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EWW Raw come rate the show?
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Default EWW Raw come rate the show?

EWW Champs

World Heavyweight Champ Chris Jericho

Intercontinentsl Champ Evan Bourne

Women's Champ Mickie James

Unified Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Mr Money in the Bank AJ Styles

Kurt Angle comes out and saysBrayn last week used my own finisher on me the Ankle Lock how dare you make a mocking out of me weel come Backlash i will prove that im the best in the world Daneil Bryan is just a punk he thinks he's all that but he doesn't realizse how many titles i won and so far here in EWW he's won zero and he never will win because he doesn't have what it takes to beat meDaniel Bryan music hits he comes out with a micAngle people compare ui to one another which is stupid because we have two totally different styles but when i stole your finisher last week it was to make a staement both of us are no where near each otherShane MchMan music hits he saysyou 2 tonight will find tag team partners to have a tag team match tonight

Match 1. The Miz, Mr Anderson and Alex Riley{debut} vs Kofi Kingstons, Rey Mysterio, and Rhyno

The Miz's team gets the win after Anderson does the mic check to Kofi after Mr Anderson and The Miz has a micMizme and Mr Anderson are out to prove that we are worthy of being main eventers and we shall start by going after two of the most dominat wrestlers ever Kane and The Undertaker now we understand they have a match at Backlash but we don't care if we want to get to the main event why not go after two old guys that are way past their primeKane music hits as the fire strieks as usually him and Taker come out but then they both stop at the ramp and Kane raisis his arms and lowers them causing fire to surround the ring then Kane saysMiz me and my brother have been and always will be the best wrestlers ever you and Anderson are nothing compared to us but me and my brother make people like you suffer we will send both of you to a place me and my brother like to call home HellKane starts to laugh

The Hardyz are seen backstage talking

JeffMatt we have to get our mind offf of last weeks's loss i mean Team 3D may have won but that doesn't mean they are better then us we are still better then any tag team on this roster

MattJeff Team 3D we have faced in the past and put on incrediable matches but last week 3D got lucky

Legacy walks upTedMatt luck had nothing to do with Team 3D victory last week you two just aren't great like you use to be me and Cody are the future of tag teams so why don't you two step down from your match at Backlash and give us the spot for the Unified Tag Team Championships

JeffTed you and Cody have done nothing to prove yourselfs so i say this go out their and face Team 3D then we will see who's better

Match 2. Legacy vs Team 3D

3D wins after a 3D to Ted

this plays they all come out Barret sayslast week we laid out the animal Batista to make a point we came here to make impacts we are all one we all stick together and nobody i repeate nobody can stop usBatista comes out and saysBarret you think your a bad@ss all you 7 punks are is losers none of you can win without help Barret i want a re-matchBarretBatista thats not going to happen i already proved im better then you i should not have to face youOtungaBatista why don't you just get out of our ring because otherwise you will suffer the consquencesBatista spears Otunga but they all gain up on him Darren Young does a powerbobm then Tarver gives Batista a spear then Gabriel gives Batista a 450 splash pin the nexus seven theme plays as they stand over Batista

Match 3. Beth Phoenix and Victoria vs Mickie James and Lita

Victoria and Beth win after Victoria did a Widow's peak to Mickie

A Backlash promo plays as EWW will present Backlash in 1 week

Shawn Michaels is interviewed by Tohd grishamHBKTriple H at Backlash i will inlcise a side of HBK nobody has ever seen before something nobody even you Triple H will never forget

Match 4. Shawn Michaels vs Abyss

HBK got the win with Sweet Chin music but after Triple H comes out and naisl HBK with a sledghammer then Abyss grabs thumbtacks and pours them in the middle of the ring and Abyss gives HBK a blackhole slam on them Triple raises Abyss's hand after

Backstage AJ is seen with doctors still recovering from last weeks attack then Morrison comes inwhat a pathetic excuse for a wrestler AJ you were mysteriously attacked who would do such a thingAJget out MorrisonMorrisonno i won't i will weaken you more so i can beat you for your Money in the Bank briefcase and show your not so phenominal i'm the new Shawn Michaelsthen Morrison grabs AJ Ankle and throws him against the door then is stepping on his chest but then 4 men in black throw Morrison right into a glass window Shane comes over and saysim sick of you guys attacking people all 4 of you took out a huge superstar named John Cena so all of you will reveal who you are on Raw after Backlash and if you don't all of you will be suffer severe consquences

Match 5. Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe

{Bourne at commentary} RVD gets the win after a Five Star and after Evan Bourne, RVD and Samoa Joe all shake hands then RVD saysno hard feeling Bourne good luck at Backlash and make the better man win Bourne your a great IC Champ but remember i will do what it takes to win that IC Title

Main Event Daniel Bryan and Christian vs Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho

Angle gets the win for him and Jericho after forcing Bryan to tap to the Ankle Lock but after Jericho gives Christian a codebreaker and he holds the title up with his music coming on

Backlash Official Card

Edge vs Sheamus

Intercontinental Championship Match Evan Bourne{c} vs Rob Van Dam

Women's Championship Match Mickie James{c} vs Taylor Wilde Speical Guest Refree Match{Lita as ref}

World Heavyweight Championship Match Chris Jericho{c} vs Christian TLC Match

Unified Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Hardcore Match Londrick{c} vs The Hardyz vs The Brother's of Destruction

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels Steel Cage Match

John Morrison vs AJ Styles for AJ;s Money in the Bank Briefcase

Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle No DQ Match
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Best Matches...

1)Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe

2)Abyss vs Shawn Michaels

3)The Miz, Mr Anderson and Alex Riley vs Kofi Kingstons, Rey Mysterio, and Rhyno

I don't need to go in much detail since your show, is a perfect show tonight, which is why the rating is as followed...

Overall Card...10/10

I believe you have outdone yourself on this one. You started out with a Bryan Danielson/Kurt Angle promo which is one of the best, if not the best promo, that I have ever heard. You went on detail for almost everything, and had every bit of detail. Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe is amazing. These two styles mixed together again, and you have one hell of a match. Abyss vs Shawn Michaels is another great match. Way to mix up the different styles of wrestling between the two in that match. The 6 man match is perfect with awesome wrestlers in the match.

The PPV card is looking awesome. Bryan Danielson vs Kurt Angle, Triple H vs Shawn Michaels, Aj Styles vs John Morrison, and so many more, already, that card looks insane!
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