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My Version Of Summerslam..Rate/Hate..?
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Default My Version Of Summerslam..Rate/Hate..?

The show would open with the Kofi and Ziggler match. Ziggler would get frustrated with Vicki Guerrero's annoying screaming and kick her away from ringside..this would lead to him winning the match cleanly, thus turning officially face. Kofi, who has showed signs of a heel change, would attack Ziggler after the match..and won't stop til' he is removed from ringside by security. The next match would be Melina Vs Alicia Fox. I wasn't dissapointed with this match so it would the same as it was. The next match would be SES vs Show..i would have Big Show takeout both Mercury and Gallows and leave CM Punk to win the match cleanly..he would be in a chokeslam but jump out and hit a HUGE GTS and win the match for the SES. The next segment would be the Miz's promo of whether or not he would join team WWE..and he would decide that he would join just like in the actual show..He would then be challenged by Evan Bourne for his US championship and would say no but then be forced to compete by the GM that is revealed to be MICHEAL COLE!! He would lose the match after Bourne does the AIR BOURNE and Bourne would become the new US champion..The next match would be announced by Theodore Long an Micheal Cole..It would be 4 team ladder match for the unified tag titles..The Hart Foundation Vs. The Usos Vs. The returning Brian Kendrick and Paul London Vs. Matt and the returning JEFF HARDY!! (The Hardys)..This would be a great match..with The Hardys winning the tag titles..Highlights of the match would be highflying dives and Jeff's Signature Swanton Bomb thru two tables..taking out Paul London and one of the Usos..The next match would be the World Title match..Rey Vs Kane..The match would go down to the wire like it did on tonights show..kane would open the casket and find his brother.. the same sequence would happen, except Undertaker would get the uper hand and chokeslam kane into the casket..he would then drag the casket towards the stage..and back away from it..then he would get on his knee and stick his hand to the sky with toungue out and eyes rolled back..a ligtning bolt would strike the casket and it would be caught in flames..this would occur and lead to kane returning with his mask in the following weeks..The next match would be Orton Vs Sheamus for the WWE would be a great match and end with Sheamus getting hit with an RKO after orton jumps out of his finisher..during the course of the match, both men kick out of eachother's finishers..making it a classic match..Orton is exausted and crawls trying to get to his feet with the WWE title in hand..The Miz's music hits and he cashes in his MITB..he goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but orton hits an RKO out of nowhere and the miz becomes the first MITB winner to be unsuccessful..Orton celebrates and exits..The Main Event would be TEAM WWE Vs THE NEXUS..this match would go just the way it really did..but with a twist..Cena would be the last team WWE member standing..and getting his *** handed to him by Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel..OUT OF NOWHERE, Triple H's Music hits..He runs toward the ring while Wade and Gabriel continue to attack cena..They get off of Cena and back into the corner..HHH looks at the Nexus members and smirks..He then rips off his HHH tee and reveals a Nexus shirt he was wearing under..he attacks Cena and the remaining Nexus members are disqualified..he hits Cena with fists to the head and then grabs a chair and strikes Cena numerous times in the head and then hits a pedigree on cena onto the chair..the rest of the Nexus head into the ring and they all celebrate..The next Night HHH is revealed as the man behind the entire Nexus team and the leader..he says Wade was just a coverup until his return..they all attack Sheamus and HHH gets his long awaited revenge..and if i were a real writer i'd have alot more suprises for the fans..

Give your rating..Tellme if you liked these ideas..and tellme what YOU would like to see happen..thanks
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i liken wwe one.
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