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What If Chris Jericho would have went to TNA instead of WWE in 2007?
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Default What If Chris Jericho would have went to TNA instead of WWE in 2007?

Chris Jericho is one of the top guys in WWE today. He is there biggest heel now, But what if he would have chose TNA over WWE at his return in 2007? Things would have been way different than they are now. It would have been a huge miss by WWE consequently, a huge pick for TNA.
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Well if he had went to TNA in 2007, I think he would be in the shape Christian, of course if Jericho went to TNA he would have been World Champion sooner or later so I think that would hurt him and if he did go to TNA in 2007 and then went back to WWE I think Vince would make him job and misused him kinda like how Christian is being used, and not really, Jericho would have been missed but I think WWE would have made the fans get over it. Which would be very hard to do.
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Jericho isn't that stupid
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Definitely would've been good for TNA and bad for WWE. I could see Jericho having some good heavyweight championship feuds - Sting, Jarrett, Angle, AJ, Samoa Joe. He would've been an awesome addition to the MEM as well.

Of course if he had then gone back to WWE we would've definitely seen him being treated pretty much as badly as Christian - forced to mid card and job - and that would've been a real waste
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Jericho wouldnt be used like Christian in TNA..they would give him the same treatment as they have given Kurt Angle...I think TNA would get a extra help in ratings...everything would be somewhat the same...alot of extra feuds...the difference I dont think they would need Flair or Hogan..possibly would still have gotten Hogan and Bischoff but I think Flair woulda been left off..all in all it woulda been nice..and Jericho wouldnt have got backlash for doing his side projects..TNA would help him with it.
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In TNA Chris Jericho would have been the man. In WWE whatever his accomplishments he has always been behind Stone Cold, Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels. Yet he has a bit of all of them; the athleticism of HBK, the wrestling skills of HHH, Charisma like the Rock and Stone Cold's style. His Undisputed title reign is regarded as a bit of a flop. They gave him the ball by beating rock and Austin in 1 night, but his feuds and matches with them where not inspiring enough so he got squashed by HHH at WM18. He didn't win another world belt until Unforgiven 2008. I think there have only been 2 times Chris Jericho has truly broken through 2000 in his feud with triple H that culminated at Fully Loaded and in 2001 with the Rock during the Invasion angle.

In TNA he would have had the same shot as RVD has had now. He too was held back in WWE, but in TNA they have given RVD a prime spot and he seems to be running with it.

I feel compelled point out that another contributor who uses Christian's an example may not be the best example because Vince doesn't really like Christian. That's why Christian left because he wanted a main event push as part of a new contract, but Vince said no (mainly because Christian wasn't big enough) so Christian went to TNA and became successful. WWE saw that and brought him back because smaller guys where being given more of a chance, but Vince went off him again hence his current position (plus i think he went back more for the money). Everyone can see Christian has the talent and ability to carry off a main event slot, but Vince just doesn't see it, instead he'd rather listen to his son in law and put the WWE strap on Sheamus after 6 months Chris Jericho would have been fine if he'd gone to TNA and returned to WWE because he left high enough on the tree that he would pretty much get that spot back.
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