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My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 53 Please Rate the Show?
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Default My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 53 Please Rate the Show?

Promo 1- Sting comes out in the red and black face paint. Sting takes off his jacket and reveals the red and black nwo shirt. Sting: The nWo Wolfpac is back!! Last night when Team Hart defeated the nWo I was watching in my locker room. Lex Lugar is apart of the Wolfpac along with me. Konnan told us that he will join the Wolfpac. The Game Triple H will have a match with Kevin Nash tonight. I will defend my World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley tonight. Sting: Wolfpac is in the house!!!!!!!!

Match 1- (C) Konnan (Face) vs. Eddie Guerrero (Face). WInner = Eddie Guerrero with the Frog Splash.

Match 2- Jerry Lawler (Face) vs. Doink the Clown (Heel). The Rematch No Interferences. Winner = Jerry Lawler with the Pile Driver to win the match.

Promo 2- Scott Hall Kevin Nash are in the backstage hallway. Scott Hall: We have to defend our belts against The Hart Dynasty tonight. Kevin Nash: I have to be in two wrestling matches tonight Hall while you still have to deal with Larry Zbysko tonight. Scott Hall: I have a surprise next week and it will shock everybody. Kevin Nash: What is it? Scott Hall: Can't tell you tonight.

Match 3- Trish Stratus vs. Lita. Number One Contenders Match. Winner = Trish Stratus after Lita jumped off the top rope and eats a Chick Kick from Trish.

Post Match- Torrie Wilson walks to the middle of the stage ramp. Torrie Wilson: Get ready for your match against me at Spring Stampede. Torrie Wilson: After I defeat you, I want some new opponents to face.

Promo 3- Shane McMahon runs into the ring. Shane McMahon: Last night I defeated Brock Lesnar and humillated him in front of his wife. Shane McMahon: At Spring Stampede I want to face Brock Lesnar in a Ladder Match. Eric Bischoff comes out. Eric Bischoff: At Spring Stampede it will be Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon vs. William Regal vs. Rick Steiner vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mr. Anderson in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The winner will get to cash in the briefcase against any champion up until a year.

Promo 4- We are backstage with Tyler Black. Richards had attacked Tyler Black. Davey Richards: It going to be one and me at Spring Stampede. Security pull Richards away.

Match 4- Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (Heel) vs. Shark Boy (Face). Winner = Ted DiBiase with the Million Dollar Dream.

Post Match- Vincent walks to DiBiase. Vincent: We have to talk. Ted DiBiase: About what? Vincent: It has something to do with Money. Ted DiBiase: That's discuss this later Vincent. Vincent:I'm not Vincent anymore, I'm Virgil. Ted DiBiase: What is this about. Virgil: Mike Rotunda got a contract here and we're reforming Money Inc. Ted DiBiase: It's all about the Money! DiBiase laughs. Mike Rotunda gives DiBiase the Million Dollar title.

Match 5- Scott Hall Eric Bischoff (Heels) vs. Larry Zbysko (Face). Winners = Hall Bischoff after Hall hit Larry with the Razors Edge.

Match 6- (C) The Outsiders (Heels) vs. Tyson Kidd David Hart Smith (Faces). World Tag Team Championship. Winners = Hart Dynasty after they hit Nash with the Hart Attack and Hall gets hit with the bicycle kick from David Hart Smith.

Post Match- This theme plays. Scott Hall: I didn't feel like waiting until next week to reveal my surprise so I'm revealing it now. Scott Hall: I'm Razor Romon again. Razor Romon: Say Hello to the Bad Guy.

Match 7- Hollywood Hogan Curt Hennig (Heels) (w/Rick Rude) vs. Bret Hart Jim Neidhart. Winners = Team Hogan.

Post Match- Hogan: Eric Bishcoff told me at Spring Stampede I will face the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Hogan: Curt Hennig will face Bret Hart in a Submission Match also at the PPV.

Promo 5- Kevin Nash gets ready for his match against the Game Triple H.

Match 8- Kevin Nash (Heel) vs. Triple H (Face). Nash goes for the Big Boot, but Triple H ducks and hits the Pedigree on Nash. Winner = Triple H.

We show a replay of the Pedigree Triple H hit.

Main Event- (C) Sting (Face) vs. Bobby Lashley (Heel). World Heavyweight Championship. 13:06. Winner = Bobby Lashley by DQ. Kevin Nash hit Bobby Lashley with a steel chair. Sting is still the WCW World Champion though.

Post Match- Sting Kevin Nash shake hands and Kevin Nash has the red and black nWo shirt on. We end the show with Lex Lugar, Konnan, Sting Kevin Nash celebrating.

End of Show

Rate the Show

Pick Best Match/Promo

WCW Spring Stampede matches so far:

Shane McMahon vs. William Regal vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Rick Steiner vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Mr. Anderson. Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

(C) Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus.


Curt Hennig vs. Bret Hart. Submission Match.

(C) Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan.

Davey Richards vs. Tyler Black.

Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Sarita vs. Sable. Winner = Torrie Wilson.

Trish Stratus was the champion awhile ago and then Torrie won the 6 Diva match and she is still the champion.
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Best Match: Trish vs Lita

Rating: 10/10

Question: I'm not insulting your show, but who did Torrie Wilson beat to become Women's Champion?
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.8.5/10-Rating For The Show

.Best Match/Promo-The Outsiders vs. Tyson Kidd David Hart Smith
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I have got to go out on a limb here and say that this is your best show so far, maybe of all time. Why? Because of promo 4 and the match hype up for the Davey Richards, and Tyler Black match, awesome.

1)Scott Hall Eric Bischoff vs Larry Zbysko

2)Sting vs Bobby Lashley

I cannot pick best promo because they are all good. The rating is a solid 8.9 because there were more promo's rather than matches. Don't get me wrong, it was your best show, probably of all time going upon the entertainment factor, but not the actually wrestling. However, your Spring Stampede card will without a doubt, be the best show you have ever put together. I will be sure to try and not miss it. I do miss a few and I am sorry. If you feel that there is no best answer on your show, and want my answer, please, e-mail me.

Overall Card...8.9/10

Scott Hall Eric Bischoff vs Larry Zbysko was great. I like the HandiCap match of one of the best, and a non wrestler vs a wrestler who is fairly well trained. I believe Razor Ramon will end this match quickly, I mean Scott Hall.

Sting vs Bobby Lashley would be a semi decent match. I believe Bobby would dominate throughout the entire match, and Sting cannot fend off. But the ending ends with Lashley winning by DQ as you said. Also, Trish Stratus and Lita would put on a mediocre Diva's Grudge match that I would like to see, or any wrestling fan for that matter would love to see.
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