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WWE Presents: ECW One Night Stand (Rate the Pay Per View)?
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Default WWE Presents: ECW One Night Stand (Rate the Pay Per View)?

Video: History of ECWAnd now WWE Presents ECW One Night Stand

Joey Styles and Taz at ringside at ECW's One Night PPV, One Night Stand

Opening Contest: Six Man Tag Team Match

The Mexicools (Juventud, Super Crazy and Physcosis) defeatd. Blue World Order (Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova and Da Blue Guy): 8:32

Juventud picked up the win after executing a Moonsault onto Hollywood Nova.

Eric Bicfhsoff and Team WWE (Both RAW and SmackDown! Superstars) in the building, Bichsoff says Tonight, is the night where we prove that No One messes with the WWE, and that ECW as ship wrecked as it is, will be sunken tonight!

Paul Heyman comes out and says This is what ECW Is about!, the extreme, the passion and the envioriment!

Match 2: Extreme Rules Match

CW Anderson defeated. Mick Foley: 11:45

Anderson won after he hit Foley in the head with a 2x4. After the match Foley got applauded for his work in this match.

Team WWE (Kurt ANgle, JBL and Orlando Jordan) take out the B.W.O

Match 3: Tag Team Tables Match

The Dudley Boyz (Buh- Buh Ray and D-Von) w/Dawn Marie defeated. The F.B.I (Little Guido and Big Guido) w/Chuck Palumbo: 9:45

Eric Bichsoff gives the middle finger to Paul Heyman from the stands.

JBL then grabs the mic and says Chant my name And the ECW Audience goes Shut the Fuck Up! chants start going.

WWE RAW Presents: Vengeance Promo: After every feud there will be a Vengeance!

Injured reserve Rob Van Dam make shis way through the crowd and joins Joey and Taz at ringside.

Match 4: Singapore Cane match

The Sandman defeated, Mike Awesome: 7:50

Sandman won after he hit Mike Awesome with 2 Singapore canes. and then a DDT.

Promo: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

Match 5: Singles Match

Chris Benoit defeated. Chris Jericho: 15:54

Chris Benoit gets the last laugh as he heads off to SmackDown!, and as both being ECW Originals they put on a good show. The match finshed off with Jericho about to do a lionsault until Benoit countered into a Crossface.

Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring and cuts a promo Rey, Rey , Rey we are back to where it all started the good ol' days of ECW Hommes!, just to bad that this is the present day! Eddie then attacks Rey and then is about to finish of Rey with a Frogsplash then Rey counters into a 619.

Team WWE are getting ready until Team ECW's leader Tommy Dreamer comes in and says No matter what promotion, ECW will live!

Main Event: Promotion vs. Promotion Battle Royal: ECW vs. WWE

WWE (Kurt Angle) last eliminated ECW (Tommy Dreamer) to win the ECW vs. WWE Battle Royal.

After the match:

Austin comes out and says Easy, ECW Made me a offer, and I became a Star in the WWE more bigger, but... Then Stone Cold stunners Eric Bichsoff. Austin then celebrates with the ECW Stars after all the WWE Stars have been cleared out of the ring. ECW Audience then chants WWE Sucks! Austin then celebrates by getting a cooler of Beers to end the show.



Best/Worst Match:

Best/Worst Night:

Excellent/Great/Good/Medicore/Poor PPV: (Describe)

The Legend Killer Time starts now...
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All matches were very great!
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Good job .

Rating: 10/10

Moment: Stone Cold stunners Eric Bischoff

Best Match: Team WWE vs. ECW

Worst Match: Blue World Order vs. Mexicools

Best Night: WWE

Worst Night: ECW

Pretty good . The only bad thing is that there were not any WWE Superstars except Chris Benoit and Jericho, and Team WWE . But overall, very good pay per view .
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WWE ECW One Night Stand:

Best Matches:

1) Team WWE vs. Team ECW

2) Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

Best Night: Team WWE

Worst Night: Team ECW

Worst Match: None

Moment: Stone Cold celebrating with Team ECW

Rating: 8.9/10

Great Pay-Per-View. The reason I chose Team WWE vs. Team ECW was because I liked the build-up it had and it was just a 5 star match.

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit was another great match between two great Technical Wrestlers and Rest In Peace to Benoit he deserved that win.

This PPV was so cool and it had some good matches. You really gave ECW the name ECW on this episode and it was extreme.

The Pay-Per-View buys would be a whole lot for this ppv.

I believe on your next show, there should be a WCW Invasion based off of the superstars you have like Booker T, Jericho, Benoit, Hogan, many more if you want to.

I really like your shows and keep up the good work.

I can't wait for your next Raw Smackdown shows.
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