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If you are a TNA fan give me 5 reasons as to why it is better then WWE?
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Default If you are a TNA fan give me 5 reasons as to why it is better then WWE?

If you are a WWE fan give me 5 reasons as to why it is better then TNA

Just so everyone knows I am giving someone BA because of their explanation not because of what company they picked.
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Jeffrey is on a distinguished road

i am a wwe fan

1. better young wrestlers

2. better old wrestlers

3. used to have the attitude era

4. does not have to steal all of wcw's old wrestlers

5. better storyline writers

6. has better championships
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johnL(TNATION) is on a distinguished road

no kiddy like storylines

wrestlers get to show their full potential

they have a way better tag team v=division

better womens division

its more hardcore

they have alot better mid card division

the x division matches are always exciting

they have new matches like the ultimate x and king of the moutain
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VFD (iMPACT!) is on a distinguished road

1)Better Storylines



4)Hot KOs


6)Young talent is pushed

7)Better Tag teams division

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I am a WWE fan.

1. A lot more younger talent

2. A lot better and longer lasting story lines

3. A lot better graphics and entrances

4. A lot more legends aka people who have been wrestling for a while, Ex. HHH, Taker, Bret

5. A more established product

I think TNA would be a lot better if it made it's product a little more professional. As it is now, it seems like a backyard company who throws something together last minute and airs it. I think that TNA has a good thing going with Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle but most of the talen in TNA is ex WWE stars, not going to say they couldn't cut it in WWE, but yea... I have a feeling that if TNA is around for long enough, they will be just as big as WWE.
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El Mesias is The New Undertaker is on a distinguished road

i am a TNA fan

1.Better Wrestlers

2.Better Wrestling

3.TV 14


5.the real ECF'NW not the kiddy WWECW

6.TNA is just better
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LET ME TELL YA SOMETHIN BROTHER is on a distinguished road

I am a wrestling fan so I watch it all, but I do like TNA a bit more and heres why......

1. Knockouts - I like every aspect of wrestling and the female talent is no exception. The Knockouts get air time, as well as storylines. The Divas barely get any match time and the storylines are ridiculous if even present at all. Look, we saw a backstage brawl between two women on TNA last week, when was the last time WWE did anything like that? And cat fights dont count. TNA does well in pushing their top female talent, while WWE has Kelly Kelly as a title contender for gawd sakes. I want to see women wrestlers who get in and tear it up, not a bunch of cheerleaders who botch dropkicks.

2. Tag Teams - Did you see the ladder match last week? Was an awesome match, and it wasnt even a PPV. They still have more to come as its a best of five series, and since the first match was so good I cant wait to see what they do next to top it. Tag teams are a great division to have as you can have more on your roster and still showcase them. WWE has some decent teams, but they fail at booking them strongly.

3. Storylines - TNA has storylines for all their division. Tag teams, main event, Kockouts, and the X Division too. On RAW the whole show is focused around the Nexus, every other division is just there and dont get pushed, they have matches sure, but nothing to back them. TNA has a plan for every division so the whole show has substance.

4. Booking - TNA made Ron Killings and Christian main event material. Two guys I always hated but in TNA they made them stars. They know how to use a guys positives to make them better. The Pope failed in WWE, hated him too, but now he is a great character in TNA. Im not going to say they take washed up talent as I dont see that as the case, but they know how to take a guy who everyone has given up on and making them shine again. I though Flair would be a bad move to bring in, but the dude has HUGE heat as a heel there and they do well with him as he is elevating Kaz and Styles with his draw power and experience. One main thing I like is that they only keep who can help elevate the show, while WWE keeps people for years and dont use them at all. Everyone on the TNA roster gets better with time and it makes the overall product that much better when every wrestler you have contributes in a positive way.

5. Wrestling - I dont see how anyone can look at WWE and say they have better quality matches. Ive been watching wrestling for 20+ years and its been awhile since I could say, wow ive never seen that move before, but in TNA it seems like that happens a lot. Desmonde Wolfe and the MCMG for instance always have something new up their sleeves. Its nice to see wrestlers who actually get a chance to do something different. Everyone has a set style, but TNA lets their guys go outside the box, which makes the match quality better, and more exciting.
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Being a fan of TNA doesn't exclude one from being a fan of WWE. And there is not a lot of point to saying one is better than the other, they are different. It's like comparing steak to potato chips. Yeah, they're both foods, but you eat them under different circumstances.

Where WWE wants to appeal to a broad range of audience, particularly kids, TNA is more reliant on a small, adult, hardcore group of fans and promote their product to that group. While WWE constantly buries the past so that they can reinvent characters and storylines, TNA punchlines, swerves and gimmicks often rely on people knowing the past. Generally speaking, TNA has more of a wrestling focus while WWE has more of an entertainment focus. (And that's not to say there is no wrestling in WWE or entertainment in TNA. It's also not saying that one does wrestling or entertaining better.)

