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Would you have liked to see a Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit match?
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Default Would you have liked to see a Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit match?

Things you must need in your explanantion:

1. A very detailed Explanation

2. What PPV would there match have taken place.

@ Prince of Pheonomenal this match was Rumored to take place during WrestleMania 22 in 2006, but then WWE had other plans for Benoit and since Henry was back he feuded with Undertaker in a really dull match.

I would have rather seen this match instead of Henry vs. Undertaker at WM22.

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Yes, I would love to see this match possibly at Wrestlemania on the biggest stage of them all, these two legends going toe to toe for The Undertakers streak, this is a dream match that we will never see, but if we did I imagine that it would be an all time classic, The Undertaker one of the greatest performers of all time and Chris Benoit one of the greatest technical wrestlers, definitely a five star match.
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i believed they did on a episode on smackdown in the 2003 but that was as the biker dead man inc gimmick and they wernt preforming at there best. i cant remember who won. i would loved to see them wrestle at wrestlemania 22 as mark henry was only doing it for the money. benoit would have done it for the people i believe.
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I would have booked it for either Wrestlemania 19 or 22, but too bad Vince couldn't see that. This is another stupid decision from Vince which can never be corrected.

Just so u know, three months before Wrestlemania 22, the opponents to face The Undertaker came down to Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and the returning Mark Henry. Vince believed, the returning Mark Henry, billed as The World's Strongest Man, would be able to pull out a classic with The Undertaker and creating another big man main eventer after Batista, especially after such main event push. Because as we knew it, Vince has always been keen on pushing big man wrestlers mainly because of his obsession to eclipse his father's success of Andre The Giant. I have even heard that in backstage, before the match, Vince was so sure Undertaker could carry Mark Henry to a legendary match.

But it turned out that, after all the hype the fans didn't buy Henry as a threat at all. To make the matter even worse, Taker vs Henry at WM 22 flopped because Taker was unable to carry Henry throughout the match, mainly because of Henry's deadweight with no charisma and slow-paced work, thus creating another horrible match for The Streak, which is easily one of Taker's worst ever. The match is widely labeled as the worst casket match ever held. The only good thing from this disaster is Vince finally stopped giving The Undertaker mid-carder giants for him to face at Wrestlemania after 14 long years and five failures in 5 different Wrestlemanias (Giant Gonzales at WM 9, King Kong Bundy at WM 11, Big Boss Man at WM 15, A-Train at WM 19, and Mark Henry himself at WM 22), because after 14 long a** years he finally realized Taker couldn't pull out a classic with talentless giants.

That's why I said this is stupid. Because Vince had all the power in this world to book Taker vs Angle or Taker vs Benoit but preferred Taker vs Henry instead. Same goes for WM 19. He had all the power to book Undertaker vs Benoit but gave Undertaker a match with A-Train instead...

As an Undertaker fan, the reason why Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Big Boss Man, A-Train, and Mark Henry were chosen to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania instead of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, Kurt Angle, Mankind, Eddie Guerrero, or Chris Benoit is beyond my deepest knowledge.
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