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Whats the Future of Nexus?
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Old 17 Aug 2010, 02:03 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Whats the Future of Nexus?

Where do you think the future of the WWE Nexus angel is heading after SummerSlam's let down ppv and tonight's eah nothing impressive count out matches. Are they losing their flame? have they lost it already? John Cena was actually pretty hostile on the mic tonight.

Also whose tired of the Super Cena gimmick?

Yeah I read HHH was actually at SummerSlam backstage but didn't get put in it. Guess his not 100% yet.
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They are simply going to self explode, the only way I see the Nexus continue, is if they recruit new members like the NXT season 2 rookies for example
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Tired of Super Cena, tired of rush-in beatdowns (tired of that back in the 90's), and although I like some of the members of Nexus, I think they're destined for midcard jobber hell in a couple months unless something changes fast.
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I think they are losing their flame a bit, they cannot continue to just attack people like they have been and expect the fans to react the same way as they did when they first started. I think they will eventually move out of the spotlight maybe stay together but not be like the threat of the WWE I think they will just be a normal stable and then fizzle out and maybe feud with each other and disband. Either they just end up fizzling out or they will do something big like give them the higher purpose or power and reveal someone is behind the Nexus like Triple H or something shocking like that. I wonder what they do I just hope they don't take over another PPV and book everything towards the Nexus. Because summerslam was booked terribly it was all about Nexus the other matches took a backseat to it and they seemed thrown together last minute.
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Current and Former Member's Futures:

Wade Barrett: World Champion possibly by next months Night of Champions

David Otunga: Since he is a big man, he will get a decent push, possibly IC/US title run in a year and a Tag Team Championship with Skip Sheffield and then after paying his dues and perfecting his ring style, world champion in 2-3 years

Daniel Bryan: could win the tag titles with someone about 2 times and then get a short IC title run, then after 3 years in the WWE he'll get lost in the shuffle to be honest

Heath Slater: be in a few feud's here and there, eventually get drafted to Smackdown, then form a tag team which won't go anywhere, then the tag team starts jobbing then gets fired in about a tear in a Half

Justin Gabriel: Possible IC/US title win then possible World title reign then 450 splashes in obscurity and wont be seen again

Michael Tarver: he will be all talk and say he is the best, he will be made as a joke and will be a jobber of sorts but will on occasion winning a match

Skip Sheffield: IC/US title run and a short WWE Championship run and will give a new design of the belt, then will win some time in his time in the WWE a Tag Team Championship with David Otunga

Darren Young: Unless a gimmick change is in affect or they revert him to his old South Beach Party Boy gimmick, a possible run with former FCW Tag Team partner Percy Watson with the Tag Titles and return of the South Beach Party Boys, then if they disband then young will get released
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I hope Wade Barrett is right that their loss at Summerslam will make them stronger and more dominant. And i don't think they are really losing their flame. Yes, tonight's Raw was bad but there was a purpose to it: to reconstruct the Nexus. Now they got rid of their weakest link and has 2 open spots which will most likely be taken by people from Season 2 of NXT like Alex Riley and Husky Harris. If they want to take over Raw, they have to take their titles. There are rumors that Wade Barrett will be in the hunt for the WWE title at NOC and if he wants to show that he is just as good as the others, than he will win. Otunga and Skip showed that their a good duo so they could have them go for the WWE Tag Team titles or even have the team of Gabriel and Slater. Then, when Bryan wins the US title, have someone challenge him on Raw or the next ppv Hell In a Cell. This s just the beginning of a new chapter.
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martin_rulz6 is on a distinguished road

Ill do it in the style of Logan

Wade Barrett - Will at the very least be in the running for the WWE title before the year is up. Probably has the brightest future out of all current/former Nexus members.

Daniel Bryan - Probably will be in the running for secondary titles. Would not be surprised if he gets the US Title at Night of Champions, but unless he bulks up, or fans really get behind him to the point that he has to be pushed, like Rey Mysterio, I can't, right now, see him as a WWE or World Heavyweight titlist.

Darren Young - Probably will soon go back to FCW, probably end up becoming an afterthought.

David Otunga - I can't see him lasting long. He has little skill, and the only reason he is around right now is because of who he dates (Jennifer Hudson).

Skip Sheffield - I can see a good future for him. He seems like he can make a good big man, and be in the hunt for titles.

Justin Gabriel - Also see a good future for him. I think he has a good future as a tag team wrestler.

Heath Slater - I right now can't see him much as a heel, so he would have to do something big to convince me that (other than joining in on the Nexus attacks). But I think he has a decent shot at having a carrer in wrestling, if not the WWE

Michael Tarver - As long as he can keep on improving, I could see him having a good future as a big man. He needs to work on his wrestling skills though, so I say put him back in the FCW for a year or so, let him improve his skills, and bring him back up. If everything works out for him, he could be in the running for titles.

BQ - Yes, but seeing his past work, I am not tired of Cena himself. Just his gimmick is old and tired.
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Kevin The A-List Rockstar is on a distinguished road

They are recruiting new members, NXT season 2 will be finished soon, so Im sure NXT 2 will have some involvement with NEXUS.
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The Nexus need to get their act together, hang in here, stay on the same page and be improved more like Degeneration X, Evolution, Nation of Domination, Hart Foundation NWO. They have not lost much of their fuel, energy, power motivation. Darren Young got kicked out Nexus because of John Cena and now Nexus has to do is extending the faction by adding more members(male female)* so they can target the entire roster of Raw and Smackdown, ending Chris Jericho's heel gimmick by attacking Jericho just like the former WCW/ECW alliance members did to Austin back on a 11/22/01 ep of Smackdown and ending the PG Era in progress. The Nexus angle will make a huge turnaround as the WWE vs Nexus storyline continues, This time the Nexus will be unstoppable.

*=Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, The Usos, Dudbusters, Santino Marella(serious heel turn, if he saved the Nexus and betraying John Cena The WWE Faces), Titus O'Neil, Percy Waston, Drew McIntyre, Epico Hunico, Big E Langston, Lucky Cannon, Tyler Reks, Vance Archer, Eli Cottonwood, Husky Harris, Bo Rotunda, Alex Riley, Donny Marlow, Mason Ryan, Derrick Bateman, Kaval, Abraham Washington, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Layla, Tiffany(heel, once she's reinstated by WWE), Naomi Night, AJ Lee, Livana, Jamie Keyes and Aksana
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