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My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 48?
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Default My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 48?

Promo 1- The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels sits on the top rope. Shawn Michaels: What I did last week to Sting was nothing personal. I just wanted to send a message to the WCW Locker Room. Hogan Mr. Anderson were partners and they took on Goldberg in a Handicap Match which Goldberg won. The Franchise of WCW Sting will be in action against Mr. Anderson. Eric Bishcoff is on the screen. Eric Bischoff: Sorry to say, but you Shawn will be in a match with Sting tonight. Shawn Michaels: What about Goldberg, Hogan, Anderson? Eric Bischoff: There will be facing each other in a Triple Threat match

and I no that Anderson Hogan are both in the nWo, but I'm the General Manager and I am in control. Shawn Michaels exits the ring.

Match 1- Ted DiBiase Jr. (Heel) vs. Rey Mysterio (Face) (w/Eddie Guerrero). Winner = Rey Mysterio with the 619.

Post Match- Rey Mysterio: It's going to be you and me for that United States Championship at Souled Out.

Promo 2- The Rhodes Family come down to the ring. Dusty Rhodes: My two sons are going to win some Tag Team gold. We lost our match against the Road Warriors and that wasn't a Number One Contenders Match. So tonight we're gonna take on the Road Warriors with the beautiful Sunny at ringside. Cody Dustin are going to beat the Road Warriors and then defeat Too Cool at Souled Out for the World Tag Team Championship. Cody Rhodes: I'm younger than my half brother Goldust who is Dustin Rhodes now again and I am a three time World Tag Team Champion so I should know how it feels to be a champion. Dustin Rhodes: I'm also a multible time World Tag Team Champion and winning is really imporant in my opinion. Dusty Rhodes: Good speech boys.

Match 2- Road Warriors (w/Sunny) (Faces) vs. The Rhodes Family (Heels). Winners = The Rhodes Family. Dustin Rhodes hits Animial with the BlackOut and Cody hit Hawk with the Cross Rhodes.

Post Match- The Rhodes Family celebrate their victory.

Promo 3- Jerry Lawler walks into Eric Bischoff's office. Eric Bischoff: What's wrong? Jerry Lawler: I want a match with Doink the Clown at Souled Out. Eric Bischoff: Sorry, but I just talked with Doink and he said he doesn't want a match with you again. Jerry Lawler: I deserve my rematch against him. Eric Bishcoff: He did tell me that if you win your match tonight against your mystery opponent chosen by him then at Souled Out it's going to be you and Doink. Jerry Lawler: Ok.

Match 3- Jerry Lawler (Face) vs. His mystery opponent Ken Shamrock (Heel). While the referee was checkinh on Ken, Doink threw a pie in Lawlers face and ran off. Ken Shamrock put Lawler in a Headlock and Lawler taps out. Winner = Ken Shamrock.

Promo 4- Vignettes air for Davey Richards for his WCW debut.

Match 4- Tyler Black (Face) vs. Billy Kidman (Tweener). Winner = Tyler Black with the Phoenix Splash to win.

Promo 5- Curt Hennig and the rest of the nWo guys that were mentioned last week attack Bret Hart in the parking lot. Curt Hennig: I told you to see what will happen next week which is tonight. Bret Hart is left against his car busted wide open.

Match 5- Hollywood Hogan (Heel) vs. Goldberg (Face) vs. Mr. Anderson (Heel). Triple Threat Match.

Goldberg Spears Hogan hits the Jack Hammer on Anderson. Winner = Goldberg.

Post Match- Goldberg says that he will be World Champion by the PPV.

Promo 6- We hype up the Sting vs. Shawn Michaels match.

Main Event- Sting (Face) vs. Shawn Michaels (Face). Winner = Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop.

Post Match- Goldberg shows up. Goldberg: Your Next to lose Sting!

End of Show

Rate the Show

Pick Best Match/Promo

WCW Souled Out PPV matches so far:

(C) Sting vs. Goldberg

Undertaker (w/Paul Beaer) vs. Kane. Inferno Match.

Team Hart vs. nWo. Elimaination Tag Team Match.

Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon.

(C) Torrie Wilson vs. Lita.

(C) Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio

(C) Too Cool vs. The Rhodes Family

BQ: What is your favorite feud right now in my shows?
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Rating: 93% (Excellent)

Best Match: Sting vs. HBK

Promo: No. 2

BQ: Goldberg vs. Sting

Also You should do maybe a second show or a draft show.Maybe also have Thunder as part of this storyline shows. So that the talent can be evenly spread. Instead of all the talent on one show. It's a good idea. You should try it.
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1) Mysterio would pin DiBiase Jr after a Front Dropkick.

2) Cody would pin Animal after a Diving Bulldog.

3) Lawler would pin Shamrock after a Springboard Fist Drop.

4) Kidman would pin Black after a Shooting Star Press.

5) Mr. Anderson would pin Hogan after a Mic Check.

6) HBK would pin Sting after a Diving Elbow Drop.
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Even though I don't answer every single of yours. I still kept up, and I was tired of mediocre answers that some users such as The 3treme Jeff Hardy give. I'll answer a show here and there if I forgot, but you can always send me an e-mail with any link to a show you may have.

1)Tyler Black vs Billy Kidman

2)Ted DiBiase Jr. vs Rey Mysterio w/ Eddie Guerrero

3)Sting vs Shawn Michaels

A Tyler Black vs Billy Kidman match, would be awesome. I liked how you brought talent in from the independents, that will give the show that extra sprinkle of prestige. I can imagine Billy Kidman missing the Shooting Star, Tyler Black, then hits Phoenix Splash. Ted DiBiase Jr. vs Rey Mysterio Jr. would be a great match. Both second generation talents, and you cannot go wrong with Eddie Guerrero in the match.

Sting vs Shawn Michaels is a dream match to most wrestlinf fans, and the main event and the post match is just great. I can imagine Shawn Michaels kicking Sting's teeth down his throat, but Sting kicks out. As Shawn is fussing with the ref, Sting locks in the Scorpian Death Drop and it is over.

Best Promo's:

1)Post Match ; After Main Event

Overall Card...9.2/10

BQ:Anything with Shane McMahon is epic. I have always found Shane to be a great wrestler and entertainer, and I believe he has never not put on a five star match because he is so good. So Shane vs Lesnar is the best looking right now.
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