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What do you rate SummerSlam from 1-10? + Found 'Nadja', now 'Alex', report that cheater (links):?
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Default What do you rate SummerSlam from 1-10? + Found 'Nadja', now 'Alex', report that cheater (links):?

Well, I rate SummerSlam a 3.5. Horrible PPV. What do you rate it?

Sorry for this off topic post, I answered a Q a few days ago. I revisted to see what was going on and I saw Alex answer 9 minutes ago. Here is the link to the asker profile:

Go to his 4 day questions. He has an answer such as, Stone Cold for his impressive style of power wrestling, his ability to put on entertaining well worked matches and his awesome skills on the mic cutting promos and working segments.

and, No bcz that was a very entertaining gimmick he worked back then and a big change from his previous in-ring character.

 Rock will get louder cheers than anyone since the Attitude Era !

Report those answers and questions

Btw, on question about Stone Cold, Rock and Undertaker, yes I voted for myself. Nadja ain't winning now.

I also got 2 of my friends to vote for me.

No shame in hiding the truth; there's a bigger picture to take down here.
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6.5/ 10

Kane and Danielson rocked the show
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Fuck you for not liking The Rock or Stone Cold. You are reported. But to answer your question, I can't because the Nexus are beating me up too bad curently.
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It wasn't that bad.

I think people are judging base on the outcome and not the match quality itself.

For example, I believe that Kofi vs Dolph, Sheamus vs Orton, and Kane vs Mysterio were very solid matches, with a crappy ending.

It all was for storyline development. I mean, with Dolph and Kofi, the feud continues, but makes you think, will nexus plan to attack Smackdown? Sheamus and Orton was a great match, but done so the feud continues. Lame. And Kane and Mysterio was not bad, but Taker's return was crap!!! When you return, your suppose to seem better then over. Thats always how Taker did it. I admire that WWE is making Kane the powerful monster he once was, but lame. I felt Taker should had just beat up both guys and then the fact Kane beat the undertaker as a Smackdown segment. But overall, it sucks.

The Divas match was ...alright, but I felt like Alicia Fox had just made a name, and beating Melina would had done her pretty good. The Big Show vs SES wasn't that great, but no one expected better.

And the thing that saved the night. Daniel Bryan's return. All I ever wanted and was certainly surprising. Now all I want to know is, was it a work? Though I doubt it. Leaving him out for so long. (Yeah, I notices the hearts in your user name. It still might not had been a work and the firing could had been real. Just saying) But that match was alright. I hate how Jericho, Hart, and Edge got eliminated. SO LAME!!!! HOW CAN THEY DO THAT TO CANADIANS!!! Just saying. And a lot of people hated that Cena one again, as a superhero. I don't think so. He only took out 2 rookies, ROOKIES!!! He isn't unstoppable. People are making a big deal over nothing. I for one, am happy the WWE team won, even before Daniel Bryan. So I think his match went better then expected.

However, I was really disappointed that it was only 6 matches. What the hell?!!! They better not do this for other PPVs. I mean, they could had a tag team title defense, or the Miz putting the US Title on the line. And lets put Swagger, Christian, and Hardy in a match. Wasted talent. Geez.

So I give it a 5/10. The matches were alright, but the outcomes were bad. Daniel Bryan's return was the thing that saved it, but not a lot. And really disappointed in the low number of matches on the card.
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7. Daniel Bryan's return made the show...
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