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Who is more overrated...?
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Default Who is more overrated...?

The Miz or Randy Orton? I personally don't think The Miz is overrated at all. I think Randy Orton is extremely overrated. A lot of people in the IWC love him so much, and I just don't get why. After Backlash he had the most boring title reign ever, and he had some very boring matches and boring, meaningless feuds, much like his feud with Sheamus right now. I also hate how everyone complains about John Cena burying people, when Orton's music has played in victory for like 5 straight weeks. I also hate how everyone complains about Cena having a limited moveset when Orton really doesn't do many moves either. The only moves he does are the RKO, the rope hung DDT, the running powerslam, the European uppercut, and a dropkick. Sure The Miz isn't a Chris Jericho in the ring, but neither are all the other main eventers on Raw with the exception of Edge and Jericho. You also have to see how great The Miz's mic skills are. Everyone says he is annoying, but isn't that how heels are supposed to be? I just think that the IWC gives Randy Orton too much credit.

@Wh@t3v3r: That's what heels are supposed to do.

@Broken Dreams: I was asking your opinion, I wasn't asking what overrated means.
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Broken Dreams is on a distinguished road

Overrated does not exist. It's just opinion.
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wh@t3v3r is on a distinguished road

The Miz is overrated. I mean, he brags too much.
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Billy is on a distinguished road

the miz
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Definatley The Miz .
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PEEP#1?LITA is on a distinguished road

Randy Orton is the most overrated wrestler on the current WWE roster.

You pretty much said what I wanted to say.

The Miz gets called overrated,but he isn't overrated,he is just receiving a big push,because lets face it,he is the future of the company. And I think he deserves the push he is receiving because he has improved immensly this past year in the ring and on the mic. Currently he has one of the best mic skills,sure he isn't Chris Jericho on the mic,but he is still really good. He isn't the best in the ring,and he can still improve,but he isn't horrible. His ring skills are average and he has charisma. If he is annoying,thats good its his job,hes a heel. He is one of the best midcarders currently in the company. And he isn't overrated because to be overrated people have to give you too much praise and hype and make you out to be better than you really are. I don't see many people doing that so I don't see how he is overrated.

Randy Orton- He is the definition of overrated. He is a perfect example of overrated. He is given to much hype and praise and people make him out to be better than he really is. He gets called one of the greatest heels of all time,one of the greatest wrestlers of all time,not even close.

How is he one of the greatest heel of all time if back in 2009 when he was a heel atleast 90 percent of the arena cheered for him. BTW,just so people know a heel should get booed,not cheered. So calling him a great heel or one of the best heels is just silly,he got cheered but 90%of the arena,thats not a great heel at all.

He gets called one of the greatest wrestlers of all time,not even close. I have been saying this many times,Randy Orton is nothing but average at best in the ring. All he does is a buch of stomps,headlocks,DDT and RKO. Thats it,nothing special. He needs to be carried in a match and a good wrestler doesn't need to be carried in a match. As far as I am concerned doing all those moves doesn't make anyone a great wrestler,heck not even a good wrestler. Also I bet that a bunch of Cena haters are Orton marks,who say Cena can't wrestle,oh and Randy Orton can? Nope.

Also atleast the Miz is entertaining and you can actually listen to his promos,unlike Randy Orton's who make you(well me) want to fall asleep with that robotic monotone of his.

Orton isn't anything special whatsoever. He has no charisma,average wrestler and he sounds like a robot on the mic and he is super boring. Yet he gets praised like a god.

Also its unfair how Cena gets bashed for having the spot light,having five moves and burieng people,when Orton does the same exact thing yet noone bashes him because he is the viper and he is 'cool. Atleast Cena can wrestle,has charisma and has really good mic skills and isn't a bore. And how is having tons of people hating your guts make you overrated?We never hear people call Cena a good wrestler,or talented or anything good,all they say is how he can't wrestle.

Bottomline is that The Miz is not overrated and Orton is VERY overrated.
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R?t?d Sile?t is on a distinguished road

Everyone always complains about how John Cena has five moves, but they don't see that Randy Orton has five moves as well and that is what is so over-hyped about him. He is already considered a god in the wrestling business and I just saw on another question, people actually consider him one of the best that has ever wrestled? They need to think back. Actual wrestlers such as Santino Marella, William Regal, Kaval, Bryan Danielson, and Vladimir Koslov could kill Orton in a actual wrestling match. People portray the WWE as the only promotion on this planet and they believe Randy Orton is one of the best of all time, which is pathetic.

As for the predictablity factor, yes. The endings are all the same and end the same and most of the time, Orton wins, if that's not predictable, I don't know what is.

1)Classic Orton Stomps

2)DDT From Ropes

3)Scoop Slam x3

4)Inverted Backbreaker


Randy Orton is not even close to be considered the best in the world at what he does. That would have to go to someone in either Japan or Ring of Honor. People need to understand that Orton isn't the best and is the definition of overrated. Now, Randy Orton, needs to stop burying talent, and he would be fine in my book, but he cannot step down because he wont, which makes him out to be a self centered, Triple H mirror image.

I use to be Randy's fan, but I could really care less for him now, once again, I respect him like I do all wrestlers, but he is a spitting image of Triple H. He buries talent, and got into a real fight with The Miz on RAW, which Orton was pissed Miz won the MiTB, and instead of just giving him an RKO, he gave him a massive slap, and then an RKO. He hates all talent that is getting a push and is taking his spotlight.

