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My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 55 is it good and please rate the show?
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Default My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 55 is it good and please rate the show?

Promo 1- Eric Bischoff: This will be a 3 hour Nitro! Eric Bischoff: Enjoy the show.

Match 1- Brock Lesnar (Heel) vs. Rick Steiner (Heel). Winner = Brock Lesnar. 6:09

Match 2- Tyson Kidd (w/David Hart Smith Natayla) vs. Edge (w/Christian). Winner = Edge with a Spear from the top rope. 12:78

Promo 2- Booker T is in his locker room. Booker T: I beat the nWo Hollywood up at the end of the show last week. The nWo Wolfpac helped out, but I was the one that was really fighting. Booker T: I have a match with Hollywood Hogan tonight since I attacked him too. Triple H will take on Sting Nash will face Guerrero.

Match 3- Macho Man Randy Savage (Heel) (w/Miss Elizabeth) vs. Disco Inferno (Face). Winner = Macho Man Randy Savage. 6:00

Post Match- Roddy Piper: I'm back!!!!

Promo 3- Scott Hall X-Pac come out. Scott Hall: Hey Yo. Scott Hall: X-Pac and I want tag team title shots. X-Pac: Instead of Edge Christian, it's going to be us as their replacements. Scott Hall: How about a match EC? Edge: You guys want a Number One Contenders Match against us? Scott Hall: Yeah and get down here right now. Christian: You guys are not gonna get a title shot because we earned ours last week. Scott Hall: You two made a horrible mistake.

Match 4- Trish Stratus (Face) vs. Lita (Heel). Winner = Trish Stratus with the Chick Kick. 7:49

Match 5- Eddie Guerrero (Face) vs. Kevin Nash (Face). Winner = Kevin Nash. Eddie went for the Frog Splash, but Nash moved out of the way and hit the Jack Nife. 14:04

Promo 4- Hollywood Hogan, The Disciple, Scott Steiner make their way down to the ring. Hogan: Booker T thinks he is so tough just because he was fighting us. Hogan: I believe he is as weak as all of you people. Scott Steiner here is stronger and The Disciple is stronger as well. Hogan: The nWo are powerful. We can't be stopped. The nWo Wolfpac is feuding with the nWo Hollywood which is my team. Hogan: Lex Lugar, Konnan, Sting are also weak. Hogan: That's why at Spring Stampede I will win back my WCW title and return it to the New World Order. Hogan: The nWo are brothers 4-Life! Lex Lugar is on the screen. Lex Lugar: Candice Michelle has joined the Wolfpac. Lex Lugar: I suggest that you may want to upgrade if you know what I mean.

Match 6- Virgil Mike Rotunda (Heels) accompanied by Ted DiBiase vs. Rey Mysterio (Face). Handicap Match. Winners = Money Inc. 3:45

Post Match- Ted DiBiase: You not gonna get your family mask back Rey. Ted DiBiase: Like I said the Million Dollar Man always gets his way. Mike Rotunda takes $250 dollars from Rey Mysterio.

Promo 5- Buff Bagwell Curt Hennig are seen walikng in the hallway and to the ring.

Match 7- Buff Bagwell Curt Hennig (Heels) vs. Bret Hart Ultimate Warrior (Faces). Winners = Team Hart. Bagwell eats a Power Pomb by the Ultimate Warrior and Hennig eats a Pile Driver from Bret. 8:00

Post Match- Bret Hart puts Hennig in the Sharpshooter.

Match 8- Triple H (Face) vs. Sting (Face). Winner = Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop. 13:56

Promo 6- Eric Bischoff walks to his car and when he opens up the door the Utlimo Dragon attacks him. Ultimo Dragon put him in the trunk and throws the limo driver out and Dragon drives the limo away with Bischoff in the trunk.

Main Event- Booker T (Face) vs. Hollywood Hogan (Heel) accompanied by Scott Steiner. Hogan goes for the Atomic Leg Drop and misses. Booker T picks Hogan up and hits the Book End and then the Scissors Kick. Winner = Booker T. 17:82

Post Match- Booker T hits Steiner with the Book End. More members from the nWo Hollywood run out and fight with Booker T. The nWo Wolfpac run out and...........

End of Show

Rate the Show

Pick Best Match
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Best Matches...

1)Tyson Kidd vs Edge

2)Eddie Guerrero vs Kevin Nash

3)Lita vs Trish Stratus

Tyson Kidd vs Edge would be awesome. Both of these wrestlers are from Canada, which makes the show, even more awesome, and it is a good opener, for a 3 hour show. I believe that the ending would be classic, and something similar to what I had thought of. I believe Tyson would do a springboard, and go all the way across the ring, and Edge catches him in the air with a Spear. That would be a classic.

Eddie Guerrero vs Kevin Nash is an epic...epic match. R.I.P Latino Heat. I believe Eddie should have won but the finish of the match was great, I liked how Guerrero misses the Frog Splash and I miss matches with endings like that, to a point, where they will just keep you guessing for a while.

Best Promo's:

1)Match 6 Post

Lita vs Trish would be a nice grudge match between the two, and if you have a retirement woman's wrestling match soon, I suggest it between these two, in a Hell in a Cell match! I know it sounds a bit over-the-top, but that would be a great match between the two. Or even have an Elimination Chamber with Woman wrestlers.

Overall Card...8.5/10
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