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My WCW Thunder Show Episode # 1?
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Default My WCW Thunder Show Episode # 1?

Promo 1-

Promo 2- Bobby Heenan: Welcome to WCW Thursday Night Thunder on TBS. Bobby Heenan: It's going to be Shawn Michaels vs. Lex Lugar tonight. Brian Danielson will also be in action tonight.

Match 1- Ultimo Dragon vs. Billy Kidman. Winner = Ultimo Dragon via Dragonrana.

Match 2- Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Roddy Piper. Winner = Roddy Piper via Sleeper Hold.

Promo 3- Hollywood Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hollywood: Eric Bishcoff told me at Souled Out my opponent will be BretThe Hitman Hart if he is able to compete which I doubt it. Bret Hart's time has passed. The fame Bret Hart had in the 90s are over and it's my time shine again. I attacked Bret on Monday when he was in that hospital bed. He's not gonna be the same ever again.

Match 3- Brian Danielson vs. Kaval. Winner = Brian Danielson via Dragonplex.

Match 4- Hardy Boyz vs. AJ Styles Christopher Daniels. Winners = AJ Daniels. AJ Styles hits

Jeff Hardy with the Styles Clash.

Promo 4- We hype up the HBK vs,. Lugar match.

Match 5- Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian. Winner = Samoa Joe via Musle Buster.

Main Event- Shawn Michaels vs. Lex Lugar. WInner = Shawn Michaels via Sweet Chin Music.

Rate the Show

Pick Best Match

TV Rating

BQ: Should I continue these Thunder shows?
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Promo 1- Eric Bischoff is on the podium. Eric BIschoff: I'm bringing back WCW Thunder so it will basically be the secondary show. Anybody can be on Thunder. It's not going to be a brand it's just for talents that need to build up popularity. Everybody can still appear on Nitro though. The Intercontinental Championship will be on Thunder so that more of our talent could actually get a championship. Goldberg will have a match with Sting tonight! Tonight will be Pay-Per-View quality matches. Brock Lesnar will take on Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage Match. Enjoy the show.10/10

Match 1- Masked Kane vs. Vader. Winner = Masked Kane with three Tombstone Pile Drivers.9/10

Post Match- Kane: The Undertaker will be burned in the Inferno match. Paul Bearer will be Tombstoned by me before or after the match. I am more stronger than the Undertaker. The Undertaker is weak. I will weaken him. Kane raises his arms up and the fireworks light up the ring.

Promo 2- Bret Hart is shown in the hospital. Bret Hart: Thanks to the nWo I'm here. I'm going to be at Souled Out in 3 Weeks and Team Hart will defeat the New World Order.9/10

Match 2- (C) Scott Hall Kevin Nash vs. Tyson Kidd David Hart Smith. Tag Team Championship. WInners = Hall Nash. Kevin Nash hit Kidd with the Jack Nife to win the match.10/10

Match 3- Tyler Black vs. Lance Storm vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Chris Jericho. Jericho hits Storm with the Liontamer, Storm superkicks Jericho out to the ring, Black hits Storm with the Phoenix Splash to get the victory. Winner = Tyler Black.10/10

Post Match- Davey Richards appears on the television screen. Davey Richards: Congrats Tyler, but when I make my in-ring WCW debut I will defeat you.

Promo 3- Doink the Clown trips Jerry Lawler in the front lobby. Doink: I'm going to make your life a living nightmare. Doink does the evil laugh.8.75/10

Promo 4- Cody Rhodes tries to impress Maria in the backstage area. Cody Rhodes: I will defeat either Hawk or Animal and I want you to be at ringside to watch the match. Maria: Sure. Dustin Rhodes Dusty Rhodes walk to Cody. Dustin Rhodes: I think you should face Road Warrior Animal. 9/10

Match 4- Cody Rhodes (w/Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Maria) vs. Road Warrior Animal. Winner = Cody Rhodes with the Cross Rhodes.9/10

Post Match- Cody Rhodes Maria hold hands and both walk to the back.

Match 5- Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon. Steel Cage Match. Lesnar hits Shane with the F-5 from the top of the cage and through the ring. There is a huge hole in the ring. Shane McMahon crawls from under the ring and wins the match. Winner = Shane McMahon.10/10

Promo 5- Hollywood Hogan Mr. Anderson are in the nWo locker room. Hogan: Are you going to Thunder this week? Mr. Anderson: I might. Hogan: The nWo will dominate that show. Hogan: We are Brothers 4-Life. Mr. Anderson: It should be a great show. Eric Bischoff: It's going to be AJ Styles Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy at Thunder. Ric Flair will have to face Ricky Steamboat in a Submission match tonight.10/10

Match 6- Ric Flair vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Submission Match. There were a lot of interferences from members of the nWo, but Steamboat put Flair in the Figure Four Leglock and Flair taps out. Winner = Ricky Steamboat.10/10

Post Match- The Disciple, Vincent, Konnan, Buff Bagwell attack Steamboat with brass knuckles which were William Regal's. William Regal is found knocked out in the parking lot. Rick Rude comes in and handcuffes Steamboat to the ring ropes. Curt Hennig: Tell the rest of Team Hart that at Souled Out the nWo will take home victory.

Match 7- Ultimate Warrior vs. Scott Steiner. Winner = Ultimate Warrior with a Power Bomb.

Post Match- The Giant chokeslams Warriror.10/10

Promo 6- We show Bret Hart at the hospital again. Bret Hart: The nWo are going to far now. I'm going to hurt those guys. Hogan attacks Bret with a bed pan. Hollywood Hogan: You never talk bad about the New World Order Brother!! 9/10

Main Event- Sting vs. Goldberg. Non Title Match. Lex Lugar looks on during the match from his locker room. Goldberg hits Sting with the Jack Hammer and pins him, but Sting kicks out. Sting hits Goldberg with the Scorpion Death Drop and goes for the pin and Goldberg kicks out. Sting puts Goldberg in the Scorpion Deathlock and Goldberg reaches the rope. Shawn Michaels runs down to the ring and Lugar knocks him out from behind so he doesn't ruin the match. Goldberg Spears Sting since Sting was distracting when Shawn was running to the ring. Goldberg pins Sting for the 1,2,3.

Winner = Goldberg.10/10

Post Match- Bobby Lashley Spears Goldberg into the ring post. booby Lashley: I'm the real Man.

Rate the Show 9.50/10

Pick Best Match Sting vs Goldberg

Give TV Rating 3.6
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