I do realize that he is only 30, but in the last 8 years, he has accomplished so much and should pass the torch at some point, but he just wants to continue to bury talent, and steal everyone's spotlight.

Last year, Randy Orton was the most entertaining individual that I have ever seen by numerous punts and his vile storyline with the McMahons and Batista, but, I don't get how anyone can say Randy Orton isn't overrated. People have been saying he's the best wrestler or the best heel. I've seen a ton of wrestlers far more skilled, entertaining, and charismatic than Randy Orton. I can count his great matches in one hand and he was carried by guys like Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle. These men are skilled. Skilled wrestlers can make their opponents look great.

As for The Miz. He was a former reality star turned wrestler, so in my book, he can be considered overrated but he deserves it. He has been apractically a jobber for the past five years, and it is good that he is finally getting a push. He deserves it, without a doubt.

As soon as Miz's success started to occur. Orton hated him. We saw it a few weeks ago when he really did slap Miz, and gave him an RKO because he was jealous of his success, to me, that just means Orton is more overrated and self centered than any other wrestler in wrestling history other than Triple H.

Hell freezes over when Orton is considered one of the best of all time. Orton is more overrated than Miz, and that is final. Nothing can change that. The Miz is the future and Randy Orton wants to ruin that, which makes him out to be the most overrated wrestler in history as I said, other than Triple H who is on the creative team and burries talent almost every single time that he is up to bat.

How John Cena is considered overrated and not Randy Orton, are blind WWE and Orton marks who deserve a good slap in the face to wake them up from the truth.
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Brian K is on a distinguished road

Randy Orton- at least the Miz has some sort of wrestling skill...
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Amie? {Alcohol Abuse Society} is on a distinguished road

I am going to say Randy Orton and here is why.

First of all, I see some people saying how Randy Orton only knows 5 moves or only knows how to do the same old stuff. Wrong. Actually if you watch Randy's younger days when he first started out and when he was involved in Evolution, he actually had a lot of wrestling potential. He was quick in ring and actually could be a very technical wrestler. He also has the stamina, physique and general ability to be quick in ring, to go up top and risk the highflying moves. Randy Orton actually has the capability to try his hand at most moves in ring, but he doesn't because in my honest opinion he's too scared.

Orton is actually pretty injury prone, especially when it concerns his shoulder. Since he's been injured shouler wise, Orton has definitley withdrawn himself from a lot of in ring action and he has steadily gotten worse and worse. He built up the Legacy, he was the leader and in a sense their role model and peer, yet Ted and Cody actually probably wrestled more than Orton. Like others have said, over the years Orton has become more and more predictable. It was always the same with Legacy, how Orton would have a match and then Ted and Cody would come and interferre, I mean rarely did Orton's matches finish cleanly. That has been the story for several years now. Orton isn't getting involved as much and showing as much effort in ring because I believe he is paranoid and scared of re-injuring his shoulder. And quite frankly next time he injures the shoulder that could be it and it could all be over for him. In a way I can understand that, however being a WWE wrestler is a dream come true for most, and therefore you should be like Jeff Hardy. No, not take drugs but instead give 100% in ring and never have any fear. Orton is the total opposite of Jeff Hardy, because Orton is honestly in my opinion a wimp.

I believe that's why his moveset has decreased, at least what hes willing to do in ring has decreased. We don't see as much technical ability from him anymore unless it's a simple sleeper hold and then as Rated Silent said, same old moves, same old finale.

Orton is seen as some wrestling God and as though he is the best, but right now he isn't, so yes I would call him over-rated. I do think Orton was better in his younger days and I did see potential in the guy. But now, due to injury and honestly paranioa I feel Orton isn't as good, he's certainly much slower and he's very, very predictable. So for that, he is one of the most over-rated today. As a heel he certainly is because WWE had to bring in the guest hosts in order for Raw to keep viewers. And who was the WWE champion at the time they started, who was the guy supposed to be carrying the brand on his shoulders as champ? Randy Orton was. At first Orton was a very good heel and he got the reaction necessary. But over time, his character got very stale, very very boring, and soo predictable. Fans started cheering him because he just wasn't mean anymore. The top heel on a brand, thats how he was percieved at the time, they should be getting 100% heat, but Orton wasn't. He also was getting the viewers in because he was that boring and predictable that it was more fun to watch Jeff Hardy and Punk on Smackdown. The Raw guest hosts saved Orton from making Raw a total misery because a lotta people like the guest hosts.

For all of this and more, Orton certainly is over-rated. However, he isn't as bad as some make out, because at one time, he was actually pretty decent in ring. But on the other hand, he is never above good, and he isn't the sort of guy that should be leading a brand and holding it together as world champion. Also Orton needs to step down as the big headed guy he is. It seems as though he has politics backstage and has gotten one guy fired and potentially 2 more had that been the result. It's terrible if Orton has power backstage because he should put time back into the ring and maybe wrestle some better matches like he should be capable of.

Miz isn't over-rated. No one calls him a wrestling God. In fact most people recognise that he is mediocre in ring at best. People recognize his mic skills for what they are, and that is one of thebest n the company today. All together, Miz is getting all he deserves. He is the future, and it also seems Miz works hard backstage and with charities. It isn't all about in ring, but if you can help make a difference to charities then you deserve more then someone who doesn't give a crap. Miz is right where he should be and is surely is the future.
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