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***STAR*** If You Think (Super Cena Hogan) Is WWE's DownFall?
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Default ***STAR*** If You Think (Super Cena Hogan) Is WWE's DownFall?

Edge, You hit it on the spot!!! the older fans are sick of his push How much can you push a guy untill its enough ??

I mean really, At least Cena can take some time off!! Something!!!...

I bet you anything, Raw will have Cena there of course he will beat the odd's again..
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John Cena is actually more overrated than Hogan ever was, its really getting ridiculous, ITS THE SAME OLD SH*T every week with Cena

EDIT: Thanks for the thumbs down kids!!!
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Let me ask you a question. How in the hell can you call him Super Cena Hogan? Cena spent the whole match on the ring apron until the end. Then he got the crap beaten out of him for a while before making Daniel Bryan look like gold with that great comeback (and it was a great comeback).

Yes, Cena did score the win, but what's so wrong with that? He's the captain of the team and the hero of the story. Of course that was what was going to happen. Why is that a bad thing? Every good story needs a hero, and the WWE has made it very, VERY clear that Cena is that guy. He's no different in terms of being Superman then Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Rock or Shawn Micheals were before him. He's just the only one who gets ragged on all the time. I just don't understand it. Back in 1998, Steve Austin took on EVERYONE in the Royal Rumble and one (seriously, it was everyone), and from 98 up until about 2001, I think he lost cleanly one time. Mabye. Cena loses a lot. Sure, they aren't always clean losses, but he's the face of the company. He wouldn't be the face of the company if he lost cleanly all the time.

Cena didn't buy Nexus at all. It went down to a one-on-one match and Cena got the best of Wade Barrett, who, let's not forget, is supposed to still be a rookie, not a guy who has headlined Wrestlemania a number of times. Nexus got the best of him and the rest of the WWE for months, so why is it bad that Cena FINALLY gets a win? What were you expecting to happen?

And just so you're aware, Daniel Bryan eliminated just as many Nexus members as Cena did.
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I think Sheamus is the downfall of WWE.
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i hate it when people say star if you agree.


the only thing worse is when people star something because its asked.

these are the panhandlers of YA.

your answer is no.

cena is not hogan (he is of this era) but he isnt globaly or nationaly as big as hogan was.

the wwe moved on pastt hogan, succsefully, and continued to grow, without him,, and aside from a little hicup remained the biggest brand in USA wrestling to this day.

i usually am anti WWE but, i am a realist and know fact when i see it.

i hate hogan, even as a child growing up in the 80s loved savage, the giant and piper and hated hogan.

Cena is no where near hogans signifigance or pop icon status.

you could ask the same question 8 years ago and slid the rocks name in instead of cena.

he wasnt a downfall even thogh at the time he was most comparable to what cena is now.

your a sheep. and this happens every decade.

just to make it clear. i do not support cena and am not a fan of him, or hogan.

i just call it like i see it.

just my personal opinion
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?dg?cator ? is on a distinguished road

Yeah notice that everytime a ppv ends its Cena who is in the focus of camera. The spotlight has to be on him always. His push has 'pushed away' many older wrestling fans from wwe in last few years. Lets just hope we get some unpredictability back in wwe. The thing I don't like is that he isn't as charismatic as the Rock or Austin or even Hogan but still was chosen to be their 'successor'.
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Cena is not overrated !

He puts his heart and soul out in that ring . Why do people hate him ? What's wrong with him ?

People grow up ! Now I know I'm going to get thumbs down .

But those are going to be from the REAL KIDS .

Back then, The Rock and Stone Cold used to be sole survivors or the last man to win in everything but no one had a problem with that .

But today, the KIDS of the WWE Universe don't understand true wrestling . Cena does win, and he does lose, what the hey . He's cool .
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If Cena were Hulk Hogan, he would have NEVER had the match Cena had tonight. Cena spent 90% of this match on the ring apron. He stayed outside till the end. After that, he spent the rest of the match completely laid out on the floor. He didn't win with an Attitude Adjuster. He didn't even put a finisher on Justin. He just rolled out of the way and let Justin hurt himself. The only people he got a pin on tonight were Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett. Keep in mind that Daniel Bryan ALSO got two people to tap out to the Crossface. Interesting how no one seemed to notice.

Now, how would have Hulk done it? Oh yes, he would have spent 99% of the match completely in the ring, refusing to sell the opponent's moves, refusing to put ANYONE over other than himself, and then destroying everyone with his leg drop. Yeah... if Daniel Bryan were around when Hogan was, he would have never even been tagged in.

