. Maria had a character and a lot of divas don't get that anymore..

BQ- There is a lot of users who are awesome.. I really couldn't just pick one.. because I respect so many users in this section and I think a lot of them deserve the title of being called The Best User.. I don't really think that we have a Best Users I think we have a lot of great users.. who are very knowledgeable about wrestling.. and who actually love wrestling etc. We can learn a lot from a bunch of really smart users in this section who know their stuff.. but I don't think I could classify one person as the best user in the entire section. I also don't think anyone could ever agree with the best user of all time.. because there are so many users that don't come on this site anymore .. or who occasionally appear that are awesome too.. and some of the regulars in this section are amazing too.. but I couldn't ever just pick one user..
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