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Who's Voices Do You Hear When They Answer?
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KNOW YOUR ROLE? is on a distinguished road
Default Who's Voices Do You Hear When They Answer?


Rated Silent

Punk French Girl

Know Your Role

Bio Hazard


I Love The Glamazon

Truly Phenomenal

Midnight Prodigy

Someone asked this earlier but I'm asking it again

WQ: What did you think of Smackdown?

@sharpshooter: I don't know whether to be insulted or appreciated. But your an alright dude, regardless
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W? Divá Mrs.Rhódés? is on a distinguished road

Dragon-Vince McMahon

Rated Silent-Chris Jericho

Punk French Girl-Maryse

Know Your Role-This is obvious but ; Rock

Bio Hazard-John Morrison

Lizacod-Natayla or Beth Phoenix

I Love The Glamazon-Not sure

Truly Phenomenal..

Midnight Prodigy-Idk

WQ:5/10 Not that good. Not to mention no divas.

-Wrestling Section Diva Dashing SierraaRhodesOrton ;
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Sun Wukong is on a distinguished road

I'm not crazy so I can't hear any voice

WQ:Better than Raw
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Lizacod is on a distinguished road

The Dragon: Ricky Steamboat.

Rated Silent: Kurt Angle.

Punk French Girl: Lita.

Know Your Role: The Rock. (It's awesome, like a flashback of things he would say to his enemies.)

Bio Hazard: Matt Hardy.

Lizacod: Mine, haha.

I Love The Glamazon: Beth Phoenix. (I'm sorry, I know he's a male user! But Beth is the first person who comes to mind.)

Truly Phenomenal: Yet to be determined.

Midnight Prodigy: One of the Motor City Machine Guns.

BQ: Probably 6/10. It was alright, nothing too eventful, but I was curious as to why Drew McIntyre was talking to Cody Rhodes right before his match.
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Chicago Knight is on a distinguished road

Stan Lee (No idea why though)

Kurt Angle

A French Model

The Rock

Wesker from Bio Hazard

A Blond Model

Beth (Even though it's a guy)

Some Kid

A Ghost
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R?t?d Sile?t 2.0 is on a distinguished road

The Dragon-Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Punk Frech Girl-Angelina Love

Know Your Role-The Rock/Stone Cold

Bio-Hazard-Matt Striker


I Love The Glamazon-Beth Phenoix

Truly Phemonenal-Rey Mysterio

Midnight Prodigy-The Undertaker

BQ:I don't watch it. I was watching Hotter Than Hell which is a Combat Zone DVD, and I could really care less for SmackDown! It has been terribly boring as of late, and not good going upon quality. I will be getting a lot more DVD's soon and I am just going to watch Independent DVD's during SmackDown! to pass the time.

However, I do watch the main parts of it whch will be tomorrow.
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Kawajai is on a distinguished road

Clint Fucking Eastwood

Kurt Angle

Ashley Massaro

The Rock

A Cracka (inside joke)

Nattie Neidhart

A Beth Pheonix Fan...?

Fucking Colony


WQ: It was alright. Hard to follow up The Whole F'N Show, that's for sure.
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sharpshooter is on a distinguished road

Dragon: Jim ross. Thats a slobber knocker!!! Na. Just kidding. Not him. Now when you mean voice, I don't really hear voice but the way they answer does remind me of certain wrestlers and the way they talk. To be honest, The Dragon reminds me of Kane or Mick Foley. I don't know if people realize this, but the user name, The Dragon is kind of gimmicky. You don't expect much, but then when they talk, your like, HOLY CRAP!!! They know so much. If people don't know, Kane is really smart despite his appearance and Mick Foley, well, I consider smart. my answer will probably be Foley. He may seem professional, but if you been to his blog, he is more.....unrated. And like Foley, you can say its almost like he's been every where and has the knowledge. So Mick Foley.

Rated Silent: Wade Barrett, Because of the mafia and I can see him with a british accent. just kidding. Kurt Angle. He seems to show a lot of pride in his answers. And he may seems serious a lot, but occasionally jokes, which reminds me of Kurt Angle from around 2003-04. And he seems to have a lot of integrity.

Punk French Girl: Ashley. She is a very nice user that is pretty supportive for other users, and if I remember Ashley, she was always a face and came out when the heel divas was dominating. She is very nice and, as in her name, has a punk like attitude.

Know Your Role: The Rock. You are certainly one user i don't want to argue with, as I swear the minute I open my mouth, you'll say, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!! and I'd probably just shut up. Seriously. you definitely show a lot of arrogance and you really don't give a crap about what people say. Right now, All I'm waiting for is to see you use your name in a third person view like the Rock did. In fact, the only other guy I can think of is Mr. Kennedy/Anderson.

BioHazard: Matt Hardy or CM Punk (not the current one, the one from ROH) Its that attitude of his.

Lizacod: Michelle McCool. Not the heel one we see today, but a while back when she was a face. She just seems like she is having fun and I admire that.

I love The Glamazon: Whenever he says, Don't Cross The Glamazon. I always got to Beth Pheonix. Sorry, but I am aware that you are a guy. But if we look past that, Cena. I don't mean to offended, if they take it that way, but he seems like a cool guy overall. he tries to be helpful when he can. so no offense, but Cena, in my opinion, is a cool guy, and your answers remind me of Cena.

Truly Phenomenal: i believe he is quite an arrogant guy and not afraid to bash on PG fans. Reminds me of Edge or the current Chris Jericho.

Midnight Prodigy: Sorry. I don't see his answers a lot. But I hear good things about him.

WQ: 6/10 Wasn't that great as usual. The match between Mysterio and McIntyre and Rhodes and Christian was pretty good.

EDIT: @KNOW YOUR ROLE!! If I said anything to offend you, Sorry. But I respect you . If there is any user here that seems like they are letting out a voice in this section, its certainly you. So no disrespect, but you do come off like the Rock, which is saying something as he is well known for his voice and mic skills.
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Big Mike Simply Flawless (N-6) is on a distinguished road

Bryan Danielson (American Dragon)

Kurt Angle





Beth Phoenix

Dont know the last two

WQ: I lost satellite because of storms so I watched the Ultimate Warrior DVD instead.
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