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name 3 wrestlers that dezerve a main event push and why?
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ROB VAN DAM (FWSL-15) is on a distinguished road
Default name 3 wrestlers that dezerve a main event push and why?

I know its not a question and i didnt feel like making it a damn question!
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HURRICANES CANIAC:) Capitals :( is on a distinguished road

John Morrison- He need to win a World Title again

Evan Bourne- He is really overlooked by everyone

Chris Jericho- Starting to fade into oblivion
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Phil Jonesworth is on a distinguished road

cm punk for good wrestle long timw

christ jericho for good

briandalils for good wretle abilities
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Christian- we all obviously saw what this guy can do as a main eventer in TNA

Kofi Kingston- over with the crowd, has decent mic skills and great in ring ability

John Morrison- over with the crowd, has great mic skills and in ring ability and has the look to be a heavyweight champion
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?Hell?Raiser? is on a distinguished road

Chris jericho-He's the best in the world at what he does.

Edge-A real quality Champion and his place should always be at the mainevent.

Chrisitian-he worked his ass off since day one and never been a champion at all...oddly enough he started his career along side of the NINE time world champion Edge.
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Stone Cold is on a distinguished road

evan bourne and kofi kingston and john morrison.
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Jamaican Man? is on a distinguished road

- Christian: He is one of the 10 best talents on the WWE when it comes to all around ability in the ring, on the mic, and overall talent. He can give you a little of everything. He has high flying moves, ground base moves, technical ability, and one of the most versatile move-sets in the WWE. He is putting over people but really he deserves one huge main event run. He is a well established veteran and proved he can do good on a push like when he had the ECW title.

- Jack Swagger: He deserves a consistent main event push. He has been put into the main event spot, even got the title, and still lost to mid carders. He even beat Orton and WWE never pushed him from there. He definitely deserves more than losing to Rey every week and having inconsistent usage. He is one of the best technical wrestlers in all of wrestling and is very good on the mic. He deserves more than what he got.

-CM Punk: Second best heel in WWE and great in the ring. He deserves more.
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bob is on a distinguished road

1. This is kind of a double one but Christian/Goldust - The reason is cuz there legends.

2. Evan Bourne - He is an amazing athlete and should have mor matches with Y2J.

3. Bryan Danelison (when they bring him back) - cuz he is one of the best technical athletes and people who didn't watch NXT never got a chance to see him in the ring on WWE TV
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Richard Orton is on a distinguished road

Chavo Guerrero-He has been wrestling for over ten years and has been overlooked.He has won the ECW title back in 2008 but by then it was a mid card title.He should be World Champion because he is a good wrestler,entertaining,and has put people over and done whatever WWE asked him to do.

Matt Hardy-Do I need an explanation? He has been loyal to WWE,put over some people,did everythign WWE asked without complaint and what does he get? A nice tag team career,a U.S title run,an ECW title run,and now he jobs.2 mid card titles and now he has been jobbing since at least 2009.He should get a World title push because he can put he can entertain the crowd,and can do decent mat work.

Christian-He is so over with the crowd and so talented he is beyond ready for a World title push.He was a great champion in TNA and he can do the same in WWE.He is being screwed over by Vince because he hates him for main eventing in TNA and then coming back so now he is jobbing.If WWE wants to make money,they would put Christian in the main event.I think he could do a great job with putting on matches and selling merchandise.
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Jordan23 is on a distinguished road

1. Matt Hardy- Matt Hardy should have been one of the main event wrestlers for a long time and up to now, I still don't think he has gotten a Pay Per View main event match or even a World Championship match. He was never even considered to be a contender for the championship. He has given the WWE so much and all his talent for the company. He can create any great feud with anyone and it was proven with Edge and Christian and the Dudleys and a great singles competitor too and his feud with Edge should be one of the top feuds in 2005. The only thing I think that held Matt Hardy back is his brother, Jeff Hardy. Who knows where Matt Hardy would be if Jeff didn't have the drug problems and his jump to TNA. They pushed his brother probably in pursuit to resign him, but after leaving and going to TNA, that probably made Vince not too happy and forced Matt to pay for it. Now, he does have a lot of fans in the WWE universe, but another doubt the WWE probably has is his capability to maintain a main event status. There is also the factor of age coming in and everyday that goes by, it will get harder. WWE would try to push their younger stars over the veterans just because the young wrestlers can produce more since they have a long career in front of them. In order to be main event, he needs to entertain and there are times where the match he is in gets a little too slow, but I still think with hype the WWE can create, I am sure Matt can be a great main event wrestler if the WWE focus on him a little more than others. Even if Matt never gets a push towards a world championship or a main event status wrestler, the WWE should still award him with some sort of title and it seems like the Intercontinental Championship is the only option. He hasn't been holding a championship since like 2008 with the ECW Championship and I know that championship is considered a world championship, but to me and many others, it is more of a mid card championship.

2. Christian- Mainly the same reasons as Matt Hardy, in my opinion, Christian is a better wrestler than Matt Hardy and they both share some very similar careers in the WWE. The only thing I think that is holding Christian back is that he went to TNA and become their World Champion. I'm sure Vince was furious and now that they have him back, I would really consider and would love to see Christian not be a Wrestlemania main eventer, but more of a wrestler that can main event a Pay Per View or 2 every few times and there are many main eventers on the roster from both Smackdown and Raw that Christian has never but can produce great feuds with. I'm sure the second Christian gets a push, his peeps and most of the WWE will be behind him. He is very underrated in the WWE and since the draft when Raw took Edge and Chris Jericho and just as Batista started becoming an interesting heel, Raw yet again steals the talent. Smackdown gained Christian, so he should be considered a main eventer for Smackdown. I know Kane really deserves the World Heavyweight Championship and I am very happy for him and glad the WWE made the move to finally push him even though it was just to waste time so The Undertaker can rehabilitate, at least the reign lasted longer than the last one back in 1998, but Christian should be part of the main event on Smackdown since they are starting to lack it. Let's look at the wrestlers on Smackdown that can main event a Smackdown main event on a Pay Per View. You have Big Show and CM Punk, but they are feuding right now, then you have Jack Swagger who I don't think should be involved in a main event match every time and then you have The Undertaker, who is out of injury. That leaves Mysterio and Kane left and I'm sure the WWE can create a way to squeeze Christian in there, but they keep him in the mid card level. That is ridiculous since he has done a lot for the business too and I guess Vince has the right to be upset with him for signing with TNA, but at least he came back to the WWE.

3. MVP- This one was hard to decide because there were many more wrestlers that the WWE needs to push. I thought MVP needs it the most. He is one of the better and more charismatic wrestlers on Smackdown and I enjoy most of his matches if he adds a new finisher or two. He can be very entertaining in and out of the ring. The only problem I see with him is that he is a face. When he first started his losing streak, that is when his face turn started and a lot of people in the WWE started cheering for him and they still do to this very day, but in my opinion, he is much better being a heel and I rather see him win championships than see people cheer for him. During his announcing days on Smackdown, JBL said that he was going to be the future of the WWE and he has said it so many times, he has convinced me enough to see him hold the WWE Championship, well, 3 years later and it hasn't happened yet.
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