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My WCW Spring Stampede PPV Episode # 56 Part One Please Rate the Show?
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Default My WCW Spring Stampede PPV Episode # 56 Part One Please Rate the Show?

WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Sting

World Tag Team Champions- Paul London Brian Kendrick

Tag Team Champions- Hart Dynasty

Cruserweight Champion- Eddie Guerrero

United States Champion- Ted DiBiase Jr.

Womens Champion- Torrie Wilson

(All championships won't be defended)

Promo 1- The crowd is alive and are chanting Sting! Sting! Sting!

Match 1- (C) Torrie Wilson (Face) vs. Trish Stratus (Face). Lita hits Trish Stratus with brass knuckles when the referee was not looking. Winner = Torrie Wilson. 5:40

Match 2- (C) Ted DiBiase Jr. (Heel) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Face). DiBiase hits the Dream Street. DDP kicks out of the pin and pushes Ted into the turnbuckle. DDP goes to the other side of the ring and runs and tries to attack hit Ted who is at the turnbuckle, but Ted moves out of the way and hits another Dream Street and this time DDP doesn't kick out. Winner = Ted DiBiase Jr.

Promo 2- Edge Christian arrive in the building and they get assaulted by Scott Hall X-Pac. Scott Hall: We told you two that you made a big mistake and now we're taking your places tonight.

Match 3- Ken Shamrock (Heel) vs. Shane McMahon (Face) vs. William Regal (Heel) vs. Brock Lesnar (Heel) vs. Rick Steiner (Heel) vs. Mr. Anderson (Face). Lesnar hits Shamrock with the F-5 from the top of the ladder. Shane puts Regal ontop of one of the announce tables and climbed one of the ladder and jumps off of the ladder with the elbow drop and Regal Shane are not moving since Shane jumped off the ladder and landed on Regal. Rick Steiner starts climbing a ladder and Mr. Anderson hits the back suplex and then climbs the ladder. Brock Lesnar is on the other side of the ladder climbing as well. When they both reach the top Lesnar goes for a punch, but Anderson ducks his head and hits the Mic Check from the top of the ladder and both men land to the concrete floor. Shamrock quickly climbs the ladder and attempts to unhook the briefcase. Shane McMahon hits the Stunner on Regal after Regal just got up. Shane runs into the ring and tips the ladder over which Shamrock lands ontop of Steiner. Shane sets up another ladder and climbs it and unhooks the briefcase to win the match. WInner = Shane McMahon.

Match 4- (C) Hart Dynasty (Faces) vs. Scott Hall X-Pac (Heels). Winners = Scott Hall X-Pac. X-Pac hits Tyson Kidd with the X-Factor and Hall hits David Hart Smith with the Razors Edge.

Post Match- Scott Hall:X-Pac I are nWo Hollywood not nWo Wolfpac. Kevin Nash Konnan come out. Kevin Nash: You two need to join the Wolfpac. Scott Hall: You need to join Hollywood. Kevin Nash: Konnan and I want to challenge you two right now for the titles. Scott Hall: Ok then.

Match 5- (C) Scott Hall X-Pac (Heels) vs. Kevin Nash Konnan (Faces). No Contest. Hogan attacks Nash with a baseball bat. Sting is now behind Hogan. Hall Pac get ambushed with the bat by Sting. Hogan escapes from the ring.

Part 2 is coming up next!
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Awesome car


Best Match-Torrie wilson vs Trish stratus

Best Promo-Promo 2
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Nice start and opener, I love how the crowd just starts to chant, Sting, it was a great start, and hopefully, there is a great finish on part two, ,so let's see how the show goes, shall we?

Best Match:

1)The Hart Dynasty vs nWo

Promo 2 was well though out. I love when wrestlers just arrive in the building. That is just awesome. I just don't know why, but it is entertaining to see a wrestler who walks from outside the building, to inside, just something about it.

There is one match that stuck out to me the most, and that would be The Hart Dynasty vs nWo, it is a great match, and an awesome finish that I cannot duplicate. Scott Hall hitting the Razor's Edge is strange, because he had done that move for his Razor Ramon gimmick. If he ever breaks away from the nWo on your shows, go back to the Razor Ramon gimmick for Scott Hall.

Overall 1st Part of Card...9/10
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