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My WCW Slamboree PPV Episode # 62 Please Rate the Show + WQs?
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Default My WCW Slamboree PPV Episode # 62 Please Rate the Show + WQs?

WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Sting

Womens Champion- Trish Stratus

Tag Team Champions- Scott Hall X-Pac

Cruiserweight Champion- Eddie Guerrero

United States Champion- Ted DiBiase Jr.

Tag Team Champions- Paul London Brian Kendrick

Million Dollar Champion- Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

(All titles won't be defended)

Match 1- (C) Ted DiBiase Jr. (Heel) vs. Tyler Black (Face). During the match Davey Richards Finlay have caused distractions. DiBiase goes for the Dream Street but Black escapes and hits the Backflip Kick. Winner = New United States Champion, Tyler Black. 13:86.

Match 2- Stone Cold (Face) vs. The Rock (Face). First Blood Match. The match ends in a Draw when Rock Austin hit each other with the chairs at the same time. 16:96.

Promo 1- Hollywood Hulk Hogan Eric Bischoff are now in the lobby. Hogan: I'm going to surprise the people tonight when I defeat Roddy Piper and after the match, Hogan then says never mine.

Promo 2- Sting, Lex Lugar, Kurt Angle are in Sting's locker room. Sting: I have been holding onto this championship for over 8 months and Booker T will not take it away from me. Kurt Angle: He ruined our match on monday Sting. Sting: I know that occurred but that doesn't stop me from defeating him tonight. Lex Lugar: If it wasn't for me making the save Booker T would have injured you two real badly.

Match 3- (C) Eddie Guerrero (Face) vs. Jueventud Guerreran (Face). Winner = Eddie Guerrero with the Frog Splash. 3:92.

Post Match- Chavo Guerrero, Psychosis, Konnan surround the ring. Eddie Guerrero: You can either join the LWO or you can leave this ring right now Guerrera. Jueventud Guerrea gets up and shakes Eddie's hand and tells him that he will join the Latino World Order. Eddie Guerrero: All we need is a hot chick to be in our group. Buff Bagwell breaks up with Melina and goes to find Joy Giovanni. Eddie Guerrero: Will you join our group Melina? Melina: Yes!

Match 4- Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (Heel) vs. Rey Mysterio (Face). Winner = Rey Mysterio after the 619. 11:45.

Post Match- Rey Mysterio takes back his old mask.

Match 5- Drew McIntyre (Heel) vs. Shane McMahon (Face). Winner = Shane McMahon after the Coast to Coast. 5:00

Promo 3- Eric Bischoff prepares for his match with Larry Zbysko.

Match 6- Eric Bischoff (Heel) vs. Larry Zbysko (Face). Winner = Larry Zbysko by DQ. Scott Steiner, Stevie Ray, Curt Hennig, The Giant, The Disciple assault Larry during the match. 8:00

Post Match- Eric Bischoff: You obviously believe that I was going to wrestle against Larry Zbysko?

Promo 4- We show a replay of the assault that just happened.

Match 7- (C) Scott Hall X-Pac (w/Kevin Nash) vs. Hart Dynasty. Winners = Hall Pac after Pac hit Kidd with the X-Factor. 13:43.

Match 8- Booker T (Heel) vs. (C) Sting (Face). Winner = Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop. 18:94.

Promo 5- Coming Up Next will be the second Main Event!

Main Event- Roddy Piper (Face) vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Heel). Winner = Hogan after Piper misses the Elbow Drop from the top rope so Hogan got to hit the Atomic Leg Drop. 26:66.

Post Match-The rest of the nWo come out to attack Piper. Hogan leaves the ring and heads to the back. 2 minutes later this theme hits. Hulk Hogan is in his red yellow tights and Hogan beats up all of the nWo guys and picks Roddy Piper and they both celebrate to end the PPV. Will there still be New World Order or not?

End of PPV

Rate the PPV

Choose Best Match

Opinions on the PPV

WQ1: Does Chavo Guerrero need to be in the Interconental title run?

WQ2: WWE Superstars or WWE Sunday Night Heat?
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Rating: Solid 10/10 ppv put together

Best Match: Booker T vs. Sting

This was a very well and very good planned PPV put together, Excellent Job!

WQ1: Yes, I want him to be a champion or bring back the Cruiserweight Championship.

WQ2: Sunday Night Heat was better and actually had decent wrestling matches on it.

Can you please answer my SmackDown!:

The Legend Killer Time starts now...
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Rate the PPV 9.6/10

Best match I have 2 Roddy Piper vs. Hogan and Stone cold vs. The rock

Opinions on PPV- I though the matches were really good and I like this WCW theme with some wcw guys and some new guys like Hart Dynasty facing eachother and I think the matches were great

WQ- yes he is way underated

WQ 2- Sunday night heat gave you chances to see guys we barely see wrestle and superstars doesnt have storylines or anything i just find it plain and boring
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