Big differences. Get over it. Cena is the face of the WWE and there's nothing anyone can do about it. If you don't like it and if you think RAW is going to be so predictable tomorrow, then go right ahead and change the channel. If you already know what's going to happen, then it's not worth watching, is it? Go watch something else.
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Downfall? Not hardly. The opposite, in fact.

John Cena is the hero of the WWE universe. That's his role; chief defender of all things good and right. Doesn't matter the amounts (or the ratio) of cheers/boos he gets, he IS the hero. The McMahons have always had a hero as the top guy in their promotion. From Bruno Sammartino to Bob Backlund to Hulk Hogan to Ultimate Warrior to Stone Cold to Cena today.

Those who love Cena want to see him continue to defend good and continue to thwart the evil villains.

Those who don't like Cena want to see their beloved villains beat him.

In both cases, large amounts of people pay money and tune in each week to see Cena.

For all intents and purposes, Cena is the straight man (of the act) in the WWE, as those oh-so-entertaining and cool heels do their best to try to out-smart, cheat, and screw over the hero, that boring, over-pushed superman. And despite Cena's success against those ee-vil villains, the fans keep coming back week after week, PPV after PPV, hoping to see A villain (doesn't seem to matter which one) beat him.

Cena isn't pushed in the meaning of the word that most fans seem to, uh, complain about. Cena is the sword in the stone (so to speak) to the villains trying to make a name for themselves. THEY get pushed AGAINST Cena. THEY are the ones entertaining the fans with their dirty tricks and nefarious schemes. Cena is there to provide a rock-solid pillar of good they are trying to tear down. The more entertaining villains get to keep coming back, getting TV time (and PPVs), in which to continue their ee-vil deeds (against Cena) that so many fans love these days.

There is no other performer in the WWE who can fill that role (hero). There is no other performer in the WWE (currently) who can carry RAW.

Cena took considerable time off a couple of years ago. Fans were sick to death of superman Cena. Anyway, Cena took time off for surgery and healing (and to make a movie). Meanwhile, the chosen one (of the fans) Randy Orton was given the keys to the store...

...and failed miserably. Within just a few short weeks (of RAW and the WWE revolving around Randy Orton) the fans had had enough. They were sick of Orton being WWE Champ, and forums all over the internet (including this one) wanted a change. They even wanted John Cena to come back to carry RAW again.

Last year when RAW turned into Monday Night Orton (due to Cena being out with another injury requiring surgery; and another movie, if I remember correctly) the fans got so sick of RAW that the ratings went down. So much that Vince instituted that million dollar giveaway and guest host angle in desperate attempts to save the damn show.

Late last year, Sheamus juggernauted his way to the main event, and beat the superman to claim the WWE Title. Fans were outraged! Sheamus! Who the hell is Sheamus? they cried. He doesn't deserve it! He didn't pay any dues! they wailed. And they wanted Cena to regain the title and send Sheamus packing.

Orton failed TWICE at carrying RAW (without Cena there). Sheamus doesn't deserve it. Most fans don't respect Triple H and feel he only has a job because he married Vince's daughter (and he buries everybody anyway). Batista cheated on his wife while she had cancer so the fans didn't want him, either. Jericho isn't larger-than-life enough and doesn't pop the ratings. Edge was on Smackdown and gets hurt too often anyway. Undertaker only works part-time. Christian (despite proving himself in TNA) doesn't have the WWE credibility.

Who's left? Who can possibly take Cena's place? Kane, perhaps. But he's not a hero; never has been and never will be. If Kane is the top guy, and he's already a demented and psychotic monster, how can any heel hope to top that? Or even, be effective AS a heel against Kane?

Fans these days love the heels. To be an effective heel you HAVE to have a stronger, more virtuous, good guy against which to ply your ee-vil, or it doesn't work (being an effective heel).

Cena is actually keeping the WWE on top. NOBODY in the wrestling business generates more passion in the fans than John Cena. No other performer even comes close. Those who love him, love him unconditionally. Those who hate him, want to see A villain, any villain, destroy him. Both types of fans pay to watch him month after month, and they tune in each week to see him win or lose.

Cena is a long-time proven success who consistently pulls in the viewers. You can't say that about any other performer in the WWE, except for the Undertaker, but he only works part-time.

EDIT: I would have starred the question but, as I just wrote, I don't agree with Cena being the WWE's downfall.
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