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why does everyone hate tna?
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Default why does everyone hate tna?

i mean tna is the new wwe they have rvd jeff hardy kurt angle mr anderson the pope mick foley tommy dreamer all wwe is now days is a bunch of pg crap but yet it still gets more fans explain
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wowy wow is on a distinguished road

its on more then tna plus jeff hardy was okay but not the top no one reaqlly liked dreamer rvd was ok kurt angle was cool but some ppl dont like him and u see they got diff stories/plots to me most of tna's matches are completly screwed up and dey got no story but fans like it wen wen matches have reason and i say wwe superstars are more passionate and wwe has been around longer. plus we have cena undertaker rey mysterio kane and randy orton and others

every 1 has ther own opinion
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richard is on a distinguished road

it's not that they hate tna they're just not used it, wwe is entertainment based over wrestling, tna is wrestling base over entertainment and more people want to entertainment over wrestling skill that's just the way it is, i watch pro wrestling for the matches, i'm into kungfuy movies,action movies,superhero movies, i was a big power rangers fan as a kid, i watch wrestling not to pander company but see a match, I watched ROH's Kenta(created the go to sleep) against Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne) not because i'm an roh fan but because i'm a kenta and sydal/bourne fan!
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They're just a bunch of WWE marks that refuse to watch anything else.
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b/c Vince McMahon tells them to
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If you read a lot of the answers around here from the established users, you would realize that your question is wrong because everybody does not hate TNA. In fact, most people around here like TNA. You have to remember though that most of the stars you named got their start in the WWE (or one of its affiliate companies). Simply put though, the WWE is a much larger and more established company so it's going to get more visibility.
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Let me make something clear here: I don't hate TNA, I just dislike TNA fans, not the company TNA but I dislike the fans. Because they talk trash about WWE all the time but yet they watch WWE. They want TNA to beat WWE but at the same time wish that WWE gets better. Jericho should be calling them hypocrites cause that's what they are
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Not everyone hates tna. A good portion of the people here are wwe only fans and will never give any other company a chance. I and many other actual wrestling fans watch every company we have a chance to watch. But many of the wwe only fans, then hate wrestlers that move from the wwe to tna, even when they were supposedly fans of that wrestler. If they were really fans of those wrestlers, they would still watch them when they went to another company. But these people seem to think now that wrestlers HAVE to remain loyal to the wwe (even if they wwe fired them) and that is just crazy. Those same people would quit their jobs for another job if they were not happy at their job. Also of course if they got fired from a job they would try to find another job. But I think that 99% of those here that think the wrestler should stay loyal to the wwe are too young and never have had a job themselves. If they did work, they would know people change jobs all the time, and wrestling is NO different.

But I wouldn't worry about those fans, because I sure don't anymore. If you watch on here those fans call the wrestlers traders (instead of traitors) so that should tell you how young or whatever that they really are.



How is it bad that fans that watch both shows, want tna to beat the wwe, so that the wwe gets better?

Why is that wrong?

Do you even understand that the only times the wwe worked really hard to make their shows better, was when they had competition and had to get better? So what is wrong with us wanting the wwe to get better? EVERYONE should want the wwe to get better. Even if you love the wwe, you should want it to get better. So if you think it is wrong of us to want tna to do better, so that the wwe will get better also, you have some serious problems. I have watched the wwe for over 35 years. Why is it wrong of me to want to watch better shows?

What you said just proves what I said above. It makes me know that you have to be 15 or younger, which is fine. But maybe you can tell us why you don't want wwe shows to get better?
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SHOWSTOPPA 2010 is on a distinguished road

cause its its more entertaining than that crappy show TNA plus the audiences is larger and the papper views are better
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Because you never find WWE talent burying other WWE talent on the net. Did you not see what RVD blogged?

Also WWE has something TNA doesn't, DIRECTION. TNA changes booking team every 4 months. One minute they're about pushing young guys and providing quality wrestling, the next they're bringing in ECW.

WWE may be PG and TNA may be TV14, but WWE has better storylines and wrestling. I believe TNA has the best wrestlers on any roster in any promotion. However, they're being held back by the directionless company.

In the end it's not about what the rating is. It's about the product. WWE delivers a better product on the whole. Now that Beer Money/Guns are over, I would like to see what my reason to tune into TNA will be from now on.

TNA just misuses their talent too much because the person running the company is nothing but a mark who needs someone to tell who draws and who doesn't. She can't figure that out herself because she doesn't understand a thing bout wrestling. RVD goes down as TNA's worst champion in history. If Dixie knew a thing or two bout wrestling, she would have made sure AJ got pushed to the moon. But she doesn't know anything and will put an Ex-WWE nobody like Shannon Moore in front of AJ because all she knows is WWE and she thinsk that everyone who comes out of there is a big name.

There's a reason why guys like Jeff Hardy was a huge draw in TNA and why he can't attract flies to dog crap in TNA. McMahon, unlike Dixie knows how to build stars. He made The Miz of all people get a crowd reaction. How long has TNA been trying to get Rob Terry over? I'm pretty sure if McMahon got his hands on terry he would have been a massive heel by now.

In the end it all comes down to TNA being DIRECTIONLESS. Backstage things suck. The young guys are being buried. There isn't one guy in charge of booking. Dreamer is booking, yet so is Russo, yet so is Hogan, yet so is Bischoff? See my point. Too many people are pulling strings backstage, and if Dixie wasn't such a mark and had learned a thing or two bout WCW she'd know that that's a recipe for disaster.
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TNA is land of old men also the men who are fired from WWE
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no one hate tna. it is just less liked
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TNA is on a distinguished road

the WWE has been around for over 60 years. Thats why they have more fans.

You ask anyone off the street name a Wrestling company 99% of them will say WWF or WWE which is the same company depending on if they follow it enough to know to stupid panda losers sued them.

Reason they hate TNA, is they hate anything new. People or resistant to change. Always have been always will be.

If they would open their eyes and look outside the WWE Bubble they would know there are amazing wrestling companies like ROH, TNA, Dragon Gate USA, which put on amazing shows, and great PPVs. the 6 best PPVs I have seen in the last year have been the 6 PPVs Dragon Gate USA has done.
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