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How do I become a Better High school Wrestler?
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Default How do I become a Better High school Wrestler?

I've never wrestled a day in my life. The only time I've wrestled was with my friends.

I've been told I have a wrestlers body, I am 5'4 and I weigh 146. I want to do good and not look bad, any help?

I'm a freshman and I need help
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become a Better High school Wrestler by PRACTICING !

a) Get a sparring partner.

B) download and study moves and PRACTICE !

That Gracie guy from Brazil has some instructional videos you may be able to download.

I took Judo before high school, when I got to high school I kicked wrestlers a*ses !

In Judo you stand erect, so when wrestling, I could see the opponent coming and reacted way faster, cause I was used to closer fighting stance of Judo.

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Study It For The Mindset:

The objective of wrestling is to pin your opponent, but it usually involves a takdown to accomplish this goal. As a matter of fact, it has been proven statistically that the wrestler who executes the first takedown in a match will win the match 85 to 90% of the time.

What is considered a takedown? Well, to set up a takedown, the wrestlers must be working from the neutral or standing position; a situation where neither wrestler has control. Then a takedown is scored when one of the wrestlers gains control over the other, causing his opponent's supporting points (the area or areas in which most of the body weight is placed) to be the knees, thighs, buttocks, or hands.

In reference to out-of-bounds situations, a wrestler can be awarded a takedown as long as he or his adversary is in-bounds. Remember, the line around the mat is out-of-bounds. And don't forget, a takedown can be awarded if the scoring wrestler's feet are in-bounds and touching the mat. In years past, the scoring wrestler's knees had to be in-bounds.

When the takedown is a achieved, the offensive man receives two match points. The double-leg drop, single-leg sweep, fireman's carry, arm drag, snapdown and pancake are just a few types of takedowns.

The best definition for an illegal hold would be any maneuver used that could cause bodily harm intentionally or not. Examples of illegal moves include full nelsons, overscissors, back bows, headlocks (without an arm encircled), forceful trips, pulling a thumb or less than four fingers, holds that restrict breathing or circulation, and any holds used for punishment alone.

Illegal maneuvers are penalized in the following manner: first and second offense - one match point for opponent; third offense - two match points for opponent; and fourth offense - disqualification from the match.

Note, a wrestler applying a legal hold shall not be penalized if his adversary turns it into an illegal hold. And whenever possible, an illegal move should be prevented by the official rather than penalized.

Any intentional act that is hazardous to an opponent's physical well-being is considered unnecessary roughness.

Furthermore, if a hold is utilized for the sole purpose of punishment alone, the referee may see fit to declare unnecessary roughness. Such perpetrations as striking, kicking, butting with the head, elbowing, and forceful tripping are examples of this infraction.

Normally, the violator would be penalized as follows: first offense - one point; second offense - another point for his rival; third offense - two points for his adversary; and fourth offense - disqualification.

However, when the official believes the unnecessary roughness of the wrestler to be totally inexcusable, he can indicate a flagrant misconduct signal, which is an automatic disqualification and the deduction of ALL team points scored in the event. Certainly, a sucker punch to the jaw would fall under this category.
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