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KNOW YOUR ROLE? is on a distinguished road

For example, I've always been on the fence about Triple H. You can tell the guy is a great psychologist in the ring and despite what anybody says, he is a dynamic heel, probably one of the best the WWE has ever seen. But I've heard too many backstage stories about this guy, I question his real intentions in marrying Stephanie, and the fact that he buries people ticks me off. I like him, but at the same time I can't stand him.

What about you? Are there any wrestlers that make you feel like this?

@Bingo Guy: Oh wow...that one was cute. You come up with that one or did Orlando Jordan help you with it while sucking on his lollipop?

@Broken Dreams: But you have to understand that HHH would've never been able to push those guys like Orton to the main spotlight had it not been for the McMahon influence. I'm not saying he would've never been big, because he would've, he's too good. But now, he is always in Vince's ear about who to put over and who not to put over, such as Sheamus. I've heard Bret Hart and other wrestlers say on record that Hunter has always had his own agenda and if you look deeper into the evidence, it doesn't look too clean for HHH.
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dick vonn strangle is on a distinguished road

i kinda liked doink the clown
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DASHING is on a distinguished road

I was a big Cena fan from 2002 - 2006 then I got tired of him winning but now that he actually loses the title I started liking him and respecting him again.
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K$493 (yWa-20) is on a distinguished road

I like the Miz but sometimes I hate him
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ok is on a distinguished road

Greg Helms i loved his matchs but couldent stand his huricane gimmick
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Ben Powell is on a distinguished road

Y2J and Kane

Y2J he is a great in ring competitor but when he talks its like shut the hell up

Kane because i like his sick twisted mind can be intresting
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Rassling Fundamentals is on a distinguished road

There are some guys who are great workers in the ring but on the political side are real jerks like say Shawn Michaels......and his poison has spread to his understudies HHH, Nash, Hall, Waltman...

And then there is Benoit who is the best junior heavy worker ever but is a psycho killer....but than again he probably learned that from Dynamite Kid.
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Hazza the Hitman is on a distinguished road

shawn michaels- he is a great wrestler but a real b@stard backstage as he controlled all the booking and refused to give the title back to Bret Hart
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R?t?d Sile?t is on a distinguished road

Triple H

The only thing about Triple H that I would say, is I respect him, and that is it. I could care less about his accomplishments anymore because he said it, he married Stephanie. Also, I was watching E:60 on ESPN about 2 years back, and they took the camera into the creative room. Guess who was sitting by Vince McMahon? Triple H. So, I believe if Triple H never married Stephanie, he would have been successful, but not as successful if you know what I mean.

Also, he is one of the only wrestlers that cannot step down. He believes he still has it, and I believe he lost it back in 2006 after D-X. Is when he officially lost it and his main event credibility. He cares about himself only backstage, and cannot stand talent who gets in a higher position than him. That, ticks me off. I also question his intentions on marrying Steph. He is self centered which makes me think, he wanted Steph, for the success, which now, I don't believe that is true, since they had kids, but, back then, I believe he wanted to marry her for the success.

Randy Orton

Here comes the thumbs down. I use to be Randy's fan, but I could really care less for him now, once again, I respect him like I do all wrestlers, but he is a spitting image of Triple H. He buries talent, and got into a real fight with The Miz on RAW, which Orton was pissed Miz won the MiTB, and instead of just giving him an RKO, he gave him a massive slap, and then an RKO. He hates all talent that is getting a push and is taking his spotlight.

I do realize that he is only 30, but in the last 8 years, he has accomplished so much and should pass the torch at some point, but he just wants to continue to bury talent, and steal everyone's spotlight.
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Kawajai is on a distinguished road

I have mixed feelings for Roderick Strong. He definitely isn't the best all-around wrestler in Ring of Honor, and he usually has his opponents carry him through matches. Despite this, I always know that he does so much for the company and has a tremendous amount of heart and passion for professional wrestling much like John Cena. Strong may not be the best wrestler in the world, but he sure as hell will be one to try.
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stephen_p2381 is on a distinguished road

Good Question, I agree with you on Triple H, Makes perfect sense!!!