Some people will like both. Others will prefer one over the other. That doesn't mean one is better than the other, it means different people have different tastes.
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i am a tna fan here is my reasons

1. no crappy 5 yr old storylines. why would you fake takers coma? that is a serious thing and he is up and walking around

2. hardcore wrestling. nuff said. hard justice abyss vs rvd. nuff said. no banned chair shots no refs running out to the ring for a cut. watch what abyss bring to the ring, his girl !!

3. knockouts are better than divas. the ko's arent dolled up women they are just plain looking women.

4. a crusierweight division.what wwe doesnt have.... yes the x division. high flying wrestlers who take no risks.

5. intense wrestling. watch the mcmg match last week and tell me that is better than any match on raw,sd,nxt,or superstars that same week. tna guys take a risk everytime they come to the ring.

6. yeah i know it is one more interaction. tna had a house show tna ballpark !!!!! and the fans dont be sitting on thier thumbs like wwe fans.
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I am a fan of TNA and I am going to tell you why I think they are the better product.

1. Better roster: I know a lot of WWE fanboys will disagree with me on this but TNA has a much better roster than WWE. The TNA roster has so much talent. Kurt Angle, Desmond Wolfe, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kazarian, Jay Lethal, Abyss, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Amazing Red, Homicide, Matt Morgan, Shannon Moore, Sting, Doug Williams, Brian Kendrick, D'Angleo Dinero, Hernandez, Beer Money, MCMG, Generation Me, I mean, this roster is so incredible.

2. Better Womens wrestlers: Yes, the Knockouts division has grown weaker since Hogan and Bischoff came to TNA but it is still better than the WWE Divas division by far. Besides Lacey Von Erich, every Knockout can wrestle. The Divas Division is a joke, the only good WWE Divas are Gail Kim, Natalya, Melina and Beth Pheonix. I don't know how anyone with a mental capacity can say that Alicia Fox, Maryse, Layla, Michelle McCool, and Eve are better in the ring than Sarita, Taylor Wilde, Hamada, Tara, and Angelina Love.

3. Better Tag Team Division: Look at the TNA tag team division and look at the WWE Tag Team Division. You can't honestly tell me with a straight face that the WWE Tag Team Division is better. What REAL tag teams do the WWE have besides The Hart Dynasty and The Usos? In TNA, you have teams like Beer Money, The Motor City Machine Guns, Team 3D, and Generation Me who can deliver good or great matches in the ring.

4. Better wrestling: Every time I watch Impact, there are a lot of good matches. Take last week for example. You had a great ladder match between the MCMG and Beer Money, Jay Lethal vs Jeff Hardy was good, and Kendrick vs Doug Williams was solid. Last night on Raw, there was only one good match and that was the triple threat match.

5. No kiddy storylines that insult my Intelligence: Look, I am not one of those guys who complain about WWE being PG. WWF was PG in the 80s and early 90s and they delivered excellent programming. WCW was also PG and they delivered excellent programming as well. But WWE's version of PG in 2010 is just for kids 11 years old and younger. I don't care about the Nexus anymore, I don't care about Undertakers vegetative state and I don't care about Santino Marella's lame attempts at Comedy with whoever the Guest Host is. I don't watch much Raw these days, but when I do, I hope and pray that WWE doesn't do something that insults my intelligence. But every week, I am disappointed.

All of these are reasons why I think that the TNA delivers a better product than the WWE. WWE just disappoints me too much these days. I am not asking for the Attitude Era to come back or the Ruthless Aggression Era to come back. I am just asking for a good wrestling product and WWE just doesn't do it for me. Is TNA perfect? No but it is better than the WWE in my opinion.
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5 Reasons TNA is better than the WWE

1) When you go to TNA House Shows and TNA Pay Per Views you get to meet, get autographs and take pictures with the TNA Wrestlers, TNA Knockouts and TNA Personalities at TNA Fan Fest Events, at the Arena Before the Show and after the Show.

2) TNA actually gives the TNA Knockouts enough time in the ring to show their wrestling skill. WWE Divas only get 2 minutes per match. TNA has women who actually wrestled for other wrestling promotions in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Europe and Japan. WWE only has Natalya and Gail Kim who can make that claim.

3) TNA actually pushes Tag Team Wrestling and has better Tag Teams: The TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, Team 3D, Ink Inc, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy, LAX.

4) TNA has great singles wrestlers: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, D'Angelo Dineiro, Jay Lethal, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Frankie Kazarian, Eric Young and Kevin Nash.

5) TNA allows their wrestlers to wrestle for other wrestling promotions, WWE does not. For example, I got to see The Motor City Machine Guns wrestle the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling at the Ring of Honor Supercard at the Manhattan Center in New York City.
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