One person who comes to mind is Teddy Hart, That guy does nothing but bash promotions outside of the ring! He talks so much trash about other wrestlers also its not even funny! That guy thinks because he has the Hart name that he is God's gift to wrestling!!

Dont get me wrong, Im a fan of his wrestling ability's. His attitude towards promotions his selfish ways need to go!!

Another guy who I think does not respect the buisness is Batista, not because of his promo's about his me me me thing he was doing when he was heel, I just have a feeling he does not respect wrestling.

As far as Shawn Micheals,Nash,Hall, Waltman go. They were about RESPECT !!!! sure they were hard to deal with backstage, Younger guys dont always RESPECT those who have paved the way for them!! Thats what the Kliq was all about...

Its already known who, disrespects backstage, Orton Triple H are for sure tough to deal with..
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Broken Dreams is on a distinguished road

Rey Mysterio.

I respect the guy for his in ring skill, but I can't get behind him because he chooses to market himself on all the kiddies out there.

AJ styles. In my opinion he is the greatest in ring wrestler today anywhere, but how can I respect or like somebody who is a Ric Flair clone.

AJ p!sses all over Flair evan in his prime and yet the greatest professional wrestler is shadowing 20 years past his prime Ric Flair... it's disgusting.

HHH? NO way. That's I think where people get it wrong. Do you honestly think that HHH is where he is today because he married Stephanie?

Or do you think Stephanie married Triple H because of who he is.

Do you think Steph would have just married anybody? Of course not.

And Triple H has made plenty of superstars and main eventers including John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton opened the door for Jeff Hardy's main event run.

It's a formula. For HHH to put anyone over he had to look invincible.

Why don't people understand that?

Everything you said about HHH is almost 10 years old. I think HHH has proven he is none of those that you say.
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Con Man is on a distinguished road

My big two would be first Triple H for most of the reasons that you said. I am fairly worried about his reasons for marrying Steph but I want to hold back my judgement until he retires to see what he will be to the company.

My other would be John Cena just because I remember when he first came in to the WWE and I actually enjoyed his gimmick. Also I feel that he does have more wrestling ability than they allow him to show, because if you watch his debut against Kurt Angle he actually has a good set of moves.
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sharpshooter is on a distinguished road

It use to be HBK, but not now. I started watching in 2004, so HBK was an awesome guy, Reborn christian and all that, but then I did more research and found out, he use to be a total douche bag back then. I mean, his stint with DX, his promos on Canada, the screwjob, and thats just stuff he did in the ring. Outside the ring, he was selfish and refused to put over talent, he got into fights in real life, did drugs, heck, even showed up to work high. I was like, who the hell is this guy? I hated HBK for the past stuff he did, cause he was a total @sshole, but he was still cool because of the phenomenal matches he putted out. He was certainly entertaining, but he was such a bad person. Thats why when I talk about HBK, I always separate the two. The current HBK, is the guy I'm always a fan of, but attitude HBK, I liked his work, but hated the guy.

And I don't know if you can count him as a Wrestler, but Vince McMahon. I feel bad for the guy, but I hate his character. Let me say, if there is any guy that can pull off boss from hell, he does a great job. The fact I hate his character just says he is doing a great job with his role. I also hate the decisions that he makes such as going PG, but he is doing it for the right reasons, besides money, and it makes it hard to hate him. I mean, he always wanted PG. The attitude era was something Vince did not like. His main purpose was to keep WWE a family oriented entertainment. (Is that not a good concept?) I admire that. And the truth is, he is a good guy, besides being greedy, and I don't think he enjoys being the @sshole on tv. So he is kind of being someone he is not, and being hated for it. This guy puts his body on the line at the age of 60 just so fans can see him get his just desserts. And as much as people hate how he water down moves, he does it for the safety of his wrestlers. So its like, he ruins it, but for a good cause. I hate that and respect that. So I assume he is aware that he is losing money now and has considered going back to the attitude era phase, but I admire that he wants to keep it clean like it use to be cause its what he wants. People, family oriented may be lame, but its a good concept.
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DX-HBK=BrokeMyHeart is on a distinguished road

Chris Benoit. I always respected and admired him. but his last actions puzzled me. nonetheless, i still respect and admire what he once was. RIP
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